Friday, April 15, 2005


I have been working out of ITPL Bangalore for the past 2-3 days. I usually have no respect for these tall rising buildings and the "fancy" structures these software industry is throwing out, but ITPL is not bad at all. The buildings are quite huge and the place is crowded with just about any high tech company that you can think of.

Yesterday I was walking around thinking; " how do they clean the outside parts of windows and glass exteriors in these multi storey buldings". Today I got my answer. They have a movable vehicle in the terrace. A cabin tied to two poles in the vehicle is rolled down and the vehicle can move horizontally in the terrace whereas the the cabin goes up and down the exteriors of the building. There are 3-4 people sitting in that cabin and they have mops and other cleaning stuff to clean the building. I noticed that if they start on one side of the building at 9:00 AM they could take upto 4:00 PM to complete one side of the building. Speaks a lot of the size of the buildings ( or the meticulousness of their job).

But I was thinking something else too. Working in normal conditions, I probably visit the restroom at least once everyday. These 4 people are out in the open working at a considerable height above the ground (with a lot wind etc) - how do they manage when they want to visit the restroom. Given that it must take at least 40 minutes to move the cabin either to the terrace or the ground and another 10 minutes to reach any restroom from there. The guys need at least 50 minutes advance notice of "sensing it" before they can actually go. After an intense argument with my friend that in case of an emergency they would just 'pee' into a bottle/tin/bucket up there rather than risk damaging their kidneys by holding it up - we called the argument a draw. We left thinking -- Well at least they work in a cabin "with a view".

ITPL has everything that now represents modern India. It has these fancy buildings, star bucks, KFC, McDonalds, JukeBox, less-dressed-chics ( there are about 50 calls centers here). Watching very old buildings of the textile/garment manufacturing companies located nearby and these fancy buildings, I couldn't help feeling that this whole fancy-building thing is unreal. It simply is. The textile garment place is reality of what can really be afforded. I wasn't sure if these software companies could really afford to erode all the parks/lakes/trees and just go on building these high rise buildings. Having seen and lived through the "dotCom" boom and bust stage, I cant help feeling cynical. Will this last long ?


Ekta said...

These ITPL look-alike buildings are seen everywhere in Bangalore--so much so that u start wondering if there ever was such a things as creativity!

Suresh Ramani said...

where do you think they get the "water-content" for mopping ;-)

What! a concern?? :-)

Prabhu said...

LOL ..Good one suresh!

So whatsup with the Logic man:) ??


Anupadmaja said...

Hey, i am curious ... who is the logic man?

Bharath, you are giving people good food for thought 

The stuff I talk about below is very vaguely related to your blog. But I would like to get your comments.

This is my observation:

There are people, X, who love the western culture. They blindly adopt to the western themes and rules. American lifestyle is what this genre of people want to copy (yes thats the right word). I guess that explains the monotonous look-alikes.

There are other people, Y, that are too strictly bound to their old ways of living. They develop hatred for this new lifestyle. This genre of people want to abuse whatever X do. They may or may not actually follow their old lifestyle ... their point is merely to oppose any change.

There is this other kind, Z, who want the best of both worlds. I dont mind taking this from X and that from Y. These are the people who make coffee at home on a daily basis ... want Starbucks for a fall back option ... but would occassionally like to try out some new place that has something new to offer. I am not advocating for the genre Z. People in this category include even those who make bad choices (in the name of best of both worlds - they pick up the worst from both worlds ;)).

My observation about how these people are perceived:

X are perceived as cool, hip, great, successful, sooper and what not. They are the Winners in the dog-eat-dog world.

Y are perceived as the losers. Their hatred - the sour grapes.

[Side Note: i guess Bharath's blog comments (the tiffs) about Aishwarya Rai and her perfections reveal this fact quite well :)]

Z are the dont care people. The typical middle class. Nobody cares what they think ... actually, nobody just cares! These are taken for granted.

X and Y are especially funny to watch from Z’s position – such extreme hatred. Living around them will help you feel mental torture 

The funny part is that both old schools and the new age pursue people to get a sense of acceptance for one another. Old school emphasizes more on doing your deeds correctly no matter what others say and the new age says “Dude why do you care – break free”. The underlying assumptions in these teachings is that we all have a sense of balance, a sense of respect. Acceptance does not mean say yes to whatever. And of course break free does not mean, act like a psycho ;) or oppose everything.

Similarly, preserving your value system (or anything else) does not mean you should become a closed system. Feedback is the key to growth (by means of correction). EGO is a means, not an end.

I don’t think it is necessary that one system is better than the other. We are all here using all resources provided to us. We are all living in a trial and error based world. Why not suit ourselves where we are comfortable. Why is it necessary that where we live is the utopia – more importantly, why is my neighbor’s land hell?

I think we should feel comfortable discussing about the lack of creativity or the thirst for man-made structures in the other world. We don’t have to feel cynical or ugly. I guess it is okay. We are not questioning their system. We are just seeing if something in our system is more valuable to us and so if we should stick to ours and reject the new proposal?


Suresh Ramani said...


Not much .. just having fun in the tri-state area .. Whats up with you? How is Florida treating you?
.. and how is everything else??? ;-) .. don't worry I won't tell your brother what you say in this blog ;-)


Hawkeye said...


I think X,Y & Z are the same. They have a set of rules that define their value system. They believe their system is the best. They have to believe so otherwise they have to seriously question themselves on following a second-best value when a better one is available.

I see clashes between opinions all the time. Hometown wars are a good example. People in Bangalore always want to know if banglore is the best place on earth.. then you have these Bombay boasters. Nothing wrong with them though. They believe stronmgly in their opinions thats it!

when I and another fellow commenter critisized these buildings for lack of creativity, it is because something in that buildings violates the rules we have in our value system.

I think your question asked for comparison. Our neighbor's land is hell because its different from ours. for example if I choose to live in Madras when I have an option of living in Bangalore, then whether I say it or not I AM passing a judgement on bangalore. So by choosing one system over the other ( when you have a choice) you ARE passing a judgement on the other system . Though you dont say it in words you do say it in action.

Which is why I am little scared to be a rebel. because it is so easy to be one these days. In any situation I choose to confirm first and then when I feel I have enough knowledge to challenge well-established beliefs I rebel. Otherwise I just confirm to old traditions.

This does mean I am passing a judgement against rebels - that they are bad people- even though I dont explicitly state this opinion as words.