Thursday, November 04, 2004

Lazy Week

Have you ever been on a 100 mts sprint for a month, take a break for 3 days and then try an run again ? You'd find out that you forgot how to run!!!!

The amazing intensity in last two months of my life has left me confused. After a hectic sixty or so days, the kind of schedule I have never seen before, I decided to ( well.. thats a lie, my body refused to move) rest last weekend. Given that it was a long weekend ( monday holiday) in this part of the world, I practically went into to coma by monday evening. After I came back to work, the last three days have been like.. "walking in my sleep". I was in a four hour meeting yesterday for four hours :-) ( I always wanted to say that). I felt I was going in slow motion while everybody else were buzzing around like bees.

Wednesday was horrible. Couldn't focus on anything in particular. Just kept staring blankly into my screen giving out confused looks. Trying to get my internal motor running from wednesday evening. Finally managed to get the clock back to a 4:30 AM wakeup today. But Seriously!!! dragging my unwilling body to brush, bath and then to work is hell. I was staring at my monitor at home with a brush in hand for 15 minutes and I could sense a weak signal from my brain saying "mooove". ahhh.. when will this week get over ?

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