Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Yuva Vs AE

Saw yuva in mayajaal. i think this is the 3rd (or 4th) hindi movie in theater for me since 1990. missed the first 5 minutes again. i found the hindi version better. I was surprised because I didnt expect the Hindi version to be better. Partly because mani is not an experienced Hindi film maker.

That the film is set in kolkata adds a sheen to the movie. its away from the conventional and oft repeated mumbai setting.

the best aspect of yuva was the acting by abishek and vivek, plus the clarity in the screenplay. the flow of story was better in hindi, more cogent and was not confusing in the places Ayitha ezhuthu was.

the slight change made in michael mukherjee's storyline. he saves a village political candidate who is thrown into a well. Surya in the tamil version joins up with agroup of people and throws stones on a water lorry allegedly doing some bad thing, which was very confusing.

the places where AE dragged, yuva did not. it appeared to be a slightly faster movie. i was kind of looking around in the theater when trisha comes back from sivakasi to have that looooong talk with siddarth. but didnt do so when kanpuria kareena came back to vivek.

there was a smal joy when vivek as arjun balakrishnan was a tamil speaking boy. given the way tamilians have been mocked and ridiculed from agnipath to every other movie this is refreshing, a tamilian character shown as a normal person who can speak hindi normally.

Tamil's weakest link is siddarth who really is a poor actor and unimpressive. vivek oberoi is a much better actor and really comes up with agood role in yuva. i had seen him before in "company" and he had done well in that movie too. looks like a pretty good actor.

Yuva's weakest link is Ajay devagan with his fat stomach and old look ( man his teeth seem to be falling down anytime). Ajay Devagan is a poor actor only fit for intense roles where he doesnt have to show facial movement at all. he sucks in any scene involving romance with Esha deol. but he is okay in the intense scenes. Again the only other devagan movie i have seen is "company" and with that as a a reference point he has done poorly. Surya scores in tamil much better than Ajay. Surya is young much more handsome. The scenes where his smirks and subtle facial expressions evoke a mild smile from the audience , is not there in Ajay. Ajay doesnt charm you the way Surya does.

Abishek and Maddy come out as equals. hindi being a more challenging language for dialog delivery, because it cannot be spoken as fast as tamil can be , abhishek doesnt get as many dialogues as maddy got in tamil. Many scenes where I was expecting abhshek to say something, there was only silence. which was also really good. They both have adopted the casual open legged walking style with loose shoulders and hung face like that of a dog. the way a lot of autodrivers and lorry drivers walk. typical rowdy postures.

the biggest chalenge mani must have faced is the way he had to integrate hindi dialogs to his style of dialog delivery. its difficult to ask the actors to place stress on certain words when you don’t know the language that well. also you need to know the language colloquially to find out how its talked among lorry'walas and college students. I gave a small cry when om puri said "kinthu". i wud have jumped & clapped if he had said "paranthu".. but he didnt say that. long time ago that bheeshma dude in the TV series mahabharat used to say "kinthu" just about whenever he felt like.. "paranthu"'s were also littered around to send me to raptures of joy.. well manirathanam maybe wanted to use the word badly, so he forced om puri to say it :-)

anway, given all these difficulties mani and the actors have done a comendable job.

the movie could have avoided 3 endings like "wizard of the OZ" or "LOTR: return of the king". in the last 20 minutes you take the audience to a high and end the movie on a high.. that has lasting impact. but this movie takes to a high in the howrah bridge fight scene and then one more high when ajay devagan wins the election, by the time these 4 dudes walk into the asssembly the audience are thinking " is it the credits next or will there be a speaker election"

"company" after the crappy rangeela was superb for me. yuva after company is not a bad follow up. if "mai hoon naa" is as bad as i hear it is.. yuva should be a welcome relief.


Rajesh Dangi said...

nice scribble... liked it as i just saw YUVA, share your tht for devgan...he should be there is only stunts...

teen goly kha kar bhi marta nahin...bakwaas...

raj said...

dont know if you willread this - but am just checking out your archives.
This is on that 'kinthu'. What you forget is that Om Puri character is a Bengali and Bengalis have a sanskritised language and use Kinthus liberally in free conversation. So, Mani didnt falter there. Rather, this can be claimed as attention to detail
P.S: I am no Mani fan and havent liked most of his movies :-)

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