Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Book Tagged

George: She has my books Jerry ... I broke up with her and I can't get those books back.
Seinfeld: So you want me to get them for you.
George: Yes!
Seinfeld: (voice raised) Have you read them?
George: well.. yes!
Seinfeld: Then.. What the hell you need em' for?
George: (defensively) Well.. they are my books.
Seinfeld: (disgusted by the whole thing) What is with people and books? They display them like they were some kind of trophies. They are just books. Once you have read them what else do you need em' for?

There is a thing going around in the blogging world. A person tags 5 other bloggers asking them what books they love to read. I dont know the exact rules of the game. Karthick Narayanan has book tagged me.

I have listed some blogs about books here, here and here. So I dont have anything better to say and improve on those. But anyway I will follow the rules. I have a list of favorite bloggers I read. But some of them I would like to credit in a different context and not under this context so I would exclude them for now until the time is ripe. I will just list books that I love. Although I quoted the Seinfeld dialog above, I do own some books but ever since I heard Seinfeld say this, I have always laughed when I see my book collection. Yes! once you have read them you really dont need them!!!!

Anywho.. My list is as follows

1) Comic Books: Tintin, Asterix, Tinkle, Champak, Amar Chitra Katha, Superman, Batman, Spiderman

2) Childrens Books: Hardy Boys, Enid Blyton, Tom Sawyer, Famous Five, Sad Sack

3) Teenage Kinda Books: James Hadley Chase, PG Wodehouse,

4) Recent Reads: Ayn Ryand- FOuntain Head, Crichton - State of Frea, Paulo Cohelo - Alchemist.

5) Non-fiction: 7 Habbits of highly effective people, Warrior Unleashed, Business at the Speed of Light, Straight from the Gut, C.K Prahalad's co-creation & strategy related stuff ( from the web... not the book)

My Favorite books:
1) Treasure Island
2) Vulture is a Patient Bird - Chase
3) Lord of the Rings - Tolkien
4) FOuntain Head
5) Anything Sherlock Holmes.

This list may not be entire reflective of what I read. But its the best I can come up with given that I am extremely busy now.

I am not sure if everybody reads this blog regularly but I book tag Ram, Anti, Vasumathi, Ram Prasad, Arvind Ganesh, Harish.

These people should list they books the like. The last 5 books they read etc.


Munimma said...

I had forgotten about the Vulture by Chase. That was a great read, can't get hold of no mo Chases. :-(
You have got me started on a hunt now.
BTW, you consider PGW teenage reads? I started then, but the saga continues...

Hawkeye said...

hi munimma,

vulture is a patient bird is the best of chase (IMHO). although "no orchids for Ms Blandish" was his most successfull book.

PGW is something that will rtemain in anyone's heart forever. I personally think I'll be re-reading jeeves when I am 80. I listed it there because I was a teenager when I started PWG.

Munimma said...

I don't remember much of the (Chase) titles I read. I remember No Orchids... I had Tiger by the tail. My bro introduced me to Chase and those were the books he reco'd.

I was J/K re PGW. Those are definitely lifetime books. BTW, recently bought a bunch of his books at Kolkata airport when (as usual) the flight was delayed. They were all seemingly Juvenile fiction (school stories), apparently some of his early works. Give me Jeeves or Psmith anytime.
Oh, if you check out my blog, I am looking for some info on a PGW title. Let me know if you know what I am talking about.

Anonymous said...

I thought most women wouldnt like Chase:-). Women were just for sex in his books. Just like the women in Bond movies.

"Vulture is a patient bird" is the best that Ive read of Chase.


The Desi Nole said...


Stop cribbing. We (me, prabhu, dushy, anand and nari ) are already planning a trip to come stay in your house. So there are more important things to crib about.

Also, not to be rude, but its Karthik (no c) and the address is

Arvind said...

Super cool! Because I do happen to frequent your blog I get tagged. Well, I've just about given up the book habit. Will see about the post. One thing's for sure, I'm not tagging anyone else :)

Arvind said...

Super cool = Super cool (NOT!)

Hawkeye said...


ya...i struggled for comin up with the list given that i had no time..but i didnt wanna break the spirit of the game.

Atta Girl said...

I don't believe this - In college, a friend of mine broke up with his girl, he too wanted his books back..but was struggling thinking, - how to not sound cheap and still get books back...tuf job, I say!

I hate lending my books man--- like a school kid, while reading, I underline in the book with colored markers and it reveals so much about me to anyone who wud read my copy....

PS: Going by your last post, looks like u'll hate meeting me -- I'm a belong to the (in)famed CBSE variety ;-)

fieryblaster said...

The idea of book tagging seems interesting. This topic sounds a good one to blog, and if time permits i wish to make that a bit lenghier post. I am not a voracious reader. But have become a great fan of PGW. Thanks for tagging me.

Ram Prasadh said...

Hey Bharath,
I am a kinda of pedantic guy but at times place my hands on books that incites interest in me.So u probably wuld have book tagged me on the presumption that am a bookish guy.One of the book that has influenzed my thuts 2 a great extent was "The magic of thinking big" by David J Schwartz.
Another one was "The Alchemist" by Paulo Cohelo.No wonder i read books that imparts positive connotations in the reader.

Harish said...

Thanks for tagging me..

But I think I'll wait till I get back to Chennai. :)

Suresh Ramani said...

.. and thats why I never finish a book ! :-)