Wednesday, June 16, 2004

of villages and cities

I hate Bombay. I strongly feel people from bombay boast a lot. Some little trivia about bombay is bloated up and presented as a crappy historical fact. Whenever I happened to get holed up in bombay I found it to be a crappy place. More sultry than delhi, chennai and a dozen places in AP.

If people in bombay boast too much about something then there is something horribly wrong with it. Trains often are source of pride for people who have lived in this god forsaken place. The trains are pretty bad in bombay. I have heard people talk about bombay train travelling as if its some sort of a cosmic experience, with james kirk at the command deck. It sux! It actually a pathetic life going by train to work daily. The set up in trains is the human beings who are standing have faces thrust on to the next persons armpits. Thats cologne one rarely gets to smell. The people who are sitting have to stare directly into the crocth areas of other passengers who happen to be standing in between opposite seats.

There are people everywhere, its is a surprise why people dont walk on another persons head to move around. Its another big surprise how these sweaty dirty people get to have enough oxygen to breathe. Traffic jams are so bad that it takes three green signals to finally clear a signal intersection. Overall man.. you gotta be a complete loser to call such a pathetic life great. Maybe the boasting has to do with some psycological brainwashing. People have brainwashed themselves to believe that mumbai is actually some sort of paradise and cant stop trumpeting this sordid story to anybody they meet.

The migrants to bombay seem to catch this boast-cold sooner than anybody else. You should listen to a collegue of mine who had the misfortune to spend 4 years in bombay. Not even a person who'd been born and brought up there wud have had so much to say about bombay.

"It's a real city man" always has me in splits. The one about "real" cities and alleged "pretenders" is always comic relief. It reveals a very interested psycology that one posseses.

One is, by some weird emotion, attached to the place he lived most of his life. "City" a term initially coined to represent the administrative capital for a county or a district is now tagged with peculiar embellishments. The train timings of 6:37 and 7:27 , which
is prevalant in major metropolis and also smaller places, now allegedly has more meaning in cities.

If you take a train in, lets say, thendiruperi, a local village in south india, every day at 7:30. It is because that time suits you to go to work on-time. But somehow the fact that there are million other trains coming and leaving, in another place, say
mumbai, around the same time, gives you a feeling that mumbai is the real "city". When you are in mumbai you dont take all the trains just the one that suits you. But the feeling, created by the fact, that there are unplanned people, who start a trifle late and try to reach their destination on time, travel along with you, makes you think that the place is busy. It makes you happy and makes you think u are living in a "happening" place . good for you! everyone fills them up with illusions to give meaning to life. "its a busy place man they say" and some people misunderstand as if people in bombay have more work to do in less time. Dont be fooled. It takes 2 hours to go from anyplace to anyother place. Thats 4 hours of braindead time. That coupled with 9 hours of regular work doesnt make bombay a busy place but but a damn inconvenient place to live in.

This fetish with "bombay" and "NewYork" both names, highly irrelevant to your life, a life, which is simply, moving from a living place, to a work place, represents the height of attachment to impalpable things.

Nobody gave birth to bombay or newyork. the attachment is a pure result of circumstances, this patriotism is more like our appendix. If your parents had lived in "ambasamudram" then that wud have been your best place in life.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot!

Anusha said...

You hold such a strong opinion based on a few days’ stay? Its immature to comment based on someone else’s words…

Anonymous said...

Bombay this and Bombay that!

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Anu Russell said...

I have to show this to my husband! We constantly have Chennai Vs Bombay fights!

And I agree with you, where ever I was raised is the best place for me! I dont go thambattai adichifying!