Thursday, January 20, 2005

I have a Digital Camera

Haven't been this excited by technological innovations since I bought a cell phone four years before. I have always been reluctant to use certain "new fad" things. I resisted mobile phones for two years before I decided that a mobile phone might be of some value. I bought it when I "earned" the right to buy one. Ofcourse I abused it like crazy after I bought it.

I did not actually resist the camera so much. However, I had this self-perceived notion of being a super-hero cinematographer, a P.C Sreeram incarnation. I thought I'll buy the 1.324zaix 16.7 * (10 power 3) Mega Pixel, Giga zixel, new-year resolution, christmas resolution, SLR, bi-focal cosmic zoom, boom focus, funky, sleek sexy camera, which will make my photographs extremely awesome. So sexy that the viewers will sink in their knees in orgasmic pleasure. But I never bought such a camera. Instead I broke the only camera my dad gave me.

So now a combination of divine intervention and the love of two well-meaning souls has left me gifted and richer by a digital camera. I am clicking to my heart's delight. I literally shoot at sight :-) This thing can be connected to the TV. I Have clicked about 600 pictures so far. My laptop is overflowing with pictures. Anybody who comes to my house is snapped and then shown on TV. I live on the fifth floor ( don't laugh its the only five story building in my neighborhood)so I have a good view of things. I have been photopgraphing people walking on streets, sunrise, sunset, people sleeping (i am told all of the last three is supposed to be bad omen/inauspicious...). Experimenting with a variety of angles and poses ( we are still on the topic of photography) has been quite interesting. I notice people dont "live" life nowadays. Ah.. the pleasure of simple things in the world is just awesome.

So from now onwards watch out for pictures in my blog.

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Arvind said...

Hey Badri!
I managed to visit your blog at last. Very good articles, impeccable writing.
Good to have a means of keeping in touch. On the topic, isn't digital photography great? I think its wonderful. I almost never print photos these days - they are all on my computer. Picasa is great to store photo albums - I hope you're already using it. I'd love to see some of your best pictures, I notice that none have made it to the blog yet.
Also, I find kite aerial photography (KAP) fantastic but I doubt that I will ever do it myself. Check some excellent pics at