Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Off to the Alps

So finally after a lot of drama tension and suspense that would put many all-time great thriller movie classics to shame, my honeymoon trip has been finalized. Bharath is off to the Alps. A significant chunk of reservations and travel documents came to my hands 4 hours before and I leave to the land of chocoloates and the land of watches in about 3 hours.

If you are thinking the {1 - (significant chunk) } of the travel documents came before 3 hours... you are wrong. The missuus is now blisfully spending her time memorizing Swiss tourism guides, unaware of the peril lurking ahead.

Remember the movie Indiana Jones and the Last crusade, where in the final few scenes Jones has to step on to empty space (thin air). He neither knows nor sees the path that will take him to his destination. He just steps into air and the path appears as he walks forward. I am hoping some equalant magic will happen in my case.

Only the first 60% of my travel plans are confirmed. Pssst: I do not have a proper reservations for the last 3 days of my trip and my return ticket is not yet in order. But I am leaving in 3 hours. Ah! the thrill of unplanned vacation. I seriously am looking forward to the confused tourist experience of vague reservations and exasparated looks that I expect to be giving of being in the wrong place almost all the time :-) There is great fun in randomness ( try putting your winamp player in random sort for kicks) It will be quiet in the blogging front for sometime ( a week or so... if its longer I screwed up in my travel plans and am either lost in siberia or been beaten to pulp by the missus).

So long folks!! Have fun and stay warm. Coz I am sure gonna freeze like crazy ( haven't bought winter coats yet and the temperature there is sub-zero... hope my credit card works!)

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