Thursday, July 29, 2004

Spidey Expectations

Spidey-2 is being touted as the biggest movie of the summer. I saw Spidey-1 in Cinemark, Dallas with my brother and my good ol' pals Rangs & Jai (ya! I can take names). Jai, if I remember right, cunningly  watched the movie without telling his girlfriend about it. He would have tried to bluff it by taking her to the movie the following weekend and pretending that he was seeing it for the first time. He might have gotten away..(the keyword is might) but not with me around! I have a loud mouth. Ah.. so much good  karma... I seem to have done in the past.

Its difficult getting tickets for Spidey-2. I Don't want to see the movie in Bangalore theatres. Theatres really suck in Bangalore. With so many people migrating into Bangalore, it high time Bangalore throws 3-4 multiplex theatres of its own.  Trichy a small-time town in Tamil Nadu has about 4-5 multiplexes (pretty good ones too) and for quite sometime boasted to have the largest theatre complex in Asia. Pune, the last time I had been there had 2 high quality movie theatre multiplexes, where I felt, it was worth watching a good movie. Chennai seems to be pioneering the habbit of investing in Movie theatres like crazy. Bangalore I feel has a lot of work to do in this regard.

I think the quality of theatres is directly proportional to the local movie industry. Kannada movie industry is doing bad. In anycase the number of Kannada movies made is less than 50 per year and given the spread of audience and ROI expected, they are not really techno-crazy hi-fi budget movies. So from the looks of it, they really dont need such hi-fi theatres.

Hopefully should catch Spidey-2 in my weekend trip to Madras.  Sathyam theatre people seem to believe there is no end to spending money on themselves. I remember during 1994 (when Speed was released) Devi Complex came out with Digi Dolby 6.0 surround sound and in that process became the first theatre in India to do so. But over time Sathyam because of its huge money power has done face-lifts upon face-lifts to its complex.

The couch kinda seat system (mostly caters to lovers who are expected cuddle up and not watch the movie at all) in Subham is something amazing. If one has pepsi and some chips this theatre probably gives a my-drawing-room-is-blown-up feeling.

When I went for Troy I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some 60 odd "Sathyam" uniformed guards standing on the road and inside the theatre regulating traffic. Now there are temporary parking slots and long term parking slots. A/C ticket booking lounges resemble U.S ishtyle AMC/Cinemark complexes.

Mayajaal seems to have now occupied second place in Chennai after Sathyam.  It does have a big bowling alley, bar/restaurant/shopping centre and a 10 theatre complex ( it strangely reminds me of the East End Mall in Columbus). But its so far away from and so damn expensive. Watched Yuva in Mayajaal and spent half a day and tons of money just for a movie. But ya! the theatres are cool and does have that amrikaan look to it ( which I sadly guess is what people want).



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