Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Boston trip

The july 4th long weekend extended by involuntary 3-day vacation left me with a 9 day gap. This was a good opportunity to meet up with Vasu Anna & fmly , Arvindh, Anu and possibly Rishi. Rishi raised all hopes of a trip but then unfortunately cudnt make it.

So I took the 11-J route from Mandavali bus stand and after Adammbakkam, 3rd stop in sholinganallur is Boston. Boston very much resembles Ambasamudram, except Ambasamudram has 3 more skyscrapers, 4 more cows and definitely 3 more "pannaiyars".

My cousin Anu changed her carefully planned travel plans(it seems she booked this ticket when the brontosauras was in vogue) to go via Boston. She shrugged off jet-lag for another exiting trip along with Vasu and Arvindh to the airport to recv me. She now likes the INS more than ever :-)

1 week in Boston was simply an amazing relaxed nothing-to-do-in-life week. Made even more amazing with splendid pampering by my Aunt. both in terms of visiting places and "grub". I am sure she must have understood that among all the people who do nothing, I did nothing the most and in the process, ate twice as much as a person, who might have only done, half as nothing, as I did, in a weeks stay.

The busiest part of a day would be a trip to imax theatre with my aunt, srinivas & kaushik or a trip to MIT ( Madipakkam Institute of Tailoring) and Harvard with Vasu and kids. Resisted the temptation to wash and hang my dress in Charles river :-)

The 2 kids Srinivas and "like mike" Kaushik (who beat me in chess with embarassing consistency) are lovely young kids. However it was unfortunate when they didnt believe me when I said "Danny Denzongappa" was a baseball player and that he played
for "Aramudhu XI". They simply refused to belive that Ted Williams actually played in "Thanjavoor" league ( where Thanjavoor is an east coast city). And Sivaji Ganesan was a baseball player with an average of .560 (623 career home runs) who tutored keith hernandez.

I was more shocked when they showed irreverence to Goundamani, even after I told them that he was the founding fathers of the "theory of relativity" and he is to India what einstein was to the west.

Quote of the trip
Vasu: "kaushik what did you do from morning"
Kaushik : " Kazhuthai ottals (help donkeys graze) and then more kazhuthai ottals and then even more of kazhuthai ottals" (kazhuthai in mazhalai tamizh)

We had a good trip to Niagara Falls. The falls was quite breathtaking. Having seen Niagra in so many movies (superman II comes to mind) and in so many National Geographic programs one wonders if the naked eye will be as good as those hi-fi cameras. Anuradha joined us in the traditional "maid of the mist" boat ride. One thing the Niagara has, more than Thiruvallikeni is the number of iyengar pattis in "madisaar". A lot of young women in triplicane have a lot of quick growing up to do if they wanna compete.

Coming back to Dallas richer by a big box of "pulikaichal", it was big drag carrying myself to office on monday. As I woke up tday, Robert Frost did say "only 6 miles to go before I sleep(again)".