Friday, June 11, 2004

Ciudad Juarez: The Mexican Experience: Part I

let me keep this blog going by regaling you with some sordid details of my recent trip to Mexico. I had prepared this write up for a web site that exchanges information and experiences regarding Visa and other inherently Indian problems in the non-Indian world. I decided, what the heck? I always write irrelevant stuff in this group anyway, one more cud'nt make a difference.

So if You are the kind of person who gets perverse pleasure from reading about other peoples troubles and misfortunes then you wouldnt want to miss this. Because my misfortunes and bad experiences are rated as "instant gratification" material in all the masochist meetings that I attend. So with high recommedations, I urge you to read through what should be a interesting reading for spare time. Note: all pain has been ventilated by expressions of humor.

Ciudad Juarez, The Mexican Challenge

There is a saying "Every Dog has its Day". Well in my case, and the case of several indian misfits like me, once in a while we get to live "A day as a Dog". After a brain dead comatose patient life in the 4 year engineering entertaintment that almost 1 in every 3 Indians get to do in their life. We have an unenviable opportunity to stand in front of a American Embassy for the purposes of obtaining a Visa for the nefarious intent of deserting the country and obtaining a American Express credit card.

Almost all alphabets are abused in duet with numbers to define Visa's of various categories, F-1, B-1, B-2, H1-B,H4-B, pick your choice. The Consular authorities who specialize in "ambiguity" and "vagaries" list out requirements that, us little brown people have to meet, to join the world populated by other colors. By sheer virtue of being born in an Indian, non-vetinary hospital, to two people who are self-proclaimed Indians, we are blessed with a passport.

A 50Rs "something" with some tea or coffee to the visiting policeman takes care of all complex security checks, that obtaining a passport demands. So the circus like acts of, attending a Visa interview, which is so devoid of logic, that "right" and "wrong" often need to be redifined, once every 3 seconds, will have another particpant, YOU. Not to mention the queue in the Chennai Consulate which insists on forming the previous night itself, thereby opening up a new business for professional queue standers.

If Your misfit level in India is so significant that Indian companies stand in queues to spurn your resume then you have little choice but to pursue (post) graduate studies in USA .

"I would like to specialize in the field of my interest. Thats why I refused so many offers from Indian companies", says Kothandaraman a serious student who is determined to shape his career, his own way. 2 years later a electronics student becomes a software engineer, thereby causing heartburn to the "Webster" group of people and they decide to expand the meanings of "specialize" and "field of interest" to insure against dangerous statements by people like KothandaRaman.

After tumpeting the amazing Visa success to almost every distant friend and relative , we suddenly find that after joining work we need to have another "Dog's day Out" for Visa transfer. In my case, which dangerously resembles the case of a million other people before me, the need to visit India opens this Pandoras box of Visa Interview troubles. So after careful analysis and delibrately injected confusion, I decide to ask more people, what is to be done for my case.

Considering the the total lack of uniqueness in my case and the amazing average'ness of my purpose, I am referred to websites which has archived the experiences of past vetrans in such campaign. continues......


This concludes part I of "Ciudad Juarez, the mexican experience"... Part II, which is the actual thing will be posted tomorrow, since I have wasted time in writing too much rubbish about the precursor to the trip. However I shall use this pre-view post as a application material for the post of the "Communications & Management executive" in Microsoft Inc., Customer Service & Sales division.

So see you tomorrow with "Ciudad Juarez, the mexican experience" Part II starring "gaja", "kollangudi karupayi".....