Sunday, May 08, 2005

Anniyan Music

It may be the costliest movie ever made in South India (30 crores). It could end up as one of the best releases of a pretty good director, Shankar, who is one of the very few in India, who has the credibility to make a decent sci-fi thriller (which is what this movie is purported to be).

But the music is not upto scratch. Although I hate comparisons. All the 5 movies that Shankar has released so far, the music has always met (or exceeded) expectations and was never a let down. This is the first time I am hearing every song and I am thinking "wtf.. whats goin on here..". Harris Jeyaraj may have something going for him in Minnale and Kaakha Kaakha but he has never shown the brilliance that ARR seems to throw out so casually. Purely based on the CD and having not seen the picturization ( sometimes HJ songs appear better in a picture context like 12B), I have to say moving to HJ from ARR is a bad decision.

I hope the movie is good. I still have strong expectations of Shankar making a comeback after a very poor ( and extremely forgettable) boys. Anniyan stars Vikram . It is supposed to Shankars most ambitious project. This is a script that he initially wrote for Kamal Hassan ( the movies was named Robot then). I think every year at least 2 (at the most three) Tamizh movies make a visit to the theatre worth the trip. And if Manirathnam or Gautham Menon do not make a movie this year, this could be the last Tamil movie for me, for the year. I hope its good. I like shankar.


Anonymous said...

No man, for me the songs of anniyan are really good. Anyways HJ is noway near to ARR.

Ram Prasadh said...

Hey Anniyan songs are pretty kool esp. Iyengar veetu azhagey (a Classical song that kicks off with pancharathana keerthanai Jagathanandaka sung by many renowned artistes).Ofcourse it culd have altogether been a different scenario had ARR scored music for it.But HJR seems to have got the music crescendo juz like ARR.

Kaps said...

Given that ARR was busy with international assignments, Shankar had to settle for HJ. HJ is an ARR clone and hence has delivered what was expected of him (can't believe he took 9 months to come up with this kind of music). Although the songs of Anniyan may not go down as among the best for any Shankar movie, they definitely not a serious letdown. I think Shankar would still be able to pull it through.

Atta Girl said...

Dunno about the movie, but the music of 'boyz' was quite peppy, I liked it! I have a tape too :-) thoh i don't understand Tamil (barring a few greeting messages)

Anonymous said...

Gentleman,Indian and Mudhalvan were quality movies, where as Kaadhalan, Jeans and Boys were pretty ordinary. I hope Anniyan is a good movie.

Songs of Anniyan are very HJ'ish and honestly, its becoming so boring. There are a gzillion words which makes no sense like Omahaseeya and another million english words in the songs.Are we running out of tamil words?

Oh sukumaari has a catchy tune(though shankar mahadevan has an accent which is very similar to yester-year actor karthiks accent) The last interlude of harini is pretty good.

Iyengar veetu azhagi is just another slow song. Its not melodious,(After all these years of music ARR himself has very few melodies,lotsa good slow songs though) ,Very bad lyrics ,( which was the case in Boys too)and total butchering of the original pancharatna krithi. I am pretty sure people with decent carnatic knowledge will trash this song in less than 5 seconds.

Dont think there is anything more to write about anyother song !

Hawkeye said...


i dunno. I listed to it the first time and thought maybe if I listed another 5-6 times it may grow on me but it didnt.

"Iyengar veetu azhage" was passable but only just pass.

I agree with you. as I said 12B songs looked better when seen with the movie. But having said that Boys and Gentleman were huge hits even before the movie started. So was Kaakha Kaakha. And for the general public it usually helps if the songs are ok. Boys made your mouth water ( only to be let down) Anniyan is like "okay! we'll wait until we see the movie"

thank god you didnt see boys. I saw it in a drive-in theatre with my parents and it just pissed us off. The songs were god though.. what a waste..

Hawkeye said...


my gripe exactly..whats with the "omaziyaan omiyaahaan". Looks like somebody developed fits while singing or the lyricist ran out ideas.

the fast songs arent catchy and slow songs arent melodious.. no.. i listened to it again today and it ain't catching on.

Harish said...

I like Shankar too. :)

I've already started lookin for tickets to the first day shows!

Anonymous said...

people who ARR is great........wait and think. he is bit of trash who copy hip hop and pop album and mix it give to you all. Obviously ARR is liked only who donot understand tamil and one who never beem in south india for that matter. so donot ever compare ARR with other musician

Anonymous said...

Anniyan will punish the following soon.

1.Directors who give over build-up about their films and make films far below the expectations.
2.Directors who cheat the audience by saying that they have made a high budget film.
3.Directors who make their Producers, beggars by wasting their money on unnecessary things such as painting a whole village.
4.Directors who make film without logics.
5.Directors who believe that they can always cheat Tamil audiences.
6.Directors who make a remix out of their own old films.
7.Directors who make the people watch their movie by cutting lectures, not going to their office and wasting a full day waiting in a queue to watch a two and a half hour movie. These kinds of acts lead to unproductively and the respective country will never be developed like Malaysia and Singapore.

Anniyan will do “Kirumi Bojanam” very soon for the directors who didn’t give enough “Bojanam” to his audiences. He doesn’t like suppliers who don’t care about customer satisfaction.

Ambee careful!