Sunday, May 08, 2005

Theatre Drama: 1000 Udhai Vaangiya Apoorva Sigamani

Venue: Kalaivaanar Arangam, Chepauk, Madras.

Okay! so this is a classic drama. It was first staged in 1981 and its been performed on stage around 900 times . If I were to rank all the comedy dramas that have been released so far, I would struggle to choose between "1000 Udhai.." and "Meesai Annalum Manaivi" for the number 1 spot. Both make you laugh until your stomach hurts. I have listened to "1000 udhai" on tape around 300 times and "Meesai Aanalum Manaivi" ( loosely transalated as "she is your wife even if she sports a moustache" parodying, one of the many old sayings that works on enslaving women, which goes like "even if you are married to a stone, you should treat the stone as it were your husband" )around 400 times. Lets say if one of the actors/actresses in either play is hit by a bus, I(or any of my old OSU roomies) can step in (and atleast mouth the dialogs right)

Why is 1000 Udhai so great? S.Ve.Sekhar, the writer/actor of the play, hits one of his best patches as a comedy writer in this play. He plays a carefree youth, who does not want to work. Life is so simple in his world. So uncomplicated. He is not interested in a serious career and expects his father to responsibly feed him, while he runs behind chics. The first time I got hooked on to S.Ve.Sekhar, I identified exactly with this part of Sigamani stereotype that Sekhar played in all his dramas. I seriously tell you Sigamani, the character that Sekhar plays, makes me jealous. All the 300 times I heard it in tape, he made me jealous everytime. This was the first time, I have seen this drama on stage ( and thereby fullfilling one of my life-long ambitions :-)..although it is inappropriate to mention another ambition in this blog..watching MJ perform live will remain an unfulfilled ambition). My parents, grandmother and wife accompanied me. They created such a big fuss about me spending Rs.750 on "some comedy play" and after the drama got over they didn't say a word. Every time Sekhar cracked a joke on his father, I'd look at my father and say " you see what I am saying.. this is what I have been trying to tell you for so long". Sekhar explains the reason why he resigned from his Nth job. His reasoning goes like this "I was walking in the sun selling chocolates to unknown people and suddenly a thought hit me. Why should I waste my time earning money when my father is there to take care of me? Isn't it an embarassment to work when your father is still there? Won't my friends ask me why I was working? Won't they wonder that something was wrong with my father's health and that is why he has sent me to work? I thought about all these things and I immediately resigned my job".

You know what? That is true. I am not taking about carpe diem. Every time, I am writing some code to get something working, I am thinking "why? why should compiling something without "warnings" give me uninhibited pleasure? What is wrong with me?" So far, I have told my father at least 20,000 times that he should have become a politician when he was young. Not a day goes by when I don't yell at him for being non-filthy-rich. No! Even Rich is not good enough. Rich makes you nervous, you have to protect stuff and be afraid you'd lose all that hard-earned money. Filthy rich on the other hand is richness as a result of tax payer's money. There is no pressure in that. If my dad had become some M.P or M.L.A and looted the country like every other MLA, I would have given up studies long ago and would have chased chics in expensive motorbikes. Screw the economy and the IT industry. Unfortunately he thinks my values are screwed up and I think his perspective on life is screwed up. I know why men are forced to take up jobs. I think if they had no jobs and a lot of money, they'd run behind chics and trouble 'em. So Women as part of large evil conspiracy ushered in the Industrial Revolution and created the job industry ( and then they later complained about glass ceilings just to make it sound as if the concept of working was men's idea). Working 10 hours a day and sleeping another 8 hours occupies a significant amount of time and dissuades men from chasing chics. My wife asks me, " Don't you have any ambition Bharath?". Yes! men have ambitions. But we don't want money. Money brings more work and we really don't want more work. We aim to be lazy and do nothing all day for the rest of our lives. If earning a lot of money gets us there, then we will do it. We want to become CEO's statesmen, senators, lawmakers. All for what? So that we can become filthy rich and we(or our children) can laze around like a bum. CEO is more like a transitionary phase. I'll tell it to all my women readers. Don't let men kid you around with "I am serious about my career" kind of crap. Your dude is building a career nest so that he can sleep in it. Spending a life lazing around is the ultimate ambition ( retirement is the fullfillment of that ambition, when you are too old to enjoy it) for every man. That Sigamani could do that without being so filthy rich irks me and makes me idolize him.

The beauty about "1000 Udhai" is the dialog flow in the first 40 minutes. It flows in a rocket like speed with jokes competing against each other to exit the dialog pipeline and escape into the audience. The audio cassette will not have the first 15 minute sequence, which is only available in video or on-stage. The actors start the drama on a "put on" sad note mistaking it for a serious drama (then in the 80's serious dramas were aired on Tuesdays at its aired round the clock) and Sekhar drives them away to go and dress up for the Nala-Damayanti historical drama, which in-turn goes kaput because his father comes on stage and beats him up. In the audio casst, the drama begins at this point- i.e from the point where Sekhar comes home, still in his historical dress, to face the music of his father. There is some girl's father (Vajravelu) who is also present in the house to complain about Sigamani's flirtations with his married daughter. The joke riot speeds up from this point to unbelievable proportions. Until the "donation collector" Anjey-venki guy comes up with his "jillu jikku,pumpu, thambu, dumukku" bit. At that time you are laughing so bad that Sekhar takes pity on you and slows down his stuff.

I really missed watching this drama along with my Ohio State roomies. We practically talked to each other in drama dialogs. Each of us had listened to almost all Sekhar/Crazy Mohan dramas hundreds of times. Stuff like " aathu enga aaya", " sir first class phamily storeey sir!!" ( Satellite Samiyar) , "athu vada naatu prechanai engalukku thevai illai" ( 1000 udhai), " Vijiiii my sweet little potatoe daughter" ( Kaatulai Mazhai), "Kulikarthu illaya..very good policy"(Kaatula Mazhai) were spoken as part of our regular conversation.

Yesterday, "1000 Udhai" was enacted fully, from the mistaken sad-drama scene. The cast has changed considerably ( well.. its been 24 years). Sigamani's father ( You want to know his name.. :-) ..its Viswanathan. Now as a trivia guess who is the fellow who gives him the "recommendation letter" ?) and Vajravelu are the only old faces. The blind Senapathy role in the historical goof-off Nala-Damayanti was then played by Manager Seenu. He is now missing. The "papli, komli" guy is missing. Most of all Sunda, Sekhar's right hand dude is missing. The sad thing for me was that I already knew the dialog flow so well. I could not help but notice, some glaring omissions by the actors. Sometimes they screwed up and then adjusted on-the-fly. It was painful to see some new actors butcher the smooth flow of the drama. Sekhar, having done this 900 times, himself screwed up in a couple of places. Some punch lines were just forgotten or abandoned ( Oh! man the way he jumped lines on the Pannaiyar-Pannaiyar's wife would have bought tears in the eyes of a drama purist).

Sekhar's dramas have declined in quality after Sunda's death. His later dramas have become more political and less funny. Even this drama was polluted with some Jayalalitha dialogs. Reminding us that now Sekhar is now very close to the Chief Minister and quickly becoming a force in the AIADMK party. He himself says so in the drama. Although I love Sekhar's old dramas, I have never liked the man himself. He seems too much of a narcissist. Too anal. He only cares about two things (a) himself (b) money. During his visits to Columbus, Ohio, I was dissapointed by the way he staged "Periappa" and "Alwa" back to back and ransoming the audience for more money. Ofcourse the audience made fun of him because after all his pro-tamil speeeches he couldn't get his daughter to sing, one single Tamil prayer song. The way he ill-treats his co-artists is also evident in the way he abuses them onstage (in the pretext of telling a dialog) if one of his co-artists miss a punch line. Poor Astrologer Chidambaram was called "moodhevi" ( and that too after getting a dozen P>Chidamabaram reference related jokes) and that too not so subtly by Sekhar, for missing a (rather important) dialog.

In the end he put the national anthem and thanked the audience for standing up patiently when the anthem was played and requested them to support theatre dramas. All that was good but somehow you tend to get a feeling that man so talented would have done more justice to his drama field if he was less ambitious ( politically that is). He almost seems like he doesn't care about the quality of his dramas. "1000 udhai" is still interesting because it was written by a Sekhar, who cared a lot and was more dedicated to his work, than the Sekhar who now mouths the dialogs to just make a fast buck.


Ram said...

Well analyzed post. This really shows the transition of the world of drama, over the years from being an art to be proud of, to something that just makes money. I see that the same thing holds good in movies too. These days, it is all about some skin shows to get your market up. But I'm not complaining about the latter ;-)

P.S: Hey... I'm still trying to convince my wife that I'm serious about my career.. don't ruin those efforts by stating the raw truths!

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot Crazy thieves in palavakkam :-)

That was a laugh riot too !

"Jowli kadakkara Mudhalali Panjabakesan irukkaraaaaa ...."

Anupadmaja said...

Great post.

Disappointment in the rendering of - "sir first class phamily storeey sir". I wud have preferred:

"sir first claaaaaaaaaaassss phamily storeey sir" - rasichi sollanumpa :)

Anonymous said...

As a girl I still have the same attitude. hoping there will be a pot of gold that just keeps giving me a salary.
Does it ring a bell

Anonymous said...

I love 1000 udhai vaangiya aboorva sigaamani and have heard it for countless number of times!!!
po.. poi sombu davara tumbler.. ellarayum kottittu vaa.. LOL!
Periya Thambi was also great with an all-spoof setting for mainstream tamil filmmaking (Masakkai.. Masakkai.. Gun Party'ma Paiyan! ROTFL!).

I love Crazy's dramas as much as I love S Ve Shekhar's! And Crazy's dramas have more clean jokes and is always laughable when watched and reproducible by any of us (not that we are all Maadhu's and Cheenu's; Only that the jokes more dependable on actual humour in dialogue). But, S Ve Shekhar's comedy depends mostly on his IMPECCABLE timing and not all mortals could make it laughable piece of dialogue.
And, I dont think S. Ve. Shekhar wrote the dialogues for his dramas. It was Venkat. Or, is it an one-off situation for "1000 udhai"?

tifoc said...

hey bharath, great post...u brought back all the funny memories of the drama...1000 Udai is definitely the best of Sv.Sekhar & prob in top 2 of all comedy dramas...2 jokes come immediately to my mind..."kaautla 5 vilangu peru sollu" :)...& "naan unakku 2 pen kodukuren, sir unakku 3 pen kodutha, mothum un kittae evallo pen?" :) :)

Anupadmaja said...

Clarification on my comment earlier:

Bharath, nee dialogue ozhunga render pannaliyennu enakku varutham illai, aana dialogue ae disappointing aa render pannadhu nee'nnu nenaicha paatha dhaan varuthamey :(


P.S. - its supposed to be funny (esp. in Major Sundarrajan's style - since Sivaji Ganesan is no more) :)

Hawkeye said...


/* Hey... I'm still trying to convince my wife that I'm serious about my career.. don't ruin those efforts by stating the raw truths! */

if I go down i'm taking u down along with me :-)


/*"Jowli kadakkara Mudhalali Panjabakesan irukkaraaaaa ...."*/

Uppili: "margaazhi maasam kalaang kaarthalai orum maama ganja adichindu poovare"
Uppili's BIL: "Athu ganja illada ganjeera"

Hawkeye said...


agreed. its hold be

Constable:"sir first claaaaaaaaaasss phamili story sir. husband sir! wife sir! husband enna'kku poraan. Appo wifee"

Inspector: "Yow! Naidu..."

Hawkeye said...


almost forgot.. "sachindanandaa"

Hawkeye said...

/* As a girl I still have the same attitude. hoping there will be a pot of gold that just keeps giving me a salary. Does it ring a bell */

man!!!... that is my dialog! hey unfair not telling me ur name.. it does ring a bell..... but I cant find the darn chordless phone :-)

Hawkeye said...


/* Periya Thambi was also great with an all-spoof setting for mainstream tamil filmmaking */

Therupuzhuthi: "chinnathayee sagali innum ingaye thaan irukka"

Periya Thambi: "yen ponathaa veetula vechirikkiya"

much better than that

Periya thambi: Naan kaasu tareen pattanathula poi seruppu vaangi thechukko

Therupozhithi: Appadiya yen kaal size'um varanju kodunga..appo thaan seruppu vaanga mudiyum

Periya Thambi: nalla velai unakku naan underwear vaanga kaasu kodukaama irunthen.

this is a killer... ofcourse there is " periya thambi enna mirugam aakidathe"

agree with u about sekhar and his timing..sometimes he says an unconnected line just to take the flow to a separate direction crack a joke and bring the drama back on track..

i think u r right abt dialogs also i have heard "kathai thiraikathai nadagamakkam" - SvSekhar Sundaa...sometimes its "kathai thiraikathai vasanam..nadagamakkam" also by the two..i shld check 1000 udhai..

Hawkeye said...


/* kaautla 5 vilangu peru sollu" :) */

this is what.. u shld not miss the first 15 minutes... it has a even better joke

Nala Maharaja: manthiri.. orey ambil oru singathin mugathaiyumkaalaiyum kizhithu vitten

Minister: athu eppadi orey ambil mugathaiyum ..kaalayum kizhikka mudiyum

Nala Maharajah: Naan ambu vidugaiyil antha singam thaan mugathai kaalal sorinthu kondu irunthathu...

Anonymous said...

All of them Laugh-out-loud dialogues! Adding a couple of other pieces (from Periya Thambi, as u left little on 1000 udhai; sorry for the digressin :P).

One of the villagers (who is beating Periya Thambi: Aey.. Pathuppa innum adichaa ivanukku adhukkum munnaadi janmam nyabagam vanthurap poguthu..

Periya Thambi: Aa.. Aamaam.. Nyabagam Vanthiruchu.. I am Robert Clive! who is this bloody Indian?
Periya Thambi's (self-proclaimed) lover: Aiyo. Tharkolai'ya pathi mattum paesaadheenga.

Periya Thambi: Aen, unakku Tharkola'nna bhayamaa?

lover: Aamaam.. :(

Periya Thambi: Tharkolai.. Tharkolai.. Tharkolai..

Hawkeye said...


another one on periya thambi.. (only approx reproduction)

Villager: inga vettu kuthu kadathal oru aalu irukkar sonnanga..avar intha veedungla..

The girlwho loves periya thambi: Ennoda Annan thaan velilaa velaiyaa poirukku.. athaan avar peru vechu board pottirukku'la.

Villager: naana nattupuramga..ezhutha padikka theriyaathu

Girl: ezhutha padikka thaan theriyaathu ..board koodava kannuku theriyathu.

charu said...

hey, lots of nostalgia for me - have downloaded some of these plays (play sounds so out of place here - should be 'drama') from mohankumars. my personal favourite is Kaattula Mazhai - aiyya inda kattadam ennudu ! but S Ve has been losing his touch - less humour and more political and vulgar innuendos - but Crazy Mohan remains as funny as ever - genius, that man.... saaaar, first claaaass was good fun :)

tilotamma said...

You know all these plays were available online till a while ago.
many a boring hour at work found me tuning in to that site.

Meesai annallum Manavi was superb.
Hindi thinnippu - Sunday chanakya serial paatha madhiri errukku.....

harish said...

Hi Folks,
Never knew about this blog and well, seems beter late than never. I do agree with 1 of the earlier posts that the absence of Sunda willl be missed. Indeed no one could hold fort like him "chiya-ookiya..accheravacha..koova..acchakka-in chinese" (Kaathula poo) or his signing off like..."Onakku Vanakkam kooradha vidai peruvadhu JB Jb JB,.....meeoooow!!" (Kaathula poo). FYI the other actor-Viswanathan in 100 odhai, Swamiji in Thattupillai-his name is Sivasankaran-amazing actor with tremendous enthu and voice modulation. I have listened to almost all of Sekhar's and Crazy's plays. I do find that Crazy's dramas are more punchy and tend to hold ur attention for a longer time while being less vulgar. However Sekhar's old dramas deserve appreciation as they really had me in splits...mahabharathathil... (my first play and so on). Hope to hear more from you-the nagaichuvai community! Cheers

ashok said...

my fav..
scene on the firstnight...
SVS : nee romba alaga irukaa
pudhu wife (shy): poonga..summa solatheenga.
SVS: kalli..kandu poodichitiyae!

Anonymous said...

oh wow....the tambu, jillu, komli stuff is toooo funny....really bought tears to my eyes...even after i've heard it 100s of times...yep, hearing this dramas reminds me of good times!!

Anonymous said...

S V Shekher seems to be taking lot of initiative in helping people. Check out this link.

Anonymous said...

** My parents, grandmother and wife accompanied me. They created such a big fuss about me spending Rs.750 on "some comedy play" and after the drama got over they didn't say a word.**

chennai'lla ella families-um eppadi thana?

Was I needlesslessly harsh on mine ?


Anonymous said...

Have you heard katula mazhai. THat beats everything in my opinion. Even 1000 udai vangiya...

SathyaRam said...

You missed one of the best piece in that drama . 'Ivara Josiyer, Nethi Oru Marathadila Oru All kitta Enakku Eppadi Raasi nnu Kekararu'

Also when Sekar's father asks him to go for job he says 'Josiyere ithu Nyayama namma madhiri Alunga Velaikku Pogalama'

bharat said...

Great post.. Just that 1000 udhai.... was written by GopuBabu and not SVe Shekher...

Janakiraman said...

Nice post. As an ardent drama fan, I can relate to it completely. My family, friends and even (colleague) speak only in drama dialogues. It's incredible how two of us can literally bitch about a third person in front of ten people without any of them realizing it. All we have to do it to map the characters we're bitching about to a "josiyar" or "raghavendrar (detailed letter)" and so on and then discuss the relevant dialogues only. Dramas are truly amazing and give you a certain kick that no movie could ever hope to give you.

While I agree with you most of what you have said, I don't agree with Shekar getting all the credit for the same. You should NOT forget the writers. Writing good comedy scripts is close to impossible. With S.V.Shekar, he had amazing writers. Venkat is his ace writer. You can clearly see the difference when someone like Venkat writes the dialogues. It's fast, witty and most of the time unexpected and hence you laugh till you develop an ache in your tummy. Add to the aspects of S.V. Shekar that you dislike, his writers didn't get their due. Shekar's timing and dialogue delivery is truly amazing! But that's only half the job and that too the second half.

Ps: Venkat wrote his best dramas. Tathupillai, yeppovum nee raja, halwa, yaam irukka bayam yen, ellame tamash daan, adirstakaaran. All fast paced, witty and hilarious.

- Janakiraman

Chidambaram Subbiah said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful post. Even though this post was written more than a decade ago, it is still relevant as ever. I have listened to each of SVe Sekar and Crazy Mohan dramas more than a 100 times. I still listen to atleast one drama every day, which literally make my day. The way these 2 have revolutionized comedy drama culture, I doubt anyone could ever do the same, more importantly get audience like us. Some of the scenes/ situations in the dramas make me nostalgic of the 90s. Good old days.
(2 litres of petrol for ₹ 40 - Madhu Cheenu first ever)

My all time favorite dialog: "Neenda naalaga prachanai edhum vara villaye endru bus conductor matrum maanavargalai kooti nadathiya kalandhuraiaadalil (you mean discussion) maanavar oruvar conductor ai adika, all india bus strike. (Kaadhula poo)

The cause, effect and impact of this dialog is on Nolan-Tarantino Epic level.