Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Kaakha Kaakha - The Police

Note: Reposting an old email to a 'friend'
I liked the 'look' of the movie. Creating a movie and then getting a 'look'/'style from it is one thing, deciding on looks/moods/feel the movie should create and planning accordingly is done by very few people. Notice the colors in this movie. It generally has that dusty grey feel to it. If you reduce the contrast in your TV to a very low number you will get, what this movie trieds to create. There is less contrast between colors and care has been taken has avoided almost all bright colors.

if people say the movie is less cinematic and more real life its because of the mood created by the choice of colors and locations. the close-to-reality resemblence of Anbuselvans office, real locations has been chosen instead of make-do sets( is this correct or has the art director done magic), etc is there too... but it adds to the mood thats been created already.

The movie starts with that "lock stock & 2 smokin barrels technique" of speedily covering lot of events in the screenplay by showing snap shots of events ( the officers are introduced to a menon and then the scene zooms to various snapshots of discussions/narrations that happen between them in playgrounds, pizza shop etc) that way a lot of events are told and less screen time is occupied. this technique is quite rare and is now gaining popularity ( saw bits and pieces of it in mudhalvan)

I also think Gautham is a big fan of David Fincher ( director of 'seven', 'fight club', 'panic room', 'the game'). I am not basing this opinion on the fact that some parts of the climax ( like the severed head in that cardboard box) heavily resembles the movie 'seven' (a classic movie by all means). But the use of voice-over-narration by surya through out the movie adds a sort of coolness to the movie, which
david fincher uses amazingly well in 'the fight club'. Showing the scene right at the begining , where surya falls out into the lake, the viewers do not know the seriousness of the situation then. But when he narrates the events of the past the viewers realize the horror of the situation and they realize a lot cud have happened in the time elapsed since the narration began. This is a subconcious twist in the movie and it has worked very well.

I have not heard of D.R.Rajasekhar ( cinematographer) before. But he has done an exceedingly good job. Apart from the use of colors that I mentioned, the zoom-in zoom-outs the fast forwards/slowing downs have been handled very well. The bullet time rotation that happens in the scene where the 4 officers go to meet Pandya (head in card box scene) is very good. I think this guy delivered what Gautham expected out of him.

Coming to Surya.. man has he evolved. everyone noticed his newly-built-body. But no one noticed his mannerisms. He was thinking/eating/talking anbuselvan the police officer. Look at the scene in the provision store where he asks Jyothika , where she lives, and she snubs him. look at his foot movement. the boots move like a police officer and it looks so natural. The subtelity there is unquestionable. special mention needs to be made in the first fight he has with pandya in that contruction place. Pandya is talking to Surya while fighting and he kicks him... Surya falls a few feet away and gets up and sits with one foot kneeling, looking down at the knife. Thats style. There is someone with aesthetic sense here. Thats what this movie delivers. style all the way.

Having said all that and given 9/10 to this movie.. the climax cud have been more slow paced. it sort of rushes through a lot of events and the pace here is different that the first 90% of the movie. The head inside the cardboard box should have led to climax immdly there and then. Prolonging it to the beach-front could have been avoided ( people were asking " how did anbuselvan know they were goin to catch a boat" ). I also thought the hospital scene where wounded surya plucks and throws
the tubes/wires atached to his body cud have been avoided ( it happens in too many movies) it didnt merge with this movie.

But these are minor points. Amazing movie. It shows police officers in good light.


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hmm..pretty late to leave a comment...but the movie is worth talking about anytime.........
my favorite ............till date...

Btw...i read your other posts too...damn good da......

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