Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Bloggin Real Time Live

After a spate of posting old stuff. now i see some hope for real time blogging. not that things at work have queitened down. its still a blood bath at work.

the only thing that i have to show for as bank balance is a folder full of documents which are ass wipe at best. no bloody thing is workin. some assole who wanted to do my work and didnt get it comes and says to me "they have high xpectations of you and you didnt do stuff". I feel like puking on his face but i just maintain to no-response "i think you are crap" face.

shit happens and mostly shit happens at work.

traffic aint helping either. bangalore traffic is cars and 2 wheelers being vomitted out into the road. the cars just keep pouring onto the road adding to the obscenity thats already present. shouted "idiot" to someone who just pretended my car didnt exist on the road and tried to move his car ontop of my car...oops i am being interrupted...

wel.. that was just the same collegue of mine in a different shade now.. wanting to help me with my work. working in india (or maybe everywehere else) you just dont have to solve problems relating to work, you also have to solve problems relating to people at work. there is politics, games dynamics, vibes and all the other crap crud i hate so dearly. yet have to put up with this shit.

yeah.. its just morning .. it already looks a long day.