Wednesday, February 02, 2005

If you want to buy books

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Usually when people want to buy books in Madras they just go to the fancy Landmarks and Odessey bookshops. But is this where you get your best books? No! I say. If you have roamed around in Madras and the city is part of your blood stream you would automatically go to Alwar's Shop ( Alwar Kadai).

If you are expecting some sort of a posh fancy glassed building prepare yourself. Its on the road pavement. Its near Luz in Mylapore ( pretty close to Rex). He has the best books and the rarest books you may want to lay your hands on.

Then if you want more ( Alwar has everything so you would rarely not get what you want at Alwars) then you go to Giggles. This is another humble place which sells the rarest of books. Giggles, is listed as one of the `must visit' bookshops in Lonely Planet's guide to Chennai. Recently, the Booksellers and Publishers Association of South India (BAPASI) presented Nalini Chettur (owner) an award for her service and knowledge about books.

If you are looking for rare Tamil Books then there is a place opposite to Ramakrishna Mutt. Its owned by a person called Dilip Kumar . He is reputed to have the best Tamil Books collection in the city.

Happy Book Shopping :-)

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