Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Movie Gods are Smiling: The last & final clash of the Titans

Diwali 1991: Albert Theatre/Udhayam theatre: The rain scene is shown. It is the Rajinikanth introduction scene in the movie. A phenomena never heard of in any other movie industry. This is when the excitement is at its peak. Manirathnam better than any other director knows how to whip up that frenzy. The evil police officer is being punched and he sways in the rain as a result of the impact of the punch. Then.. the puncher, Rajinikanth is revealed to the public. As he pauses in slow-motion in the rain to deliver another punch -- the noise of the theatre crowd is deafening. Currency notes are being thrown from the balcony seats, coins are being thrown. At least 300 people are whistling simultaneously. The atmosphere, to put it euphimistically is electric. Nobody outside TamilNadu will experience the emotion and the charge that the opening day of a Rajinikanth movie generates. People outside can barely comprehend this kind of mania (normally associated with Michael Jackson fans).

That Diwali the greatest war in Tamil Nadu's movie world was on. Kamalahaasan's eccentric and experimental Guna and Rajinikanth's Dalapathi are released on the same day. 8 of TamilNadus top actors like Sathyaraj, Prabhu, Vijaykanth to even Pandiyan release a movie each the same day. But Dalapthi rocks like no other movie. The explosive combination of Manirathnam, Ilayaraja and Rajinikanth lead the pack leaving everyone else behind. Although Guna was brilliant in patches, his movie as a raving lunatic who kidnaps a woman and dodges the police in the hills of kodaikaanal failed to impress. The war that year belonged to Rajini and Rajini only.

1992 Diwali, Udhayam /Albert / Abhirami Theatres: Rajinikanth is humbled. After an unprecedented sucess run of 4 movies (Thalapthi, Mannan, Annamalai, Yejamaan) his Panidan flops BIG TIME. Kamalahaasan's classic Devar Magan wins not just a national award but was India's entry into the forign film category at the Oscars that year. Kamalahassan won the war that year hands down. Sivaji Ganesan who played a cameo in Devar Magan knew exactly what the war was about. He had, once upon a time, weilded the same sword that Kamal then weilded. Unfortunately due to fan clashes and market reasons the two iconic stars mutually decided never to release a movie on the same day! ever again.

But not quite so!

Tamil Nadu, to an outsider, is in many ways a perplexing place. I personally think it’s a crazy place filled with impossible people. When it comes to good ol' TN there is no middle ground.A freakish variant of dvaitham philosophy is prevalant. No kidding! Seriously! Hear me out -- A phenomenon is present and its complete opposite is also juxtaposed along with it -- just to make things interesting. Tamil Nadu always manages to evoke strong reactions from people all around the world. " ywack! I hate that place" to "oh! My god! It’s the center of my universe". By some twist of fate or extreme sadism on the part of the powers in the heavens above -- a complete set of incongruous people have been thrown together to live in one single province. "When will these people realize that there is a world beyond Arakonam" my uncle in Pune would thunder in frustration, when most people in TN completely refuse to acknowledge the existence of people & civilization outside its borders. As far as any Tamilian is concerned the only bad thing in his state is the highway signboard which says " Bangalore 357 Kms". I would attribute the "extreme attitudes" to Darwin's you-know-what theory. The maniacal way in which it rejects all foriegn laguages is attributable to how it evolved historically. This is a state which houses the oldest language spoken in the Indian subcontinent and constantly boasts about Tamil being one of the 7 classical languages in the world. Its status of being the only lanaguage with an unbroken link of 2 millenia puts to shame even Latin ( which is apparently another classical language to have suffered many broken links). There is a kind of a fierce territorial instinct that almost rejects any thing that even remotely threatens its language. This rejection instinct seem to be encoded into the gene system.

The inherent incongruity is the key here. The sharp contrasts, oxymorons and the obvious contradictions makes the place look jarring homogeneous as well as unbelievably hetrogeneous. This is what confuses the outsider. In the land of temples where Tamil literally equals and rivals Sanskrit, in terms of religious texts and slokas, there exists India's biggest atheist movement. A movement which was so fierce in the late 60's that its diety breaking practices prompted the erstwhile freedom fighter Rajaji to pawn off Thirupathi to Andhra in exchange of the moolah-filled Madras to save Lord Balaji himself. Admist people who won't see beyond Arakonam, there exists a status as the 3rd biggest NRI exporting state in India. The land of agraharams and mad superstitious beliefs went onto to become the only state with the gall to arrest a religious head like Sankaracharyar. The quintessential Tamilian that Mr. Karunanidhi is -- has repeatedly lost to an rank outsider, a Keralite called M.G.Ramachandran and a perceived outsider (albeit incorrectly perceived as a kanndiga) Ms.Jayalalitha. John Woo would give his left hand to make a TN based story that would continue with his tradition of making a dvaithic A Vs B films ( you know where there are always two fierce rivals.. just two and they always have a gun pointed againt each other in close-up).

The movie world also has its ADMK Vs DMK kind of war between two fierce rivals. Unlike many places is in India, Bollywood is non-existent in Tamil Nadu. The popularity order is Tamil Movies -> Hollywood -> Telegu Movies -> Bollywood. Sharukh Khan could be a laundary detergent brand as far as people there are concerned ( just to emphasize the "land beyond arakonam" theory). This intense movie industry has seen two generations of Sivaji vs MGR, Kamal vs Rajini and Ilayaraja Vs A.R.Rahman. People have spent millions of hours debating who is the best ( you can include Gavaskar Vs Srikanth here). There is always the clear war between 2 people in TN. And suprisingly in a state which rejects outsiders, a hardcore native is always pitted with a non-native and the support given to both parties are almost equal. In the 50's 60's and 70's The quintessential Tamilian, the son of thanjavur and according to me the greatest actor to have ever graced the earth, Sivaji Ganesan, faced a fierce rival in the mallu that was MGR. Their kind of one-on-one clash for success and popularity in the tinsel world is something exclusive to TN alone. Kamalahassan, a native born in Ramanathapuram continued the tradition and waged a on-screen war with Rajinikanth, a Kannadiga. The Kamal Vs Rajini though it started off rather modestly grew into gigantic proportions in the 80s and early 90's. Surprisingly in both cases, the natives were the "real actors" and the non-natives the "pure entertainers".



Kamal Hassan

Kamalhaasan has carved a niche for himself in the film world. Here is an actor/director who really understands movies and makes a bulk of the cutting edge movies in India. He falls into the "movie geek" variety. He is a genuine movie buff who can probably write a thesis on Kurosawa, Coppolla and Scorcese. He is a learned Bharathanatyam dancer, has also worked as a choreographer in movies and one who can talk at length on James Brown's dance moves. He is a singer and quite a good one at that. Apart from being India's best actor he can definitely write screenplay, dialogues and direct as well as any other person in India. His stories are well thought out, often rebellious and deals with subjects that either bring out the land's culture very well or causes the people to think deeply of values and issues. He is unbelievably articulate, has pretty strong viewpoints, definitive goals and can talk about writers from Betrand Rusell to ancient texts like Purananooru and Tholkaapiyam. In short his is the resume every aspiring actor wants to have. Although any avid movie buff would salute in respect to Mr.Kamalahassan, he would not get any points from the traditionalists on the topic of his personal life. He is a suspect atheist and critisises, quite openly, societal structures like marriage and relationships. People (the ones who usually dont get his viewpoint) hate him passionately and ladies ( ofcourse! there are the ladies) dislike him for being the "womanizer".


Rajinikanth is well... Rajinikanth. Nobody can say anything more! He is the complete oposite of Kamalahaasan ( Remember we are talking incongruency and Tamil Nadu here). While Kamalahaasan has 2 wives ( and 2 divorces), 2 children outside of marriage and is alleged to have been involved in many temporary relationships, Rajinikanth has quietly setup a family life and established a healthy position in the society. He is deeply religious (and so has impressed the "ladies" and family crowds) and unlike kamal not a ruthless person ( he would be willing to let go of smaller gains for a larger spiritual gain). As a person he is anything but articulate. He has no personal views and rarely, if ever, makes a profound statement. He is as superficial as it gets as far as movies are concerned. Often his movies have no plot, nothing of substance to offer. His dialogues are colloquial and simple. Unlike Kamalahassan who was a child artist, and worked his way up as a choreographer, side actor, assistant director, actor, director. Rajinikanth moved from being a bus conductor straight to an actor. Rajinikanth is the lottery ticket everybody wants to win. He literally hit the jackpot and has cultivated it admirably. Rajinikanth has several things going for him. He has a lovable persona, and is easily darling of the masses ( at least 3 times as popular as Kamal is). His style thing (the way he tosses and catches a ciggarette with his mouth) certainly sets him apart and is quite catchy. So catchy that the Japanese love him like anything and call him the Dancing Maharajah. While only a small cross section of the society has the intelligence to grasp Kamal, Rajini's messages are simple and can be understood by the common illitrate man. His plot lines are usually humorous and very entertaining. His movies are usually the perfect entertainers where you can just go have fun and come back. His main claim to fame was to make the common man identify with him. While for kamalahasaan the story comes first, Rajinikanth stories are usually tailor made to support his role as a average joe who falls in the middle-lower economic class category.


After more than decade of silence these two have decided to release a movie on Tamil New Year's day. The last time they released together Sun TV had not yet setup shop, Star TV was just peeping inside India and ARRahman had just done 1 movie. Although Ilayaraja ( possibly India's greates music director and probably the only and last person to lay claim to the composing hall of fame) as the Music Director of Mumbai Express seems to have outlasted A.R.Rahman ( who has no release this time), the truth is Ilayaraja is composing because of Kamal's strong preference for him. The actors careers have changed considerably. Kamalahaasan has gone one to bigger and greater heights as an actor and director. Rajinikanth has reached unimaginable heights of popularity (to the point of even contemplating a political career which he embarassingly had to forgo). Kamalahassan, this time, is coming up with a bilingual(in Hindi and Tamil) called Mumbai Express. Rajinikanth is doing a remake of a Malayalam-telegu-Kanada movie called Chandramukhi. While Kamalahassan as usual plays an atypical role of a circus bike rider ( you know how they dangerously circle a big sphere). Rajinikanth surprisingly ( and unusually) plays the role of a psycologist ( wow!) in a movie that promises to have a good story line ( the Kannda and Mallu versions are incredibly sophisticated it seems). The excitement is understandably high. I can't help but feeling that this is the last time such an event is about to occur. With the next generation stars diluted and multiplied, I do not forsee the dvaithic wars anymore. Ofcourse the new generation folks like Vijay ( ya and Bipasha is in Sachin) and Dhanush ( in Balu Mahendra movie) who are releasing a movie the same day are serious contenders.

Will the older Generation win? In the last battle of Rajini Vs Kamal who will win ? I can't wait until April 14 to find that out.


Anonymous said...

Amazing Post. Very Well written !

Anonymous said...

Tamizhan Endru Sollada
Thalai Nimirndhu Nillada

Atta Girl said...

We were looking for doing some brand promotions during tamil new years for one of our clients. Realizing the madness the release of these two films will create, we had to postpone our plans! But interesting stuff is expected in the week of 14th!!!

I only remeber rajnikanth in chaalbaaz (hindi). I got a hilarious forward on rajnikanth istyle- he had to kill 3 guys. He had one shot. So, he shot one bullet and then threw a knife..the bullet got split in two. The guy in the center got hit by the knife. the other two guys got hit by the two bullets that split like this --<

LOL! I'll pass on that forward to u. Its an animated version.

Hawkeye said...

to both Anonymous's : Thanks :-)

Atta Girl,

My wife says the cartoon was Vijaykanth and not Rajinikanth. But she is a rajini fan. so you never know :-)

Anupadmaja said...

I could not help but point out "another" paradox:

Kamal (that man today who understands movies - really) playing the role of an entertainer in Mumbai Express and Rajini (the entertainer) playing a sophisticated Psychologist in Chandramukhi. Actually this one (the paradox) is a huge Ha Ha ;)

Arvind said...

Badri, this takes the cake! Your posts are more like professional journalism than blog entries (not that its a bad thing). I think you chose the wrong career! :)

Hawkeye said...


i think we have to wait and watch.I suspect chandramukhi will be toned down completely to allow common man to understand and enjoy. Rajini movies are rarely complicated :-)


You bet I chose the wrong career. You just saw the essay writing part.. you should have seen me as the massuese for super hot super models. I was just mentioning to the wife about these hidden talents and.. ouch.. oww.. ooh! @$#$^@$ aaah! whack.. BAM!

anantha said...

Hmmm... I thought the mutual agreement came immediately after Dalapathi and Guna. I distinctly remember my cousin coming home in the afternoon, after watching Dalapathi's opening show and telling us about the clash at Udayam after the first shows of both movies at Udayam and Suryan respectively. He saw the movie once again (with me tagging along) in the night. My two first day Rajini movies - Dalapathi and Kodi Parakudhu.... And jsut miss Padaiyappa :(

Btw.. ur take on Mumbai Express's music? IMHO, Mumbai XPress:Kamal::Chandramukhi:Rajini
what say?

App said...

Yeah I agree. Your blog is really professional, you should contact Hindu or Indian express:)I enjoyed reading your blog entry. Btw, i'm arvind's wife. I check your blog regularly. So does my sister. Even she likes your blog alot! way to go!

Personally, I like kamal alot more than rajni. But i think its time for both of them to retire. They should atleast act their age...This year, I'm really looking forward to rajni's movie, I read alot about that movie. Sounds interesting, I hope they don't add the usual masala stuff there.

Anupadmaja said...

Hey, the movie contents aside, my verbatim colleagues will agree that the paradox holds good :)

Anupadmaja said...

Hey, the movie contents aside, my verbatim collagues will agree that the paradox still holds good :)

Suresh Ramani said...

When you talk about 'dvaitham' .. can't help but think about the movie 'Iruvar' ..

Grey Vampire said...

ellaaaaam seri but....ahem i feel there i dis stuff every where in dis world..i am also a rajini fan but dont blind urself watch a movie as a movie .....u can be crazy iof movies....watch kamal as virumndi and rajini as basha in the movies....dont kill them by watching rajini as rajini and kamal a kamal in the movies...they try to project the characters in the movies and not themselves.....nice blog

Kay said...

good post

Thalaivar thaaan win :).

Hawkeye said...

Thanks everybody for your nice coments!


Hi! I read your blog frequently. Good to know you are doing well :-) . Thanks for the encouraing words.


you must've forgoten the fan clashes in Albert. Rajini and Latha saw the evening show with the general public that day. it was total chaos. Infact some fans kept an atom bomb under each of the lights that adorn the albert theatre compund wall :-) it was quite a sight!


'Iruvar' was another first-day movie in Udhayam. Too bad it didn't do well. It was a quality movie.

Grey vamp,

cant help it! Rajini especially. Becauses he choses to be "Rajinikanth" even in the characters he plays.


thalaivar maybe = win
but P.Vasu = Big Doubt

it all depends on how the

(rajini - P.Vasu) equation may work. The less of a loser P.Vasu is the better for rajini.

anantha said...

*Agrees with Anu

Bharath: Ya, I was at an age when my mom wouldnt allow me to watch movies as much as I would have wanted to. I used to go whenever my bro was ok with me coming with him and that was far and few...As regards to Pandian, why it failed when movies like Mappilai etc. did ok is another paradox. For the average Rajini fan, it was business as usual, still it failed. Okie, just a thought, did Pandian fail cos the general audience ditched in favor of Thevar Magan, while it was the other way around (Guna in favor of Dalapathi) the previous year. I can't imagine hardcore Rajini fans from the front benches hating any movie of his (again Adisiya Piravi was an anamoly i guess)...

Anon said...


I am surprised that you had nothing to say about the John Wright post :)
Cricket pathi yaaradhu 2 mile dhooram la ezhudina kooda unnoda naadi thudikkumey ;-)


Arvind said...

grrrr...whattaaa blog!!how the heck i missed it all these days...
fuk u!u write too well.fuk u!keep writing

Hawkeye said...


> As regards to Pandian, why it
> failed when movies like
> Mappilai etc. did ok is another > paradox.

many people may not have noticed this but mappillai, mannan, pandiyan, padaiyappa fall in the series of movies where rajini is pitted against a lady ( a powerful lady that too). These sort of "Boys Vs girls" movies has its own charm and generally appeal to many men folks ( who form his major fan base)

mappilai, the first in that series, a tribute to Poova-thalaiya( the old Jaishankar movie) in rajini-terms is a super movie. Like Mannan. It had all the ingedients. good songs, sexy herione, a clear villian who had to be humbled.

In pandian the lady ( who was his sister/police-officer) was a weak casting. The story just dragged on and on and SP Muthuraman was too old for the demands of those times. It was infact very boring. Not as funny or entertaining as the other ones.

> Okie, just a thought, did
> Pandian fail cos the general
> audience ditched in favor of
> Thevar Magan,

actually when i saw in Devar magan in Kamal Theatre ( owned by Sivaji) in Thanjavur, the movie seemed like a hit even before its release. The Sivaji Kama cpombo, IRs music and all that was PR'ed like crazy. To be frank I did not like Devar Magan.. I think it ran because it had the elements that work for Kamal. His histrionics, bloody-violence, sex etc. To be very honest, I thought Roja or Vaname ellai should have made it to the oscars.

It was Vaname Ellai which bagged all the Cine Express awards. Not Roja, Not Devar Magan. Remember there was Chinna Gounder and Chinna Thambi that year.

To think of it 1992 was an amazing year for Tamil movies. It had Annamalai, Mannan, Chinna Gounder, Chinna Thambi, Suriyan, Devar Magan, Roja, Vaname Ellai.

And KB's ..Kavithalaya produced three of those.

> (again Adisiya Piravi was an
> anamoly i guess)...

aah! you forget "Naatukku oru Nallavan" that released a month or two before dalapathi. That 1-crore-for-rajini movie ( a big thing then) crashed big time. It didn't even run for a month. He was gone and out until Dalapathi saved him.

anantha said...

I did not forget Nattukku Oru Nallavan. I just did not incl. it on my list, since I seemed to always think it was dubbed to Tamil from Kannada. I might be wrong since I havent gone near the movie since I saw it first soon after it released. Scary experience!
Btw, I thought Adhisiya Piravi was really funny with slapstick comedy by both Rajini and Chinni Jayanth.
Good point vis a vis Mappilai etc. Come to think of it, they did have a common theme, which is why Ramya Krishnan's appearance in Baba seemed like a desperate last minute addition to save the movie!
Looking back at Devar Magan, no qualms. An Original theme, inspired casting (Kakka Radhakrishnan and Sivaji !!!!!), beautiful locales not to mention some grisly scenes that shocked audiences, I think led to the success. Again, these are aspects that have seemed to cropped up in a lot of Kamal movies since then!

@ Prabhu: Concious decision da. Romba yosikka kudadhu cricket pathi nu oru idea dhaan!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post!!! Loved it...

But the only part I couldnt digest was....
Tamil Movies -> Hollywood -> Telegu Movies -> Bollywood

Come on..... gimme a break... who in Chennai, with their brain in the right place, would watch a Telugu movie???? In fact apart from Subham, where does a telugu movie even release in Chennai??? I am no fan of Bollywood... but,it certainly commands a much better presence than Telugu, what with almost all the major and even some minor releases making it to Chennai...

Hawkeye said...

Regarding Cricket: I quoted and linked two of your articles in the cricket post. Just wanted to let you know.

Athisiya piravi: Its a damn good movie. Just that the director was so bent of making Rajini's predicament so complicated and difficult that he became really successful. I think the reason why the movie failed was -- Rajinis situation was so complicated that even the director could not offer a solution. I thought of possible solutions to end the movie and cudn't come up with a good one!


I agree! You may have a point. in Chennai, The # of telugu movies released and the hype it gets is considerably smaller than Bollywood. But outside of Chennai, Bollywood is non-existent. And the total # of Telegu movies is anyway less than Bollywood.. so factor that in!

outside chennai - I have seen Chiranjeevi films consistently getting released in some theatres ( even if its a old ruined one) in madurai-nellai belt. but never seen a hindi movie getting released in nellai.

When karnataka banned release of new other-language movies a big gang of teleguites went to Madras to wactch the chiranjeevi-MBBS movie. that and gharshana ( remake of kaakha kaakha) i was told ran like hell in madras. dunno how much it is true.

anantha said...

endha cricket post?

Summa padikalam nu dhaan ;)

Hawkeye said...


goodbye john wright!

Anonymous said...

Bharath's post is good but not devoid of facts though i am not going to reel out that!

One thing though... Rajinikanth is the luckiest ass on mother earth. For some one to rake in millions just because he can toss a cigarette "stylishly" film after film... well this speaks volume of the tamil audience. I am a tamil but i feel terrible when these fans go absolutely crazy just at the mention of Rajini. I wanted to experience first hand what it's like to watch Rajini movie day one show one so managed to go, eons ago, with a horde of cousins (mind you all fanatical Rajini fans except me being a Kamal admirer) for a movie called maa veeran. Beleive me if i had stayed in the theatre for even 5 more minutes i would have become deaf, disorientated. I ran out of the hall wihin 5 minutes.

That was the last time i ever watched Rajini movie in a movie hall.

The question is what is it that this guy has that no one else. Pleeeeze don't keep mentioning about his STYLE, i have friends who are more stylised and definitely much better looking and wanted to be stars but did not make it. Why is it that a tamilian blindly idolises, be it a actor/actress or politician. The worst part is a tamilian can idolise all non-tamilians wich is the case now looking at the tamil industry where the majority are non-tamils. In fact almost all the heroines are non-tamil (either telugus or mallus or the mumbling northies). They are worshipped but yet a tamilian is at the receiving end for being parochial. Compare this with the telugu or kannda film folks. They are very careful in who they let in and make sure, yes make sure a non-telugu or non-kannadiga especially a tamil is never allowed to flourish. Even an actor of the calibre of Kamal is only superficially spoken of in admiration in andhra but is not a rage. So why the hell a non-tamil especially some one like Rajinikanth who even after more than two decade cannot a speak a decent line in tamil in public, be admired and idolised. For some one who has refused to support tamilnadu on cauvery issue. Can you imagine this happening in Andhra or Karnataka. Can you imagine some one like Ravichnadran (i assume he is a tamil or atleast a non-kannadiga) refusing to support Rajkumar's call on the cauvery issue and yet being idolised in Karnataka.

The blokes out in Tamil nadu need to wake up. Wake up to the realities of the real world. Make sure you do not encourage and support anyone who does not have the interests of tamils at heart. Drive out these guys.

VK said...

Dear anonymous,

For the record, thalaivar refused to participate in cauvery issue for its strong political undercurrents. In addition, what on earth does actors have to do with a festering wound like cauvery?

Should anyone agree to all that mindless issues that we tamilians keep carrying on for eons now, to do business in TN?. TN and its people are liberal and we should be proud of it.

The reason why rajini clicks with the masses is very simple. He never portrays himself as too smart to be understood by lesser mortals like the rest of us. Thats why he clicks.
He represents a fantasy that every kid dreams about. And thats called "relating with the audience" which is what great leaders and actors do.

Watch out, thalaivar will decorate the TN assembly.

Last but not least, Dr.Kalaignar educated his grandson in Hindi so he could work in the parliament. So much for his anti-hindi protests.


Rajesh said...

1. I have seen more people have a Kapil - Gavaskar arguement than Srikanth - Gavaskar.

2. You have shown Rajini's acting talent in poor light. I guess you have not seen his earlier movies.The guy can act but public elevated him to a larger than life figure from Billa. I think he had training in the Acting School. Rajini has performed versatile roles. His performances as villains (need I say the movie names) have allowed him to show his abilities as an actor -as late as Chandramukhi. He brings a style to the characters he played. His role in the telugu remake Bedha Rayudu" was amazing. Rajini claims equal number of fans in Andhra.
Reducing him to his cigarette gimmicks hurts. Rajini knows his market much better than Kamal. Kamal's passion is however greater.
My humble opinion thus ends although I would love to take on any Rajini basher on a one-on-one.

Anonymous said...

Just came across this post and enjoyed reading it but one thing that amazed me is that with so many Rajini fans here no one pointed out that Rajini is not from Karnataka ! He is from maharashtra !His actual name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad !!

Anonymous said...

He just used to work as a conductor in KSRTC in Karnataka !

Anonymous said...

The Write up was great..

But it is Really Pathetic about the Review Comments, that, after having a Decent Education, who can Convey the Thoughts in such a Manner. Support a Person, who is no worth than a Rupee.

We Tamilains are always the Idiot and at Receiving End. You People Shitted Shivaji Ganeshan, Did the same for Kamal and Doing it for Illairaaja.

Hail Hail...Tamilians and their "Vanthorai Valavaikum" Motherly Attitude.

The Visitor said...

outside chennai - I have seen Chiranjeevi films consistently getting released in some theatres ( even if its a old ruined one) in madurai-nellai belt. but never seen a hindi movie getting released in nellai.

Hum aap ke hain kaun - ran for more than a year in Madurai. One of my friends, who doesn't understand a single word of hindi, first saw it after it ran for a 100 days and then went to see it atleast another half dozen times!

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