Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Ooh! Crackers ( Day B4 Deepavali)

How would Jughead feel if Pops opened the store for him, 1 full day for a "eat all you can" free food.

I feel like that now...Freaked out in the crackers department today. Have no shame in admitting it, I bought crackers worth Rs.7100. Have lied to my dad ( did a quick minus 2000) about the price. I am just hoping it doesn't rain all over my Standard fireworks and Sony fireworks. It rained for 30 minutes today morning and the skies looked really angry. My grandma's says it will rain atleast for 10 minutes during deepavali every year.

yah! Sony have a fireworks product line now. Its still made in Sivakasi. My dad bought the initial installment of crackers on Sunday for Rs 3500. He thought that would shut me up. No it didn't. That purchase was too rocket intensive and didn't have Red-fort at all. So I raided a Standard Fireworks shop today afternoon and bought all the special crackers possible. Cant list all the suff I have got ( I have to say humbly.. its just too many) Here is an item-wise description

Sony's Stuff.

1) There is something called "Lunik" rockets ( makes a lotta sound)
2) There is a special thing called "Raiders of the last arc". I dunno what it does but its real big.
3) Then there is a series of 1 piece crackers ( with sexy actresses on the cover). it supposed to go up and make a lot of light ( a bit like the previous one ..but hey! )
4) My Mom is a flowerpot fan and so my dad got 10 boxes of some special kind of flower pot. Its looks okay but flowerpots are for girls (he.. he)
5) there is something called hydrogen bomb and I am not sure if its really hydrogen. i just hope it makes a lot of noise.
6) 600 Walas. This beongs to the big league.

Standard fireworks

This is the big league dude!

1) 2 boxes of arial seven shot
2) 1 box parachute rocket ( the one which blasts and a parachute thing falls down)
3) There is something called golden shower, silver rain, yellow shower, blinding light, jasmine drops. all these are "special " costing Rs 200 a piece. Bought 1 from each variety the shop had ( yahh.. I rock!) . The shopkeeper came to attention when I told him " gimme all you got on the top row". Three people were posted near me and they kept asking " sir! do you want tea .. drinks". I bought every "special" item he had for sale. 1 each.
4) Then my favorite Red-fort. I am connosieur. Its gotta be 48 shells. if its giant its 58 shells. Yooohhooo. I bought 15 each.
5) There is something called swastik ground chakkars. which is supposed to be real sexy and better than zameen chakkars
6) I got sputnik rockets to compete with my dad's Lunik.
7) Double sound stuff for old times sake.
8) Rainbow rockets

Almost bought the 5000 Wala... But my cousin dragged me outta the shop.

All I need to do is setup the bottle for the rockets. Thats the crucial part which people forget. You got rockets you got agarbathis.. but hey.. where's the damn bottle. Then there is the tussle between the plastic bottle and glass bottle. If the rocket bursts within the bottle!!! glass bottles are unsafe.. but then plastic bottle can't hold the weight!... An experience hand needs to guide the whole operation. thank god for superman!(me) rockets burst safely in the sky and not in kanakambujavalli patti's patio.

Oh! ya forgot.. since i was the only geek to buy so much stuff.. i was given a special box as discount. its a 3 way pistol cracker. it flies up and then separates into 3 directions and makes a lotta noise.

Yipee... I am jumpin like Jughead with a lot of food. (actually i do have a lot of food to eat)

P.S: for dorks like Jaishankar ( happy "head" diwali). There is a standard label on every firework item which says " Children were not used as labourers in making this cracker".( it was there in Sony fireworks..and it seemed like a rule to me) That should settle the debate.

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