Friday, April 15, 2005

New Years Day TV Programs Review

Note: As I write this blog, I have in my hand tickets to Chandramukhi in Udhayam theatre for the Matinee show on Saturday April 16th and I also have tickets for Mumbai Express evening show in Kasi theater. When? again on saturday April 16th. You heard it right. I havent seen a tamil movie for almost 7 months and suddenly I see a Rajini and a Kamal movie that too on successive shows. Its a mega double header today.

According to me the world is now divided in two halves - those who have tickets to Chandramukhi and/or Mumbai Express and those who dont. At this moment, I stand like a colossus -- on top of the world looking down upon people - even those who have tickets to one of the two movies let alone none.

New Years Day Review:

On April 14th, by the time, I tore myself from the TV and started to office, it was 30 minutes past noon. Determined not to miss any of the important programs, I woke up at 6:30 Am and madly kept switching between 8 channels for 6 hours. I had not seen the previews each TV channel showed so I had no prior knowledge of what was going on each channel. So each time i change dchannel I went like "wow! see its this program.. its that program". This time Sun TV started the morning on a big not with 1 hour of Balamuralikrishna. One doesn't need to be any sort of expert on carnautic music to appreciate good ol' MBK. 20 years of listening to him on your dad's radio ought to be sufficient to write 2 lines about him. He sang my favorite "thillana nadhri dhim.." and even risked singing a few Tamil songs.

The Patti Madrams ( The debates):

This is another tradition that is unqiue to Tamil Nadu. No big day/event/function is over without Solomon Papaiyah passing a judgement. To this tradition, if you add the debate chaired by Dindukal Lioni - it is a grand occasion in itself. There is a new debate topic chosen every time and two teams fiercely compete with their point of views. Debators like Raja are extremely popular ( they receive whistles before they start to speak. Can you believe that). This time Solomon Papiyah's debate centered around "is village life equalant to heaven on earth or city life". Lioni's debate centered on whether "cinema people have killed Tamizh with their English titled movies or whether the public has killed the purity of spoken Tamizh" and the other guys debate (there was another guy who was pretty funny) was more Boys Vs Girls kinda of issues ( something like " do women prefer luxury more or men"). All debates were equally interesting and the speakers exchanged profound point of views. It was pretty humorous with the tradional digs on film lyrics prevalant in all three debates. Sorry! If I am not able to say the results of the three debates. By the time the judges delivered their verdict I had already surfed to a different channel. I was actually multi-tasking between 4 channels all day long.

But the debate that stole the day was a special debate organized by Mylapore club . This debate's topic was " Are cricketers more popular and more commercially viable or are TV stars". On the cricketers side were Kris Srikkanth, Sivaramakrishnan and my favorite favorite hero/cricket journalist Nirmal Sekhar. On the side of TV stars were Y.G.Mahendra, Mohan Ram and Bashki ( the dude from hari giri assembly). This show was a complete riot with Srikkanth standing up and shouting that the other team members were idiots. Y.G.Mahendra kept on talking about match fixing until one lady from the audience came up grabbed a mike and said in a chaste brahmin tongue "this Y.G.Mahendra is too dominating, he never lets anybody talk. You are very hollow sir! very very hollow person! you please do not talk anymore".. Bashki summed up the debate by saying "this debate is anyway stupid. it is so full of nonsense that I seek your apologies in advance if I make a mistake and make some sense in my speech.". I have to say that although Y.G.Mahendra is an idiot and rarely acts dignified, he did make some sensible arguments. Srikanth and team were the clear winners acording to me ( Judge ARS predictably called the mach a draw) purely because, and I quote Srikkanth, "these idiots did not even understand the topic".

The interviews

Madhavan is a pretty interesting guy. No kidding! he is really intelligent. The way he explained his choices, his thoughts and his preferences showed him as a person who understands movies very well and really values every single movie he makes. His experiences with Kamalahassan on the glycerine issue was pretty interesting.

The other interview with Surya was pretty ordinary because the interviewer did a bad job of it. He planned the interview in such a way that both would be walking when they were talking. The interviewer kept walking ahead of Surya after asking the question and appeared more interested in where he was going than listening to Surya's answers. Surya was left answering in a disconnected way as if doubting if anybody was interested in his answers at all. His points were pretty interesting and he spoke from his heart. The good thing about both interviews was both the actors did not digress outside movies. They did not give us New Years advice, no talks on philosophy, lectures. Good! I hate movie stars dishing out free advice on life.

The final interview with Rajinikanth, Prabhu and P.Vasu was also interesting because of the love and respect these people had on Sivaji's family. After Kamal,Rajini is doing a movie for Sivaji movies. am not sure if they are saving TamilNadu's royal family from some debt but its a good deed indeed.

Anyway I should rush now for Chandramukhi matineee show. I have not read any review concerning these two movies and I am going in with no expectations. It is good to go for 2 big movies having not read any reviews. I have conciously avoided reading "The Hindu" or Rediff for this reason. okay biyeee.

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