Wednesday, June 16, 2004

About Introduction et all

In a yahoogroup mailing list I am a member of. We were having each-one-mail-about-theselves discussion where each one tells if he/she is satisfied with their careers and how much of the career is their own choice. And what have their experiences been in
a quarter century of life. This mail is more to a point of starting a debate of some issues and moving on from the self introduction spree. I was having a philosophical debate on this process.

//"I differ from rest in that I never consider
anything impossible unless I attempt and fail. "//

was one such introduction which moved me because it was not the conventional way people introduced themselves.

The strange thing about self introductory it betrays the way you see yourself.

this person from a totally different angle brought in the above sentence on why he considers himself as different from other people. And, he for the first time in the list of self introductory mails, actually said some thing about him that was truly himself... something besides a degree or a hobby, but he truly said something about himself.

Which brings us to the point,as to why is it so rare? What is it with us people? whats the obsession that we have about education job qualification? Have we gone so far that we could not say a single word about why we are different from another living
being. Is it a shameful acceptance by most of mankind that "we are not different from our fellow beings and so we choose to ignore discussing why"

There are a lot of things that are considered as qualification by the general public. My whole objective wud then be to attempt it do it and then call it crap. Thats my whole philosophy. Sort of a scrap collector.

Lets take education for instance, I have in my nomadic school life,spanning 14 schools , probably 1 school every year, sometimes 2 schools in 1 year. I have seen so many specimens of people, that I have developed and cultivated a form of sincere amusement and
cynicsm to our way of life.

After a long time i am living in an apartment filled with school kids and so i get to hear the same old conversations again and again.

The best thing is the constant come-uppance with who's son is first in class. My son is first in class. My son is a "rashtrabasha" pass out. My daughter scored 2500 out of 20 in her hindi exam. And and and the next best thing is the rebuttal psycology.. "my son scored 99/100" says one and the other "but thats state board son is UXBSCB syallabus... only 3 students among 45000 get more than 4.5/100 my daughetr got 4.51% and so thats better"?

Frankly , such things have never happened in my instance( and most of you all might also be unfamiliar to such things :) ), which is the primary reason why i began to notice this human attribute among my friends and classmates.

It gets better as days progress. "my daughter is in BITS doing mettalurgical engineering". The response being "my son actual broke his little finger during exams ..but he is doing electronics is mughambighe college..btw did your daughter get in through sports quota ...anyway no money in mettalurgy". So its not anymore important if what you do is good..but its equally important that the other person is doing worse.

No one realises that its been passed on to the next generation. I met someone about 2 years before. we were both interviewing for the same company. The guy was from some "ayyanarpettai" state university & community college of Philadelphia or something equally obnoxious.

More worried, he was, about knowing , where evryone else had studied, that he kept asking questions to anyone who was unfortunate to lend a kind ear.

"My university is ranked #42 in the USNEWS " he said. I vaguely replied somethng like "my university had 3 restrooms in a single floor". But he persisted saying "my professors have 32 patents and we've funding from NASA". He drove me to a corner where my only responses were burps and belches in different frequencies.

I met him 2 days before. He is still persisting with "i am scientist in sun microsystems.. i dunno about HP.. how did you get hired..close friend workin there eh..". I was frankly amused. Here was a classic sample of a guy who was so insecure to the point of having to reconfirm to himself , not to anyone else but himself,
that he is somehow doing better in life. I told him I worked as a coffee break attendant and mixed coffee for engineers. "you are always joking machaan.. you just wanto hide samthing he he" was the predictable response followed by " i saw your article in hindu da.. where di you copy it from copy ". I barely had to contain my laughter as I walked away from him.

Why did he have to talk about qualifications. Whats so important about a job? Why did he have to know what I was doing? and why did he have to ask such unimportant questions..We could have talked about so many other things. Is it because no one has anything else
to make up for a polite conversation.

In conclusion,

I have to a reasonable extent found why people critisize . 8 times out of 10 its to feel good about themselves. The specific points in the critisism are not too show discrepancies in another person but another way of saying " hey! i have it and you dont". 1 time out of 10 the critisism is unfounded and is to basically put down someone.
The other 1 instance would be mostly from your parents or spouse.

The second thing i have found out is most people dont have an objective in life. Life is like being given the stirrer after 5 spoons of salt is already in the vessel. All you can do is mix more water and get it to a managable level. Discussing about objectives
is considered as "waste of time" or "somthing not applicable to self"

Thats it ..these are the only 2 important things I have discovered so far.

I think Science, BE, MS/MBA/PhD are all crap. They make up for the most boring conversations.. We need to to get a LIFE.


Hari said...

Hi Bharath,
Just was going though all your blogs !!
nice blogs ..Humorous..and very thought provoking !!

I have found many people critisize because they are just jealous and want to make you feel bad !!!

if they are are not able to get anything that you have in common with them (and u got them) they come up with all this CRAP
* did u know someone inside ?
* you are lucky
* you fathers second cousins third sisters cosuin is the manger is in this company. Rite ?

If they start thinking on why THEY dint get the job LOGICALLy and concentrate on that, I feel they will do much better !!!

I also feel that most of the charcteristics are inherited from Parents !! [Always comparing us with other pople in terms of studies, job etc !!]


Boy [Happily] : Mom, I got 98 in maths !!

Mother: waht was the first mark ?

Boy : 99 !!

Mother : Why did you not get 99 ?

Boy: the paper was tough [thats the best reason to come up with]

Mother: how did the otehr guy get 99 ? he also had the same paper rite !!!

Boy[to himself]: next time I have to say that my mark was teh highest !!!

How many of us studied enginering or medicine just because WE were forced by our parents[Who think that Socitey will shun upon THEM if we did botany, zoology or english !!

I think that we[including parents] have to think abt more important things in life!!

Hawkeye said...

hari thanks for the comment i did not notice it because u had posted in an old blog! do keep visiting!

K said...

Good Blog!
I definitely share Hari's sentiments! I so wanted to do BA psychology, secretly applied for it & got it too. Unfortunately my 12th marks were too high. Believe me, for the first time in my life then I just wished I had just passed, my parents would have been devastated but I would have at least done BApsych! I then vowed that I will break the cycle! My kids will not want 'qualifications' to buttress their sense of security. I will see to that!

Yuvi said...

I can relate to K's sentiments. I sooo wanted to do BSc stats, but my entire family is totally against it :(

I'm going to be envious (hopefully) of the next generation.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bharath,

Have just been arrested for scanning through your blog archives for the last 3 hours..well atleast i am in a good mood :)

Thanks for the wit, generously supplied! You are richer today than yesterday, having gained one more regular visitor!
- Nethra

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Suma Subramaniam said...'ve got me hooked to your blog! Can't agree with you more.

Great stuff!