Thursday, January 27, 2005

Super Pick up lines in Grad School

Here are some of the most amazing pick lines that I have seen commonly used by many Desi(Indian)/Male/M.S students in Grad school. This is probably based on the people I have seen in my school (nearby places). Disclaimer: This does not include *all* the people who go to grad studies in the US. This is an extrapolation from a sizable chunk and this is littered with lot of poetic license to exaggerate .

Note: Usually these are lines said by sex starved, high-on-harmones 2nd year Masters students. These are said to new girl students who just landed in America.

The top 10 is as follows

10) I can get you an RA position with Prof. Bethylkymertor. He owes me a personal favor.

9) I will show you around the university. I will show you the gardens, the library, the computing center. You will be amazed by the gothic architectural constructions that are there in this university ( and only in this university). btw our university is ranked # 1 in student population. We are the know. In the Mid-west regions, among schools that have trees with just 4 branches we are ranked number one. In the left half of america among students who do research standing on one leg, we are ranked # 1. ( more praises heaped on the university)

8) I will escort you to these amazing, magical places called Target, Wallmart and Meijer.

7) I will explain to you the differences between American and Indian English

5) I know of a friend who has a GA position and who is graduating, maybe I could get you that position.

4) I know the professor who grants TA positions.

3) I have a car.

2) I will help you do your grocery.

And the # 1 pick up line that almost always never fails is

1) I will help you do your homework assignments.


anantha said...

hmmm.. 1, 2, 3 and 8 sound so familiar... In fact, 2, 3 and 8 definitely has been heard...
No.. I dont have a car, but knew someone who had a car and was the darling of all the women folk ;)

tilotamma said...

what are the extra-special credentails of this home-work helper BTW?