Friday, September 24, 2004

Anything is possible

I would be remiss in my duty if I did not document my adventures last week. I work in Bangalore and my parents live in Madras. My travels back and forth between Madras and Bangalore is part of a highly automated system. My dad books the ticket, my mum keeps the bangalore-madras ticket in my wallet and gives the madras-bangalore ticket in my hand when she drops me off at the station. This whole ticketing thing is transaparent to me. I am oblivious to the 'ticket' factor. If the Checking Inspector didn't come, I wud've assumed a spot in the train was my birth right.

Every Friday after I board the train to travel from Bangalore to madras, I look into my wallet and say "voila! there is a ticket there". Its always there!. And to me its like magic because I never get to know when my mum puts it there. It like my own surprise party in Coach S-8 upper berth number 46. Open my wallet and wow! a ticket errupts from inside.

As I left one sunday night to bangalore, An error in the system caused my mom to put the next sunday's madras-to-bangalore ticket in my wallet instead of friday's bangalore-to-madras ticket. There was a weeks time to rectify the mistake but then someone had to know about this glitch in the system. On friday morning the day of my travel, my dad calls me up and says the bangalore-madras ticket is with him and I have the return journey's ticket in my wallet. I was thinking "what guys put the ticket in my wallet.. you gotta be kiddin man.. i thought the tickets arrived there by magic"

It was 9:30 AM in the morning, when my mom decided to conduct a spot audit in the ticket department and found this error. My dad called me at 9:32 AM. My train was at 10:45 in the night! So I told my dad like Dennis Hopper in Speed told to Keanu Reeves, "you have little over 12 hours to do something.. what do you do dad! what do you do"

You wouldnt believe it!!!! my dad did something about it! He networked. He faxed the ticket to me and called the station master at bangalore about the situation who re-assured that I would be taken care of. As the day wore on and lunch was consumed, I quickly forgot about "wallet ..ticket" imbroglio . At 5:00 Pm, I again got a call from my dad who had done the incredible. So incredible that I laughed out loud " you gotta be kiddin me".

My dad had spent the morning further networking and his friend's friend's neighbor's friend's neice's boyfriend's friend's uncle's cousin was a Railway Guard in the Madras Bangalore express. the train left Madras at 1:30 Pm and reached Bangalore at 8:20 PM. The hour of glory arrived upon Mr. Selvaraj, Guard Bangalore express. My dad gave him a packet and told him "a person called bharath will get this from you in Bangalore station". So there ran Selvaraj on a speeding train (Bang exp approx speed 60kms/hr) carrying a sensitive document across the iron curtain. The fate of the entire country, apart from the 4 square meals I have during the weekend, rested in his hands.

Bang! 8:20 Bangalore City Junction, I met Mr.Selvaraj and got the envelope from him. It was a straightforward encounter; no bullets fired, the old man just handed over the envelope and went to collect his yellow bag(which could've been his lunch prepared by Ma' Selvaraj). I walked to the nearby restaurant with beaming face. the future of the free world was safe in my hands and ya.. Mom's food could still be consumed!

Moral of the story children: With a little ingenuity, anything is possible in the 11th hour. Otherwise there would be no need for a 11th hour. it would be 1st hour and then straight away someone'll blow the whistle.


Ekta said...

Hilarious!and agree completely--anything is possible as far as parents are concerned!
Sometimes I wonder if just becoming a parent endows you with supernatural powers!

Hawkeye said...

it does! otherwise how wud explain the diaper-changing part. man that should take some super-human will power!

hope u r havin fun with ur folks..

Anonymous said...