Friday, June 11, 2004

Ciudad Juarez, The Mexican Challenge - II

Picking up from where I left off, which is nowhere in particular, but just a phrase, to terminate the uneasy moments that surface when a incessantly long narration is restarted by a Old man to his grandson and his other cricket friends, after being interrupted by the sound of the coooker whistle. The kids who religiously nod their heads at calculated intervals of time to please the elderly person, whilst actually dreaming about the cricketing shots they would play after
getting the "barfi" the gentleman distributes once he is satisfied he has completed the lecture for the day.

Indians have a remarkable way of archiving patterns in life. Almost every aspect of One's life has been done by another Indian. And if the count exceeds 3, then it means its big enough to include a web developer and hence the pattern manifests itself as a webpage. However we fall short of the chineese effeciency, in that we dont actually assign a mentor to every junior who looses his way. So, off I go and type " H1-B" in the google web page and I see massive inputs from every Indian who has got a visa. I should say I am proud of adding 1 more drop of liquid into the Madras Corporation Water Tank, which also serves the dual purpose of being the sewage disposal unit.

Ciudad Juarez, a unknown place in mexico, now announces itself into the Indian world map, by virtue of it having a US consulate. "India is a weird place you know. Its full of crazy people doing crazy things. You never know what might happen, if you try to change your visa there. Very unpredictable, if you are rejected you are stuck there forever" says Marimuthu, a Independent Internet E-Business Enterprenaur. So Ciudad Juarez, pronounced as ***** huvarez , where
the first word could simply be anything from "vengayam" to "chembaruthi", having the unique advantage of being the only place where you can go without a visa and come back, even if you are rejected, assumes prominence.

This takes me back to a good old Tamil Movie "kathanayakan". In that movie SVSekhar and Pandiarajan(BCom, Ist class) decide to go to Dubai, just for the heck of it. Since Dubai, one of the many Indian abstractions of the word "foriegn" was also considered a Indian breeding ground for more green stuff. This guy called "Gaja", potrayed in the form of KumariMuthu, whose laughter is exactly the way my cell phone rings, is the independent contractor for body
shopping Indians to Dubai. He takes Sekhar and Pandiarajan in a boat to Dubai from Rameshwaram. One reaching the destination he dresses them up as sheiks and sends them off ashore. They, in their odd attire finally find themselves duped because they actually land up in
cochin and not Dubai as written on their boat ticket!

Well "Gaja" has a mexican avatar called Victor Garcia. Victor Garcia, in the internet age, has a web site which flaunts helpful information for foriegn nationals, who want a Visa stamp. He lists a list of steps one needs to follow to use his services and get a visa. Indians are adept in doing a step wise list of things, without any care about its purpose or neccessity. I, with 14 years of step wise "by- heart", "mugging-up" , "explain with reference top the context", experience in school was no different. With all the classical double checks and photocopies in triplicate. I filled all the forms and did all the appointment stuff. The D-day was friday, Oct 12, missing friday the thirteenth by a whisker.


sorry folks! this reaches the 5 paragraph maximum that a person would read in a given day, so part III is now born. so wait for Part III in the "same bat-time and same bat-channel".....