Wednesday, May 11, 2005

University exams: Changing the Answer Papers Snafu.

This blog is regarding the news item found in The Hindu here.

We all know the drawbacks of a centralized examination system. This is a system where you have your answer sheets taken to a common place(a place where answers sheets from other colleges are sent too) and corrected by professors, from different colleges, affiliated to the same university. To protect the identity of the answer paper, dummy numbers are given and there is a database known only to certain university officials that match dummy numers to the original numbers. This system is prevalant in India from Xth grade final exams to all University level semester exams.

Ours is a corrupt country. There is no doubt about that. In any sort of administration there is corruption and this system is no different either. Do you think this dummy number crap evaluation system is safe from corruption?"There is corruption in all countries. even America is no exception" say some idiots. "Fuck you", I say to those idiots. " Worry about your own darn country", I say again. Anyway...screw these idiots. Most readers know (like they know a 50Rs can take care of traffic cop) that this happens. Why do they know it? Why do they think that even after getting a failing grade they still have a chance. Because everybody has heard at least one story in their lives on how "these things" happen. I can say with comfortable assurance ( and so can just about anybody who has finished college anywhere in India) that *** No administrator at any level that conducts any sort of exams, can claim with a straight face that there has been no dishonest/immoral act committed in his purview***. From XthStd, XII Std to Universiy exams at all levels, tampering of grades/marks/question paper/answer paper have happened and will continue to happen. I, without any measurement tools but with only intelligent conjecture, conservatively estimate that at least 5% of all results would be as a result of tampering.

So who is to blame for this? Students? Administrators? Both is a good answer. The administrators are certainly to be blamed to start with. The examination evaluation/correction system is so filled with incompetency that the students can easily come up with a justifiable argument as to why they are forced to tamper with papers. Any Judge will uphold that argument. Imagine! then, the level of incompetency among those who are in charge of evaluation. Let me tell you, the evaluation of most exam papers is so insincere so opaque that it defies all logic. When I was in college about 10 years before, I knew going into the exams that I would get 8 random scores generated in my mark sheet, a few months after the exams. Somehow for me, while the overall average-score (of the 8 subjects put together) reflected what I expected, the individual scores defied all logic. I think this was true for most students - while the average overal score reflected their ability, their individual scores had nothing in common with their performance in those exams.I remember in a paper called "Network Theory", I got 45 on 100 (which is the called the "stamp" score i.e you are stamped as pass by giving the minimum possible pass mark). In an exam called "electric circuits", people who had not answered two or three 12 point questions scored 97 and 99 out of 100. I never had that sort of luck. I only got to see the downside of this random number game. I distinctly recall doing the Network Theory exam very well and was expecting something in the high 90's. I know! I know! all students have an over inflated mental image of the performances. I had it at some point too. But the bubble was burst by the time I was in Engineering. I had no qualms in dicussing the question paper with someone after the exam was over. Infact, while many people disliked post-mortem, I wouldn't rest until I had done a comprehensive autopsy on how I did my paper. Me and my friend, lets call him logic ramani -- we would would ram the qustion paper to submission until we got a decent picture of how much we would score. I had this weird habbit. From XIIth standard, I would put an "expected score" on the top of my question paper and then after the results were announced, I would go and put the "actual score". Any decent statistician would resign from this habbit after he/she got a 20% match rate after the first two semesters. But I chugged on. Because I knew I shouldn't take the evaluation of some blind greedy idiots to be an indication of my predictive abilities. I knew that even though I was a student, I could at least evaluate something better than those buffoons who were paid to do that job.

I'll tell you what! Most of the times, I really thought that there was no correction going on at all. I used to imagine that the answer paper evaluation was done along these lines ( its a joke ofcourse but it could be true also :-) ) -- There would be a board of people in a room discussing each candidate on a case-by-case basis. When my name came up the board would discuss. "Bharath...hmm..lets se..idolizes tedulkar..runs behind aishwarya rai posters...eats too much pani puri in gangotri... pest to the teachers...studies only the day before the exam".. "what do you say Srinivasan (HOD Matheatics... go figure)"..."What do you think he should get". Then Srinivasan would rub his vazhukku mandai up and down and put the tip of his pen inside his nose and say " he is average.. give him someting around 75%". Then the convenor of the meeting would say "Kaathimuthu..(the attendant).. generate 8 numbers using the srand function so that the average score comes between 74-76". And so my answer paper was generated. So were everybody else's answer papers. "She got long legs and a sexy body..give her a 83"... "this dude wears the same shirt everyday to class ..he stinks give him a 62% with 3 arrears"... "I am planning to marry my daughter to this bloke some day.. give him an 85"..."This fellow stares at my wife in a weird way.. give him a 51% with all pass"(the worst of all decisions) After we get our results, my friend would scratch his head and say "95... in Antenna and Wave propagation...and I didn't even know there were 4 maxwell equatios.. I thought there were just 2". About 20 people in my class got a score between 81-85 in "Statistical Theory of Communication" and about 70% of those didn't expect to pass that exam.

I remember a "controller of examinations" telling my father, " your son will always say he did the exam well sir! Will I believe your son or my professor". While my dad should have said " your professor is an under-sexed lazy bastard who just wants to make a fast buck by correcting as many papers as he can ( because he is paid by the paper)", he merely said " can you please". I saw my answer paper. The SOB who was supposed to have evaluated it..did not evaluate it at all. There were some random check marks here and there and no points given for 80% of the questions. Then upon closer inspection, in a small font 4 size characters, I found a zero put under the question number of each answer. I immediately knew that this paper was found uncorrected, when I made my complaint and just to tally the score with what was reported in the answer sheet, the assoles had made an attendant write points on my answer sheet that would total to the reported score (and the answer paper would appear as "evaluated"). I was standing near that controller of examinations at that time and inspite of repeated warnings from my father to keep my mouth shut, I told him " But this paper has not been evaluated at all. None of the questions have been marked right or wrong. They have been randomy struck down". To which he replies... and this is rich.." You should focus on studying rather than blaming other people for your performances". The morons have no compunctions in dishing out moral lectures when the least they could do is shut up. The adminsitration surrouding the exams is so riddled with holes that it really has not right to give out moral lectures. Since it is also the disciplinary body, it loses all credibility, when it chastises any student for a crime (like the one in the link shown above). On seeing news reports like this, I am thinking " how many of you bufoons would get caught if I unleashed the CBI on the administration"

Next come the students. Who are also certainly culpable. Blame it on the management again to admit near-sighted ignorant bumpkins from "thookunayakampettipalayam" because they gave fat donations. In my first year, I had a classmate (whose name and village, I don't recollect..the village cannot be spotted in the India map) who did not know how to move variables either side of the "equal to" sign. Well you know.. the x + y = m - c can also be written as x = m - c - y. This dude couldn't do this. He did not know multiply became divide when it was pushed to the other side of the =. These students invariable keep two to three arrears (backlogs due to failing grades) each semester. These are the students who chase papers, who do all those immoral acts to pass the exams. The students who had 1 or 2 arrears over all were the poor ones who worried if the scores would affect their careers. They were the ones whose parents woke up at odd hours to give them Horlicks and Maltova and worried like hell until they passed. People who had 28 or 35 arrears during their 8th semester didn't care a shit, they never told their parents about their results ( one guy told his parents that the results of all 8 semesters is traditionally released after the 4 years are over.. guess what! his parents believed him) and just magically cleared all their arrears in the 8th semester. It is like they paid in bulk to clear the exams. They completed the supply-demand link in the corruption life-cycle of the examination system. Who cares whats in the answer paper? What goes into the computer is your actual score. So if the computer guy can be bribed you have nailed the system. This happens everywhere in India. The govt turns a blind eye to it. Why? because "why would I believe you instead of trusting my own professors". The students in the news item (linked above) changed the answer paper after it was submitted for centralized correction and before the identity numbers were replaced with the dummy numbers. I see my college's name has also been mentioned in the news report. What a shame? My college was a pretty reputed college and really was not known for these kind of activities, when I was a student. It was one of the best private colleges in the state (the seats would get filled up on the first session of the first day during engineering admissions). I am kind of ashamed, as an alumni, that this has happened in my college.

At least nowadays things are better. If you pay a lot ( a lot) of money you get a photocopy of your answer paper from the university legally. And for a hefty sum you can get the paper, re-totalled and re-evaluated. In my days there was no such thing. Once we submitted our answer papers, retotalling our answer paper was the only option. And if you were not in your final semester, a pre-printed "Dear John" card which has " we totalled your answer paper.. we are sorry to say that we still think you sucked badly in that exam" would be appended with your postal address and sent to you.

The only thing, that can reasonably be called a solution to this whole "evaluation" issue is that a photocopy of the answer paper should be given back to the students on the same day they write the exams ( the university makes another photo copy keeps a local copybefore it sends it for evaluation). And when the results are announced, the "evaluated" answer papers (or their copies) should be given to the students and an independent body should verify if what is being returned matches what was submitted. This should all be done free of charge instead of fleecing the students with more fees. This would also ensure that the student's paper is actually avluated instead of random number generation. Other than this, I don't see an alternate solution to this answer paper correction system. The US system of internal evaluation will not work in India. If such a system was introduced (as it has been in some colleges) then you would see students being treated as slaves by the teachers(as it is also happening in some colleges). Next thing you know -- students would buying stuff like diapers to sanitary napkins for the teachers families. The students would be terrorized and forced to wear military style unforms and probably even salute the teachers everytime they walked by. An internal evaluation system involves honesty and love for your work. Something that is certainly not found anywhere in the our educational system, where the faculty scenario is plagued by low-pay complains, lack of motivation and complete absence of any competition.


Anonymous said...

There was this subject called Engineering Mechanics 2 in 3rd sem mechanical engineering. My 3rd semester mark listing had a score of 51 in EM2. Only 5 people passed that exam in the whole college, in my batch.

Whats funny here : I was a computer science student :)

The mark that was missing was for a subject called Digital Logic Design, for which every one of us had the question paper the day before the exam. After a 2 month struggle with the controller of exams, we found out that my answer sheet was "missing" and the 51 I got in the Mech paper will be my DLD score :)

A guy I know had close to 15 "Stamps" in his engineering, that the popular joke in college was that the Postal department would come up with a Stamp with his photo on it, just to honour him:)


Arvind said... happened when u studied in college some 10yrs back and it happens still now...lazy old bastarrds..i guess one wouldnt clear engineering without such mishaps in marks and flunking for no fault of ours....

and now , with this goddamm Anna University , this whole farce called evaluation makes me has become an income generating statergy for the university...

right from my third sem with this goddamm university there is a kinda cycle happening... atleast 40%(thats around 50 students in each dept) of the batch flunks in 1 paper...and all of them apply for revaluation(400 bucks ,mind u)..some apply for even 3 or 4 papers...and around half of these guys clear during revaluation,unlike the goodold madras univ days where v get these "Dear John , No change in marks .Sorry blah blah..."

this happens a a way of life...that if u flunk,apply for revaluation and u have every chance of getting stamped...i think the word "accountability" has no meaning nowadays....who is accountable for these goddamm errors...that these errors now became a part of the evaluation system itself... stupid evil bastarrds...

and to cap it all,the marks u get after revaluation will be in "border line" and will be same for all..

obviously i am frustrated cos many a times i got to shove in their ass 400 bucks for revalution...this 400 thing has become a sort of "legal bribe" given to the university...

and it is these arsoles who complain that the standard of engineering is declining and moral policing...seriously,the past 3 yrs @ Anna university had been one helluva time for all the students...

i hope these SOBs realise all the logistical problem in managing 230 colleges and move back to the older system...high time...sigh!!

Arvind K

anantha said...

3rd sem I got 2 arrears! I think it was in Thermodynamics and Maths III and I remember having scored in the low 30s oruginally. I apped for revaluation and everyone told me that there is only a small chance that I'd clear and that two only one of the two papers and DEFINITELY not both.
I actually cleared both which became huge news in the college cos it clearing 2 papers on revaluation in the same sem was unheard of! The scores finally were in teh 40s, 46 and 49 respectively (i have a copy of the marksheets in front of me :D)
And the next sem, it was the turn of Maths IV. I "flunked" again and apped for revaluation once more, emboldened by the previous sem's experience. Till the day of the exam, my revaluation results had not come in and I had to go to the college office on the morning of the arrears exam, to find out that the revaluation results had come along with the marksheets for that day and i had not gotten thro. A friend of mine actually found his number missing on the examination room door and only then realised that he had cleared by revaluation and that too 15 mins after the exam started! And incidently almost 50 percent of my department guys (seriously almost every alternate number) flunked Maths IV in the first attempt and almost everyone, apart from the champions cleared it second time!
And then in the VIII sem, the Automobile engg exam was the last ever exam of our undergrad life and some of us (incl. me) were so burnt out (cos the others got done with exams 2 days before us Mech guys) that we decided to follow the 10 yr question paper book only! We found that 5 questions (one from each unit) had been asked in the "either/ or" format every single year and we mugged answers to just those qns. You wont believe it if I say that none of those 5 qns appeared anywhere in the papers. Was royally screwed that day, but was too burnt out to care till a day before my results were due to arrive. By then, I had started preping for the GRE, got a perfect TOEFL score and was well into CAT prep! Spent a sleepless night and another nerve wracking day till I called a friend in Trichy in the evening for him to read out my marks. It was no small joke to hold the ph while he read the marks. Automobile Engg was a elective and hence was the last mark on the mark sheet! I swear that a passerby on a cycle almost hit a cow after hearing me scream outside the STD booth opposite PSBB KK Nagar!
And this after being the fav student of the Automobile Engg Prof!
This was in Bharathidasan Univ, where traditionally students scored lesser than their Madras univ counterparts!
Long comment but ur post set me off on my own memory path...

Ram said...

Lab exams were an even bigger disaster. You had to please the stupid lab assistants and goorkas to get through. One guy got so intimidated by me, that he decided to teach me a lesson by not flunking me, but by giving me a 50-50 chance! So I guess I am a bigger fan of random numbers than dumb fools!

fieryblaster said...

I can imagine how horrible it will be to note our own answer papers which we believe framing our destiny is given a filthy treatment. Many a times I have cursed my own ineptness when I know that something wrong is happening and nothing can be done against it. Atlease we are fortunate enough to find a medium where we can burst out our feelings.

Anupadmaja said...

Wow this is one post every indian engineering student can 100% relate to. I was wondering about a solution to this problem.

Yes the photo copies idea is a good one - but hey we are a poor country. If we had such infrastructure and the money for it, there would be so many Bill Gates from india (and for those who hate Microsoft, there would be many Torvalds from india).

Then i thought ... "Why try to be too fair and be excessively unfair?" Why do we need a centralized university level evaluation system where the profs correct papers for other prof's students? Are we really gaining anything out of this so called impartial system? Why not go back to a system where a prof who takes classes also evaluates the exam papers? It seems to work well in the univs in USA and even the schools in India (until secondary school). Add the additional work of evaluating the profs from student and peer feedback so that the profs do not make you dance to their tunes. Also, have an additional screening process where a day or two is allocated to post mortem of the corrected papers by someone other than the same prof (feasible coz the work is broken in many smaller groups of students instead of the number a university has to handle). The advantages in this system:

1. Profs are more responsible. How well their class does reflects on them and their activities are constantly under evaluation.

2. Students actually benefit from the profs classes coz he/she is now more responsible. Think about how on an average many more school teachers tend to know what they are teaching and most college lecturers tend to have no clue :)

3. Marks are not random numbers (on an average). In schools (on an average), the bright dont seem to fail miserably. But i have seen some very smart people struggling to avoid arrears in college.

4. Paper evaluations are no more greedy opportunities for a stranger who is paid on an hourly basis.

5. Re-evaluating papers will follow a much simpler path - no convoluted centralized system with irritable formalities :), just get hold of your prof. He handles like 60 students and so can easily spot your paper.

and so on ...

of course this is not a perfect system. But my bet is that we atleast end up saving a lot on resources (if you think about it). Okey this system could turn out to be unfair - so whats so great about the current system. Schools seem to be consistently doing better :) It is also my opinion that in India on an average, schools are able to come out with significantly more brighter minds than colleges (i speak for engg. colleges). The distributed system seems to accomplish better ...


I too have a funny story to narrate about "random numbers":

I had this really cool guy in my engineering class. He was not even interested in passing exams. He was tortured by my dept staff and so started showing up for his exams (any jealous souls here? :))

I guess it was electric circuits exam ... he came into the exam hall. started his exam with a 2 mark question. He scribbled an answer for 4 pages for the first two mark question, got bored, submitted his paper and left the hall in an hour (see it takes time to cook up answers for 4 pages). Results were out. One person in my class was rejoicing his results and soon evey person in the class was laughing with joy :) He narrated his story and ended saying i got 7 marks in electric circuits coz i wrote a 2 mark answer for 4 pages :) Moral of the story, bull-shitting takes you a long way.

Hari said...

University exam corection (especially madras university) SUCKS !!!

Personal Experience --

I expected 40 in my Basic Eng I (or was it Eng 2) Mechanical and civil ..
And quite a resonable expectation given the fact that I had attended only for 50 marks !! and was expecting 90% in Eng Drawing !!

The results

Eng I - 56 %
Eng Drawing - 33%

Some facts that I had known through people

* There was one guy in Sthyabhama who after the end of the last exam in each semester went to Mr. Insider @ Madras University with 30K (5k for each subject) and had his random number genearted always between 80 - 85 % for all the four years

* One guy i knew gave in 2k to pass all his arrear exams for M.Sc maths (he just submitted the blank paper during the exams ..well mabe he did fill up his name and regitration no)

* If u ever wonder how your marks get generated randomly and sometimes u fail or score higher(like I used to wonder and stare @ the sky) here is what I was told ( I am not sure if it is true !)

1.The papers are corrected sometimes by School teachers (happened to our Material Course subject .. they were not able to find lecturers for the job -- 33 people failed in our class ..including me )

2. Once our own department got our papers and through some "Handwriting detection" done by the professsors, certaing people were generated random numbers betweeen 20-30

(And the professors boasted about it in class later!@#$%)

3.Once all your papers have been corrected ,and your *ACTUAL* marks submitted (NO RANDOM GENERATION !! -- yup its hard to believe but it does happen ) then the DATA ENTRY OPERATORS people @ Madras University GET to work and change the numbers ..

4. Some Lecturers/Professors use the following "APPROVED STANDARD " guidelines for correcting papers

* Your marks for the exam is directly proportinal to the no of pages written for a question (which can be increased by large fonts, double spacing between sentences) That I hope explians the Y-2-TO-7 problem !! 2 marks - 7 marks post :-)

* In rare cases, the weight of the answer sheet or the no of additional sheets written may have a HUGE impact (U can get 80% generated instantly)

* A lot of highlighting creates the impression taht you KNOW stuff and can lead to increased marks !!!

I like the grading system folowed in colleges in USA. The final grade you get is depndent not ONLY on one EXAM but divided anong your assignments, mid term, finals, projects ...

I think indian universities should also adhere to similar grading principles !!!

I am curious to know how the evaluation of papers is done @ IIT and IIM's work ....

Are they less prone to these frequent "random functions" ? :)

Anonymous said...

All the IITs and a few others like College of Engg, Guindy have internal evalns. I dont see the profs treating students as slaves in these institutions.

In most of the cases we get to see the final exam papers if we go and see the profs. The finals carry only 50% weightage anyway.

Hawkeye said...

thats the "take whatever we have or rewrite the exam" negotiation. you always take whatever they have

Hawkeye said...


u hit the nail on the head. seriously. anna university regularly fails a chunk of people knowing fully well they wud apply for retotaling. this is a new strategy to get more money for the institution. it could be obne of balagurusamy's "masterminds" again. my cousin has failed-apped-for-retotaling-and-passed 3 times in 4 semesters.

Hawkeye said...


i think by 8th sem u run out of gas you cannot really focus on learning..its a "just get it over with" scenario. i agree it is slightly difficult to get marks in madras university. But I strongly feel it shldnt be that way and most universities shld just evaluate the papaer instead of "unoffically" curving the papers to a 60-75 range. in that way madras univ is atleast okay.

Hawkeye said...


lab exams are teachers "brahma astra". they can freak out with it however they want. they can fail u anywhich way nobody cares. even ED is dicey... i know a lecturer who wud mark a student and after the student had submitted his ED paper...this lecturer would either cross out the answers in the paper or erase the answers.

Hawkeye said...


sometimes such a medium can help too.. u never know which "vice chancelllor" is googling for news on this

Hawkeye said...


yes BS can enhance the value of your answer by over 350% :-)

but in truth, we indians, are good in negotiating things that can never fall under "negotiable" categry. Allwe want is to see the person who should be negotiated with. Thats all there is toit. Once you know that if you talk toX and he can change your fate people will bribe him threaten him gift him and do all sorts of things to break him down.

Imagine a college lecturer in my days earned 6000/month. Today they may get 15000 a month. Is that enough to lead a comfortable life ? These guys are ripe to be bribed.

The moment you say that a specific prof is going to evalaute something as important as semester exams then you have cartons and carton of gifts going to his house even before the sem starts ( and believe me our guys wont even keep it subtle) and after the exams the negotiations rise up to such a point that people who dont gift are almost looked upon as out-castes

Hawkeye said...


aaah! the sathyabama factor. In my times sathyabama always got the top 2 ranks. actuallly the first ranker in my class was the actual university first. But they negotiated and boosted the marks so much that their first rank average was 91%. can you believe it??!!a 91% aggregate. sathyabama made sure that a certain set of people always got 100 in labs so that they wud stand the maxiimum chance to get university first.

and the "highlighting the answers" work. i know from personal experience. I wasnt a great student but I stilll highlighted certain parts of my answers ( sometimes even the BS parts.. ). it shows confidence :-)

Hawkeye said...

IIT are reasonably fair in evaluation. But i have heard that things like attendance get factored "unofficially" into your actual marks. for example if you dont attend classes regularly and seem tothink u are some sort of primadonna but ace the exams u may still be a 7 pointer.

Atta Girl said...

You know, you'd be better off writing a book on your random ramblings and Title it same as your blog title 'lightning....' -

If ever you do so, make sure you spend a good amount of time chosing the editor of ur book...

I see that many would hate you for your bluntness and despite that read you! and ofcourse hordes would love you too for similar reasons!

Harish said...

Brilliant man!!! :) Totally related to it!

It's been a long time since I've actually done an exam well.. So stretching my mind back to my 2nd sem, I remember walking out of the hall after writing Prog n Data Struc feeling quite pleased with myself. Result? "Stamp" :)

again for Digital Systems in 3rd sem.

I've almost resigned to fate now!

Hawkeye said...


just keep fighting fate changed from the 5th sem ..slightly upward

Atta girl,

Thanks! I am acrtually thinking about your suggestion... seriously

Atta Girl said...

...and I *seriously* suggested it!

Make sure, you send me one autographed copy ..LOL!!

(May be I can write a critique on ur book ;-)...)

Suresh Ramani said...

"arrears", "stamp", "all clear" .. its all coming back now ..

the universities in general in india are like a (the most commonly used metaphor) box of assorted chocolates, but with a caveat .. u never know which kind u will get each time, but the overall content always follows an even distribution .. and the caveat is that you can bribe to influence the individual outcomes; changing the distribution may be possible, but very difficult and rare ..

.. and btw, i am going to pretend i didnt notice the personal reference :-)

Anonymous said...

well..... nothing is going to change even if i tell ths truth ths happened in my college which is near poonamallee chennai
am a passed out student ofcourse NOW ... the reason i wnt to bring ths up is tht the way the papers r being evaluated by anna university .. the most toughest subject in ece RANDOM PROCESS everyone .. well most of them in my class failed .. some still hv tht paper .. ths incident happended in my 5th or 6th sem dnt remember one of my friend cleared tht paper .... hw thts d interesting part was the 4th sem paper on the day of xam he comes to the xam hall sits for 5 min writes a 2 mark ques and goes out of the hall .... ok i wrote the paper for almost 2 hrs ... whn d results came HE CLEARED THT PAPER I DIDNT .... "ENNA KODUMA SIR IDHU" ... THS IS A TRUE INCIDENT ... U CAN NOW THINK ABT THE CORRECTION PATTERN AND HW THEY DO IT IN THE SO CALLED ANNA UNIVERSITY ... OH MAN IT SUCKS...

the unlucky

Giggesh said...

Hi Giggesh Here
... Its a true fact that the mark evaluation with that of these univ is of a unexpected one !!! There r of many incidences during my studies(2001-2005)that People who din't even wrote 2 pages whould have cleard and that who wrote well and good whould have flunked,both wer unexpected...
There wer no stict evaluation so far, as i have seen.
And telling abt the use of beeing selecting the preferd group like ECE,MEC,EEE is of no much value in this growing IT boom , wer being an EC student like me who struggled a lot in getting thr'o all the tec papers of my dept and now beeing in SOFTWARE is of no use at all...... So people act brave according to industrial needs, in this case...JAIHIND

Anonymous said...

fucking annauniversity
3 yrs back while i am in 2nd semester ... i am writing exam , my frnd after me didnt know even a single question .. started writing wat ever he studied and mention question numbers sequentially ..he even show me the paper fully in the exam hours to me ..i saw it no answers is related to the question asked in the paper ... the discusting thing s he got 86 out of 100 (class topper for tat particular subject)

this s wat the fucking thing happenning now in annauniversity correction

Senthil said...

My bro studied well for a particular paper in his 8th sem n had written it well only to see some single digit marks in his result. Dont know what the hell is going on in the Anna University correction process.
You people start from +1 for preparin all phy,chem,math n entrance papers n pay sem fees, hostel fees, doing projects, lab works, etc etc n ended up with fail marks beccause of stupid staffs who doesnt care abt u nor the system.

These staffs think that u students dont have guts to fight for what u actually deserve. i cant imagine these kinda things in any other state like Delhi,MP or MH. i think u anna univ stud are illiterate engineers who afraid for everything eventhough u r right...God Save You

Anonymous said...

i completed my degree in 2007 but still now am having only MATH first semester paper arrear . due to that only one arrear am cant go for any one.for my job and higher studies. they don't have sense that paper is not for my percentage also. but they wont clear the paper.......what to do.Oh god give a blessing to clear that paper and to get my degree certificate as soon as possible.........with in this march month....

my suggestion .please conduct one customer relationship program to get the difficulties of students and suggestion from students and try to overcome the problems.......

Anonymous said...

the bastards are doing it again
I expected above 90% in my english and mathematics paper but they have given me just 67 and 46.

Anonymous said...

can anyone apply for revaluation in lab coz i have cleared all my subject right from the first year and now because of an idiot staff i get an arrear me out guys..............

Anonymous said...

hi every body

iam an diploma student having arrears

i got job in canada ,but i had arrears anybody know how to chase paper (anna university)to make pass marks plzzz help me guys iam very thank full to guys

Anonymous said...

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every thing is legal until you caught...this my policy ..if we have do anything illegally we must follow to anyone had hurt of my activity...

IT REBELS said...

every thing is legal until you caught...this my policy ..if we have do anything illegally we must follow to anyone had hurt of my activity...

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