Thursday, October 07, 2004

M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi

This is the title of the latest Tamil Movie released today. No I haven't seen the movie. hell No! i wouldn't touch a movie like this with a 3.25 lb cricket bat.

But you know what!!?? The title is kind of informative. It sets the context that is so vital. If I just saw a poster with a bare "M.Kumaran" I would have thought " man! is he son of Kuppu Lakshmi... or maybe Naga Lakshmi. Maybe kollangudi kauppayi". But thank god for the producer's unambiguous intention. I know he is Maha's son. Now then.. what else is the movie worth apart from a sexy title. Long titles havent still bored viewers. Even Gurindher Chadda thinks such titles are cool. Years before "Dilwale Dulhaaniya..bla bla" resulted in a lot of over weight cows. The poster size for those movies must be easily 12 x 18. Now for "balle balle.. bla bla" the poster size must make a mouth watering proposition for the cows. The cows in mumbai must've invited cows from all over the counntry for a party. It should take 2 days for 4 cows to eat a 12 x 18 poster at a munch rate of 5 munches an hour.

Now back to "Kumaran". It has Nadhiya who plays Mahalakshmi .. mother of Kumaran and she is a middle aged mom (wow!). No!

I have a friend who knows nadhiya very well..from what I hear from him.. seriously wow!

okay moving on!

Bangalore's traffic problems is my favorite topic. Nowadays its everybody favorite topic. In my office place there have been statistics flowing around regarding Time-to-travel. When I came to Bangalore, it took me 1 hr and 15 minutes to office and 1 hr and 45 minutes back home. They built a flyover to fix the problem ( and while building a flyover they caused night mare). Then the traffic seemed to abate. I could travel in 45 minutes. Now for the past 3 months it has been increasing so much that people start to work at 7:30 AM to reach here by 8:30. If somebdoy misses the 7:30 deadline and say start at 7:37 they get to work only at 9:15.

Evening doesnt make a difference at all. My bus starts at 6 and I go home at 8. If I take the 8:30 bus.. I go home at 10.

the point is..we have done the mistake. we didnt use precaution and produced a lot of babies which inturn grew up and produced a lot more babies who in-turn grew up and bought cars. that too nowadays there are 2 cars per grownup baby ( and thats what most drivers are in this place). SO when do we stop buying cars/coming to work/living in bangalore.

I am thinking what more has to happen to discourage companies from being set up in bangalore. Should we begin to start from next days work tday and then somebody will get the point!

The cricket folks are in town. I am not so sure this time about our guys.. they have to be pretty careful. If we lose it wud be a shame.

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