Wednesday, July 07, 2004


I have been told many times by my dad not to stuff my face in public places. I never listen to him. Saturday, while attending a marriage function, I gorged until I blew up like a baloon. Bisi Bela Bath(BBB) no matter how tasty it is, one should stop after consuming 1 ton of it. I set my upper limit as 2 tons and stopped myself when the BBB meter showed 2.5 tons.

By Saturday evening the limbs started feeling weak and by sunday morning I was feeling kinda oozie.

And then it began. It starts innocuously without notice, the tap opens and there is unrestricted I/O. It was just noon When I was servicing my 4th IO interrupt. I was thinking non maskable interrupts seem to have acquired a new meaning.

It is amazing what goes through your mind when body is busy doing IO. Since its a DMA mechanism there is not much brain involvement going on and the main processor clock cycles are free for day dreaming.

After the 5th time, the buffer space is empty and there is really nothing to dispose. The device still keeps sending interrupts. The IO drivers then work in a flushing mode. The whole system then for the next n interrupts resembles an oversized water tap.

It is amazing how the device interrupts the system when there is nothing to be IO'ed. I think bad food causes a situation where the IO ISR is serviced in a while(1) loop.

The ordeal is simply enervating. Never Mind the happy news that I lost 2 Kgs . But the disassociation with body control and just watching organs develop life of their own and start doing their own things without consulting their brother organs.

Yup! I was unplugged for a day and life simply rocked!

It was monday by the time everybody synced up to the main CPU clock and started behaving well. Still on cautious diet now. There is that withdrawal symptoms that creeps up my nervous system whenever I see food. I have managed to restrain myself. The pleasure of watching my weight drop down evryday is the only incentive..

food.. sniff..sniff..