Monday, March 14, 2005

I am Back

In more ways than one! :-)

In case you folks thought I was "lost and not found" in Switzerland. I am not. I am back after a wonderful week in the Swiss.

Too tired to write anything interesting other than this news item ..that I am back. I am definetely emotionally and physically drained after the drama(s) and events over the last month. Ideally I would have been happy if the experiences over last one month was spread over 300 years but than I used the word 'ideally' and that is really not the norm in my life.

I promise to write blogs about marriage and other interesting Swiss stuff once I get over this severe writers block that has been... wel.. er.. blocking me.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bharath.
Hope you get out of your writer's block.
The other anu

anantha said...

WB Bharath..