Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sweets ... No more than that

Status report From My grand'ma


Laddu : Done ( no sweat)
7-in-one Cake: Done
Gothumai Alwa: Done
Badusha: Done ( Grade A+)

Mixture: Done

Status from my mom:

Laddu : Done
Gulab Jamoon: Done
Rava laddu: Done
Cocoa Sweet: Done
7-in-one Cake: Done

General Items:
Mixture : Done
Ribbon Pakoda: Done ( due to last minute request by her son, when he learned that his future ma-in-law was preparng those. ribbon pakodas are just too awesome to be left out)

Outside Items:
Badam Sweet, Cashwe nut sweet, Mysore Paa.

My Grand'ma had an early lead as of Monday. She wrapped her cooking by tuesday evening. My mom had a tight finish ( what with me at home asking coffeee thrice every hour) and just went past the finish line.

Waiting for cousins to line-up at 6:00 clk. then its off to the terrace for some burstin!

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