Thursday, June 24, 2004

Airtel SUXXX!!

This is another favorite topic of mine. In these sort of cell phones frequent flyer miles and other sort of "deal" things. It is my destiny that i should get screwed out in any possible deal. Even if some advantage is comin my way I'll go the otherway.

So it is with airtel. The fools wanted me to go to some arbit uninhabitated island
to change my pre-paid to postpaid card. All dealers wud say you have to go to the *only* center where they do these sort of changes. And that center is located gzillion miles away. In the bangalore traffic terms its light years away. so idecide to change my number and go for a new post paid connection and the srewing begins.

There are 2 rates

1) 175/mo (Rs0.40 for airtel-airtel, Rs1.99/min for local/STD Rs 2 for National SMS)
2) 400/mo (600 mins airtel-airtel free, Rs1.99/min for local/STD Rs 2 for National SMS)

Rs 400 for intialisation charges. After giving 400 and going home.. one guy calls me up next day to say Rs 500 more is required as caution deposit. If I want to waive it I should show my BSNL phone bill (in mycurrent adress).

I give the phone bill (along with DL original required for security purposes). The next day I get a call from the dealer saying, he also needs the "payment receipt" from BSNL for proof that I paid the BSNL bill. I still don’t know how that receipt accounts for address proof. Since I don’t have the receipt, I cough up 500.

The phone gets activated monday morning, but there is no STD facility. I found out just now that I need to pay another 1000Rs for getting that activated seems. The irony is that my call plan involves Rs1.99/min for local/STD Rs 2 for National SMS. But I have no STD

now I find out my company has a corporate account which does all airtel post paid connections free of charge. Okay ya.. i cud have done that 2 weeks ago but then where would the excitement be. So i meet this french beard crazy talkin dude who rubs it in by saying he cud have done for no money at all.

Anyway he wants a photocopy of my bank checks to process my corporate acount and he'll be able to get back my 500 bucks only after 6 months.

I am caught in a web.