Wednesday, January 12, 2005

War of The Worlds

Its Steven Speilberg and Thomma Cruise again. I thought Minority Report was a good movie. There were some subtle things with the way the movie was taken, which probably got lost in the "oooh! its cruise + speilberg " hype.

But this one is a biggie. I am kinda weary of the boxoffice letdowns by big names in the recent past ( Oliver Stone, Manirathnam to name a few). Alexander releases this weekend and I probably find out if it was really that bad.

Anyway I guess 1 trailor for the movie is out already. I love H.G. Wells. The Time Machine really was a big influence in my life ( the movie sucked). As a school kid, I used to imagine how it would feel like if I was transported to a future where the Sun had become too old and the earth was disintegrating. Much like Verne's 20K Leagues under the sea and Journey to the Center of The Earth, Time Machine brought out the right emotions and plot sincerity. Ah! the classics.

I have also noticed that Speilberg has developed a negative reputation over time. With everybody naming him as their best director or most favorite celebrity or biggest hero, he has become more cliched than "honesty is the best policy" or "east or west my underwear is the best". I think he follows Gandhi and Mother Teresa as the most cliched international celebrities of our time. Ofcourse, within India Amithabh and Sachin will beat these three aytime. One more advt where Amithabh shows his Suit and Sachin his Airtel card, I am quitting from their fan clubs.

Even after a bad bad bad insulting movie like The Terminal, I have not lost faith in Speilberg. I can't decide which of the two, "Catch me if you can" or " Terminal" was worse. However, when I think of Saving Private Ryan, Duel, Batteries Not Included, Jurrasic Park and the Raiders of the Lost arc, I feel, if at all anybody deserves trust its our Speilberg.

Everybody talked about the bullet time sequences in The Matrix, but I guess it takes a keen eye to notice that Minority Report had more bullet time sequences than the Matrix. It was so wonderfully integrated with the movie flow that you almost did not feel it. Isn't that the marvel of technology? You should not feel it!

War of the Worlds is something I am looking forward to. Primarly because I am a H.G Wells fan and also because I think if anybody can do justice to HGW novels, its Speilberg ( a few other directors fall into the mix as well). I hope he takes 20K L.U.T.S also and hopefully before he dies, a decent Time Machine movie.

Apart from this I guess we should also watch out for Batman Begins . Its by Chris Noolan of The Memento fame. I guess we can see some more of those hazy Black and White kinda imagery. Noolan's choice of colors with lesser contrast worked well in setting the mood for both Insomnia and Memento. Batman movies dont require colors :-). I hope Christian Bale ( He was the hero of the brit movie where Dragons attack England, forgot the movie name) does a less whiny Bruce Wayne and instead plays a the real Caped Crusader.

Oh! Ya I will definetly see Star Wars III, The sith movie. I just love lightsabers, and you can call me a geek for that. I dont care! Anyway here are some trivia about War of the W that I found on the net.

  • Initially estimated to have a 2007 release date, this film was abruptly greenlit in mid-August 2004, for a 2005 release, causing substantial delays in director Steven Spielberg's and star Tom Cruise's other projects.

  • While filming in Bayonne, New Jersey, studio Paramount Pictures offered quick cash to residents who lived on First Street and Pointview Terrace to move their cars off the block, between a Tuesday and Friday. This was in order for the film crew to resume shooting.

  • The crew started filming only seven months prior to its release. In order to finish all 500+ CGI effects, Steven Spielberg did all the big action scenes in the early stages of shooting.

  • While scenes were being shot at the riverbank on Connecticut River, in Windsor, Connecticut, two life sized mannequins being used as extras had gotten free and drifted into the river. The production's water safety crew performed a search but weren't able to recover the mannequins. Police departments along the river were notified of the missing, according to Windsor police Lt. Shannon Haynes who said "We just wanted them to know that if they got any calls about bodies floating in the river."

  • The voice-over dialogue from the first trailer for the film paraphrases and updates the first paragraph from H.G. Wells's novel. For example 19th century is changed to 21st century.
  • While filming nearby, Tom Cruise along with a 20 member entourage including Steven Spielberg visited a Lexington, Virginia, Dairy Queen. Cruise saw a jar on the counter with a photo of Ashley Flint and her story. Flint was in a go-cart accident a few months earlier, leaving her family with a mountain of hospital bills. Cruise put $5000 cash into the jar.


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Yeah! Ever since I watched the promos, I can't wait to see the movie either. I don't care too much for the Batman movie though. Haven't been a big fan!

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~Anu :-)