Thursday, March 31, 2005

Whats with the Beards?

What wrong with Tamil movies these days? I haven't seen one in a long time ( the MBBS movie being the last one) but every odd time I switch to the songs channel ( there are are three of them thereby bring the total number of Thamizh channels to 9) -- I see heroes with semi-beards.

Either you have a full-grown beard like ugly-over-grown-polar-bear T.Rajender or come clean shaven like some of those non-actors who appear in the bollywood soft-porn movies (which is just about every other movie isn't it?).

I see Vijay, Madhavan, Jayam-ravi, i-am-a-leach-worm-Dhanush, i-am-ape-man's-son-simbu,Rainboy-colony-crap-boy-now-in-sukran (i dunno his name), i-cant-act-at-all ajith, i-am-actually-a-woman Prashanth, all the fellows are running around with half a beard.

Is there a razor paucity in Tamil Nadu or what? Or is it some vague attempt at developing a stubble that was popular in the 1980's pop George Michael days ( remember the Faith album cover). Nowadays every dude that steps on the screen is half-shaven. I have usually seen stuff like this in the old Mallu movies but now its in TN?

I am thinking of asking T.Rajender to set up a charity shop in front of Tharamani film city and give out free razors to everybody. Lets say yaaa! for some clean shaven faces!

The chick in the err.. M.Kumaran Son of Mahalakshmi's ( thats the name of the movie) Chennai Sen-thamizh song. She looks good!?


Anonymous said...

Too late Bharath. I have been commenting on this to my wife for a long time now. We thought that this was the "in" thing in MDS nowadays and all you guys walked around with the Arafat looks. Guess I was wrong. May be I should pack more razors for my summer trip.


Arvind said...

That's a cheeky last comment. You'd better be looking at your new wife in this period, there's plenty of time for others later ;)

Murali said...

Guess they are trying some thing new dude.... wit d beards i.e.

n yah....tat chick.....:D shes gyud

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