Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Michael Jackson

Mchael Giving a Pose in the second segment of the B&W video He sat in the courtroom quiet and unemotional. He had come in 15 minutes before the verdict was due to be released. He knew walking into the courtroom that in 20 minutes, he could either be handcuffed and led to jail for 20 years or he could walk away a free man. There was no emotion in the man when the decision envelopes were handed over to the judge. His face did not reveal anything when the judge tore the envelope and started reading the verdict one by one. 10 envelopes were torn and 10 verdicts were read, this man never showed a tinge of emotion, did not speak a single word. We read about such things in books and watch stuff like this in movies. But this is real life. The prospect of facing 20 years in prison is something unimaginable to us. Us, the people who think giving answers to 3 questions in an American Consulate Visa interview or handling the stress/lunch interview for a job is handling pressure. I saw students with trembling hands take out and give their marksheets to the Visa Officer and then I saw the news report on Michael Jackson. The media people should hang their heads in shame. Most people would soil their pants if they were in a similar situation he was in. He walked in, heard the judgement and left. He was as phlegmatic as a piece of rock on the moon. He is the definition of cool. Not many will care/want to admit it, because this truth hurts their desire to mock at this man and challenges the caricature of him they have developed as a result of the false media reports. But to me he truly has gone where no man has gone before.

Michael Performing Dangerous in The Grammy's Note: This blog also Contains the Book Review of Michael Jackson: : The Magic & The Madness - J.Randy Taraborelli. A book that contains a stunning and comprehensive look at Michael Jackson's life.

After digesting just about every bit of news about MJ in the media for 15 years, I started on this book. This book put what I knew into a completely different perspective. Three things that contantly keep recurring to me while reading this book were : (a) Michael as a person and as a strategist is almost as ruthless, calculative, intelligent and ferocious as Al Pacino's character in the GodFather. This is directly related to the second reason which is (b) About 99% of what the general public knows about Michael Jackson ( also known as Makkan lal Jai Kishan in certain parts of Maharashtra and Gujarat :-) ) is false. And then (c) Michael operates at an emotional and ethical level that is slightly higher than the levels that regular human beings operate. Nevertheless, every upcoming artist, anybody who aspires for a career in the entertaintment industry must read this book. It tells you how the world works. It is an instructive guide on how to promote onself and more importantly how not to. It is a very interesting read for regular people too. To know and understand how a person from the streets of Gary Indiana made it so big is an inspiration in itself. As a disclaimer -- I am one of MJJ's biggest fans. I can rattle of the dates of his singles releases, album releases. From the fact that an artist called Casper taught MJ how to Moonwalk (Moonwalking was initially called backslide by Casper) to details regarding his current case, I have managed to absorb every little detail surrounding Michael. If you say any arbitrary line in the middle of a lyric in any Michael Jackson song, I will continue that lyric to the completion of that song and probably also say who wrote and composed the song. I have with me a scrap book collection of just about every news item about Michael that has appeared on print in India (in TN.. in Madras). I have the original release, millenium release and 25thanniversary release (which ever is applicable) for all his albums. In this blog, I will try and list the perceptions I gathered on these three broad topics from the biography of Michael Jackson. One blog cannot capture MJ entirely. But it could be a start of many other blogs to come on Michael Jackson.

Michael during the making of In-The-Closet A. The Myths and the Madness of the Fantasy World: When I think about Michael Jackson, I always think about the irony in his life. Pop Stars constantly complain about media invasion into their private lives. The problem they have is certain truths that are private to them becomes known to the entire world. While being the same in spirit, Michael's problem are entirely different. Michael created a fantasy world for himself and allowed the media into that world and made them believe that that was his private world. He created an aura for himself based on that fantasy world. The media walked into this, at first unknowingly, and then gleefully because they could make a fortune out of this concept.

Okay for starters -- Myth # 1: The Jackson 5 were not discovered by Diana Ross -- something for which she has so often been (mis)credited by the media. I mention this myth because the book and observers of Michael's history point to this myth as genesis of Michael's attitude towards the world. Michael was a boy living along with about 9 other family members in a 1 room shack. They were poor and couldn't afford decent living. His father Joeseph Jackson beat the crap out of children ("whooped us with a belt" as Michael puts it) to make them sing and get an entertainment career going. While his brothers endured the beating, Michael, it seems, was a completely different person. He resisted being beaten up by his father and sometimes even caught the whip. Even as a child of 5 he had enough spark in his voice to actually be spotted by a brute, which was his father, and made the lead singer of the Jackson brothers. Randy Taraborelli, writes a volumnious biography, that tells the story of Michael, along with the author's own career growth. It seems, when the Motown Record's chief -- Berry Gordy -- (who comes out in the book as a pretty sinister character) finally agreed to sign a Record deal (which happened after a lot of effort) with the Jackson 5, he decides to "create a story" on how the Jackson 5 were discovered. So he concocts a story where supposedly Diana Ross travels to Gary Indiana and discovers Jackson 5.

Michael with Slash during an On-Stage Performance of Black or White While this caused some awkward moments for the family to pretend accordingly, Michael was intrigued. He was not embarassed or angry or confused. He was curious. He tries finds out (from Diana Ross) as to why such a story was required and from then onwards understands the value of good publicity. Much much more Significantly, he learned the most important and long-standing lesson that he continued to use all his life. The "real" truth is not important -- what the public is told and what the public believes is the truth. Reality has no relevance.. This "Perception is reality" philosophy seems to have dictated the way Michael led his life. From then onwards during his struggle as a Jackson 5 band member, later a rising star and then as the King of Pop, he continued to use this weopon strategically. The "Michael sleeps in hypebaric chamber, Michael buys elephant man's bones" stories were carefully planted by Michael's manager, Frank Dilieo, through out the second half of the 80's as publicity stunts. This was done with the full complicity of Michael Jackson. Only in the 90's did he realize how these small games can backfire badly.

Michael Performing during the making of In-the-closet B. The Intelligent, Cold and Ruthless Career Promoter: This is the aspect of Michael, I loved so much. And this is an aspect of Michael that is unknown to the outside world. Frankly, to me, after reading this book, Michael makes Al Pacino's Godfather character a little lame. There is no doubt that Michael was a prodigy and exceptionally talented. I personally feel he was autistic. While he was talented in 1 particular dimension of life and things surrounding it, he was exceptionally naive about many other aspects of life. However, understanding talent, picking people and promoting his career was something Mike was brilliant in. While, he recognized that he was a special talent before he was ten years old, he also realized that he needed to be away from his father and brothers for him to suceed in his career. His vision was to be the most popular and successfull musician the world has ever seen. This vision, he had at a very early age. But how he got there was extra-ordinary by itself. Almost as extra-ordinary as his fall from grace. It is very intersting to see how he made moves and countermoves to extricate himself from the bond/contract his father blindly signed when they were young and naive. Every manager that he appointed and every move he made to start a solo career, change recording company from Motown to CBS and then Sony is simply mindblowing. His choice and decision making process while appointing media managers and lawyers shows some uncanny intuition. To this date (the recent Santa Barbara trial) he has continued his habit of strategically changing key people -- suddenly and out of nowhere. The people who initially thought he was eccentric in this aspect slowly started seing the genius behind his moves. Reading his biography, I believe his lawyer, John Branca, and his former publicist, Frank Dilieo, were the major people behind his atronomical financial success. He choice of appointing these two people was the first time he defied his father (who wanted to be his manager) and went professional.

Michael Jackson I loved the way he realized at an early age how stupid, rash and un-intelligent his father and brothers were. While they were happy to sign along the dotten line to get any kind of money, Michael had a broader vision. He never signed anything without consulting a lawyer. He wouldn't sign anything if he felt the deal did not have long-term value. Michael, from what I read in the book, had the intelligence/intuition to predict if a particular concept would work or not. Since his family made decisions based on votes (with his father and the 5 brothers having a vote each), most of Michaels objections would be overruled by the stupid 5-1 anti-Mike vote. None of his brothers or his father actually had the common sense to check if Michael's predictions on a particular bad deal they had signed, turned out to be true or not. While MJ's predictions were always bang on target (like doing the Jackson 5 series on CBS TV - which failed as Michael had predicted), they were busy counting the money. While Michael could refuse money that did not fall into his strategy, his brothers could not. Mainly his father could not. And they all depended on Michael's popularity to make that money. So MJ had no choice but to stratetize his exit from this pedestrian company. So he promised one last Jackson 5 reunion before going completely solo. Even when Motown Boss, Berry Gordy, held his brother Jermaine(who had become Berry's son-in-law) as a virtual hostage and blocked the re-union of Jackson 5, Michael's strategies and boldness in making an "offer he can't refuse" made the reunion possible. He, also, slowly orchestrated events and situations which would distance him from his brothers and more importantly his father so that he could focus on a solo career. Unsurprisingly, his father and brothers were completely against Mike going solo. But who could stop talent?

The high point of his character (something which may even today save him from his current financial crisis) was the way in which he learned the art of owning rights of old record labels from Paul McCartney. He learnt it from Paul and then single-mindedly hunted down ( with John Branca's help of course) the Beatles record rights and bought them. McCartney, who was an expert in exploiting other people's record labels, it seems, was pissed at this move by Michael. Paul has nobody to blame but himself. Michael, as a courtesy, gave Paul every chance to buy the rights. But the internal spat between Paul and Mrs. John Lennon was more important to Paul than retaining his own records. He has his chance and he blew it. Till date Michael owns the rights of practically all of Beatles records. Any movie or advertisement uses a beatles song, Mike gets the moolah. And so Michael exploited the Beatles record just the way Paul did to so many people. Michael's passion for music and his near ferocious ambition to succeed is also probably an intructive lesson on life to everybody. The challenges that he faced emotionally, personally and professionally is something one should understanding before really evaluating his true worth as a human being. Take this for instance -- After the Thriller recording was done, the producer, Quincy Jones, realizing that Michael is a sensitive person slowly tries to warn Michael that Thriller may not be as big as Off The Wall ( Can you imagine that :-) ??). Michael is apalled that the producer only predicts 2 Million Sales for Thriller. Michael trusts his intuition more than the experience of his producer and walks out vowing to make Thriller big. Nobody yells back at a producer in those days. We know what happened next. More important than Thriller's record breaking sales was Michael's attitude. He was quiet and unmoved when Quincy says to the media " I knew from the beginning this album is gonna be big. I knew this kid was brilliant". Needless to say the Quincy Jones was gone by the time Dangerous was released. Well! looking back thats no wonder given that Mike fired his long time manager Frank Dilieo out of nowhere too :-). He was completely ruthless when it came to his career passions.

The Sexy Cover Label of Dangerous C. Michael Vs Ethics: Many of us would probably develop an epileptic fit if we had to make a speech in front of a school assembly. Public Scrutiny is one of the toughest things in life. I know people who would avoid doing things just so that they wouldn't be exposed to critisism. Michael Jackson's life is somewhat similar to the life of Truman Burbank in the movie Truman Show. He was under the media scanner since he was 6. He lived a tough life in the show biz world, that was full of deceit, treachery and debauchery. He grew up in bedrooms where his brothers pushed him to a corner of a bed while they made-out with girl-fans in the same bed. He grew up seeing his father cheat on his mother by sleeping with Jackson 5 girl fans. Not to mention the way he was abused and beaten up by his father. All his life his main ambition had been to distance himself away from his father. In moves and sequences which would give our mega serials run for its money, while his father and brothers used his mother Katherine to make Michael perform for Jackson 5, he planned events which would make it impossible for them to persuade him anymore (even if they used his mother as a bait). Here was a son who loved his mother so much and one who didn't want to defy her but at the same time did not want to put up with the abuse of his father ( to him and to his sisters). In a evil world, lacking good role models, I still wonder how he developed any sort of ethics. Reading through his decisions, the way he behaved during family crisis and his overall attitude towards girls, convinced me even further that he is innocent of the crimes he has been charged with in the 90's and in this decade. More than that, Michael Jackson's life story has made me completely cynical and disbelieving, of anything that comes out in the Media. Sometimes there is no fire and no smoke but only a Media report saying somebody saw smoke coming out.

Michael Jackson in The-Jam single I guess I have rambled on too much. But I'll just close this blog with one parting thought. No matter what anyone says, Michael will always be one of the biggest performers on stage. He will continue to be one of the world's leading entertainers. Have this thought in mind - he made very good music, compsed music, wrote lyrics, choreographed his dance moves, coneptualized his one stage performances. He directed his life like a person would direct a movie. This is what he did to earn his money --all the above that I mentioned in the blog, were odds that he had to overcome, to do his job. Imagine that!


Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of MJ ever since my school days. His songs like "heal the world" , "bad", "speed demon" etc have been some of my favs.
Especially he was the man that made music videos extra special, so i guess he knew how to sell his music :-).
Even now at the age of 25, i like to listen to his hits.
It was great to read your thoughts on MJ. carry On .... carry on ...
- Senthil

Anonymous said...

The only inference I can draw from your blog is that MJ is intelligent and that does not give any body a right to molest young children.

If he was denied childhood for 10 years. Again that does not mean he has to ruin other children's childhood. He is 50 - he has had 30 years of childhood. He has been more than compensated.

Even the jury members have come out in open that michael has molested children at some point but in this particular case they could not find evidence.

An American jury's verdict is not above doubt. Remember OJ simpson's case.

Dude - the guy is a wierdo to infinity order. Mother earth can certainly do without him!

According to me, he epitmoises the end product of American celebrity culture. He was reason behind one of the famous jokes. Only in America, you can be a boy and grow up to be a woman!

Shall rather be,

PS: I cant believe how under the sun can somebody support MJ. Molesting young children is the most heinous crime ever.

Hawkeye said...


yup! the music videos of his, when he first started making them, coincided with the rise of a music channel called as MTV :-). his videos were the main reason MTV established their initial superiority.

Hawkeye said...


I dont want to discuss the case in details but...

The only difference between you and me is -- you have assumed he molested children. I do not. I was never god and I was never in MJs bedroom when he was "molesting children". I do not know what really happened. So I will not assume such things.

And you have contradicted yourself in your comments.

I believe /*Even the jury members have come out in open that michael has molested children */


/*An American jury's verdict is not above doubt*/

But thats not important! Your comment says to me that you trust the american media (from where you got stuff like...the wierdo..molesting children etc) more than the american jury. Which to me is puzzling. But this epitomizes the american culture too( or is it world culture) where people believe everythin thats written about in the media.

I believe in "everybody is innocent until proven guilty" theory. Thoughts and opinions are in the air. Results are cast in stone.

fieryblaster said...

I have nothing to comment about MJ. I have hatred towards more than one issue which is so deep rooted and MJ also comes under that category. Probably that may be baseless also, because i hate for the sake of hating.

But everytime I read ur lenghty posts, i could not stop admiring the indepth knowledge u have assimilated in the given topic. I wish I could also do so.

Anonymous said...


When will you believe he is guilty, when he comes out in open and agrees he has done it! That ain't going to happen as he is soulless intelligent creature. 3 kids have gone on stand saying he has molested them! If its children's word against old intelligent/ cunning man's testimony who would you believe!

Anyway, it is a trend. He seems to be hanging out only with young boys never with girls! If you love children so much, why would you differentiate between a girl and boy.

You don't need media's reports to say he is a wierdo, just look at his pictures over the past 20 years and you can see he is deeply troubled inside. To the extent he has become a threat to society.


I argue as I am just stunned that except in america everywhere else people are celebrating his acquittal. I did not except you to be one of them.

Hawkeye said...

Thanks for commenting and visiting. Before I say my comment I just wish to state that I am arguing with the comments that you have made and not against the commentator. I hope you get the point. Many people agree to disagree on a lot of things (ask my wife :-) )

To answer your question: I will believe he is guilty when it is proved on court. Because -- I have an *open mind* still. Something which I feel a lot of people stopped having since 1993.

I just got the updated edition of the biography (the first edition came in 1991)and just finished the chapter where Jodie Chandler (the first person who accused MJ in Aug 1993) was administered Sodium Amethol by his father (who was a dentist called Evan Chandler) to give statements to a psychiatrist that MJ molested him. An eye witness account clearly says MJ asking the boy in a meeting " did you say all that was written about me"..and the boy who was his long time friend looks down in shame and hides behind his father.

This jury's verdict was unanimous in this case. They followed something that the judge said " dont go by your personal feelings but just the facts of the case" . Which is what everybody else must be doing too. The jury's verdict said to the prosecutors and especially the boy's mother -- " hey you are completely sham. you were willing to tarnish your boy's life by lying that Michael slept with him. we think you are a big liar and so we dismiss all your 10 cases comprehensively".

so the first case and this one ( 2 out of 3) is a sham. this is a trend too (which is something u are refusing to see). People just want to grab MJ's money.

I hope you are doing your research before actually committing to a view/opinion. Sometimes we all tend to judge people by appearances and external factors (or mythologies take pains to ask us not to do that)

Also - You are still not getting the point - you are confusing "allegations" and "truth". Anybody can say anything. Especially when money is involved. 3 kids complaining or 30000 kids complaining does not mean anything. It actually is a bad thing if the first 10 turns out to be a sham... then a trend is set. Things have to be proved in court of law. I cant fail to understand ..that u believe some gossip section but not an actual court verdict.

Tom Sneddon, LAPD and so many rich people believe the samething you do. If the evidence is so damning and if the allegations are so obvious ( as you seem to put it). why wasn't it proved in the courts? other child molestation cases have been proved so easily ( celebrities believe the law is tilted toards the accuser). Have you read the laws surrounding it ? You dont even need hard evidence in such cases.

Wake up.. "Michael Jackson is a nice guy" is not a news anymore.. it does not sell papers " wacko jacko" sells papers. Selling papers is more important than telling the truth to anonymous.

visithra said...

You've been tagged :p

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous(1),

"Anyway, it is a trend. He seems to be hanging out only with young boys never with girls! If you love children so much, why would you differentiate between a girl and boy."

There are lot of ppl in this world who prefer more children of certain sex..Generally, women like girl kids..that doesn't mean that they are "molesting" them.

"You don't need media's reports to say he is a wierdo, just look at his pictures over the past 20 years and you can see he is deeply troubled inside."

Is it tough for you to realise that it is just a visual image that he has built for himself. As a matter of fact, there are film music directors in TamilNadu who have similar hairstyles..and I dont think that they could be called "wierdos" by any means.

As you said, I definetely agree with you on how intelligently MJ strategized his life in spite of all the odds that he faced. I think it is something from which all should learn from.

In any situation, I think there's always something good that we can learn from and it's very sad that some people dont realise that.

P.S: I somehow think that this Anonymous(1) is the same person who "couldn't appreciate" your blog on a Windy Madras day.

(and I swear that I'm not Anonymous(1)) :-)

Hawkeye said...

Anonymous 2,

With regards to this specific issue, I feel AMericans are very paranoid. As I said in India (in houses in triplicane) I know people who have grown up as part of a 5 member family in a 1 bedroom house.

This means that fathers will slep in the same room(and same bed) that their children (girls/boys) sleep in. This is okay in India. But in America this is considered weird. SLeeping in the same bed transalates to molestation and weirdness.

Which is why they have been blind and unreasonably paranoid on this issue.

visithra said...

I've always thought he was dedicated to his fans, a cunning businessman? Wow need to read that book :)

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it. I think we really need to define the term "Sleeping". Wasn't sleeping supposed to be closing your eyes and having an extended period of rest? :-) When did this translate to sex and molestation. Amrika needs to redefine terms and redefine itself BIG TIME!!!

Hawkeye said...

Also with all due respect, I have to say I dont think this anonymous is same as the one who commented on madras blog. I actually liked the way this anonymous decently and candidly put across his/her points without being offensive.

it was a nice argument btw.

Hawkeye said...

vasum athi,

thanks for your kind comments

Babs said...

This is obvious, he looks guilty, children speak only truth, evidences are clear, yet the court did not find him guilty, just one answer like Bharath pointed out "NOT GUILTY" means not enough evidence and does not mean he is rich can buy good lawyers. There are cases where lawyer wins and not the truth but this is not one of them (or atleast we dont have enough evidences to prove otherwise). Its quite simple we all know how tabloid would do anything to make MJ look weird, crazy and guilty, yet they couldn't find any evidences compelling if not the court which clearly proves he is innocent. I personally think american court of law is a very organised and unbaised of all (comparing Jury system to judge system), if they cant prove him guilty simply means he is not. Sometimes obvious is simply not enough watch '12 Angry Men" U'll know wat I'm talkin about
Just my 2 cents,

Neon said...

Bharath, that was a really good post. I've been a fan of MJ since I was 2 yrs old. Used to put on these really hard tap dance shoes and try to imitate him. Loved his songs. It's really sad to see him in so much trouble. MJ has big financial problems right now and I hope he can set things right in his life.

P.S: Love reading ur blog!

The Desi Nole said...

Dammit Bharath, I was waiting for your comments on Jackson, I knew you were a fan, since you made two posts all of a sudden, I missed your jackson post.

Hawkeye said...


reading thro the autobiography it was stunning to see how the media manipulated all of MJ's bodyguards maids etc. u wud be offered $500,000 if you could say something wierd about him. Close to a million if u cud caim that he olested children or was seen in a compromising pose. You dont need evidence to back it up. all u needed was ur name and a (media prepared) quote to be used by them.

As randy quotes in his book... the allegations came as a convenint justification of michael's undisclosed and heavily private life. He had to be weird and a pedophile image fit in very well. So he was judged and condened by the media even before the trial started.

Hawkeye said...


i used to put a towel around my black jeans and pretend that I was dancing for remember the time. I used all the doors to do "in the closet" poses.. :-) :-) I guess he does this to a person.

Hawkeye said...


ya! man.. i had a tight week and so had time only in the week end. they i saw anniyan on saturday and put the review immdly too.. so 2 posts came in the weekend

Hawkeye said...


the book is pretty good. though its volumnious..its fast moving and pretty pacy.. its really well written

Anonymous said...

Just a last point if media is biased against MJ, the man who wrote this book is biased in favor of MJ. And you being a fan of MJ would be biased too.

Shall rather be,

Suresh Ramani said...

one thing that I saw on TV comes to mind .. this was an interview of MJ's family and friends on TV .. one of MJ's relatives mentioned that we all know he is innocent and not capable of doing what has been accused of .. but, we blame him for being stupid enough to get himself into such a mess, which he could avoided esp. after the first accusation in the 90s .. which I think makes sense.


Hawkeye said...

/* Just a last point if media is biased against MJ, the man who wrote this book is biased in favor of MJ. And you being a fan of MJ would be biased too.*/

which is why we believe the jury when they say he is not guilty. you must agree that the jury aren't biased ( because as u put it..some people thought he cud have done wrong in other instances). So in fact they were if anything biased against him.

if i am an employer and you have come for a job interview.. u can say bias to a reasonable extent if I like you and I also give you the job. But if I dont like your face and still give you the job then..boy must you have real merit.

Randy taraborelli has written biographies on Sinatra, Madonna and many other celebrities. I found this book to be fair. In that he told both sides of the story in a dispassionate manner. critisized MJ (the same thing which suresh said in his comment) when it was necessary. Why he was different from the others is that he didnt blindly believe the media or go by his looks to judge him.. being in the media he was skeptical of the media too( watch news reports on this shalini -mega-serial-actress person who committed suicide last week -- to find how bad media can be)

I am his fan (which is why i put a disclaimer). But that does not mean I do not have personal ethics. If I feel sachin tendulkar plays selfishly or MJ molests children.. i will also subscribe to that view. Just that my mind is open and I dont jump to popular beliefs or conclusons that easily.

you have been believing something for so long. And you being in america and seeing american cynicism of MJ has made u think.. "well if here everybody thinks he is a peodophile what do people livin outside US know". People initially argue to find out the truth and then they argue to sustain an old opinion. Suddenly ur opinions have been challenged. you have two choices (a) see it with an open mind (b) argue to sustain an opinion.

Hawkeye said...


thats the exact point that baffles me. Apart from the bad way in which he handled these allgations and why did not complete listen to his advisors.

Lisa Mary ( an from the biography I was stunned to learn that MJ and Lisa got together becase of Physical intimacy more than any emotional cnnection.) has seen her father been hounded by the media, Liz taylor, and many other people have tried advising him to stop making a fool of himself. The author who is also frustrated just concludes that "The thing about MJ is everybody thinks they know him well..but no one knows. And Michael always does what he wants"

from what i read..a vague explanation wud be this quote.. "MJ strongly belives adults mind are corrupted and they tend to subscrbe to popular/superficial views upon reachin adulthood. children are pure and have no biases. so he wouldn't listen to other adults. This is caled michael's philosophy, which he explains to children/parents he moves with. he doesn't believe being seen around with children is wrong."

Rajesh said...

Bharath Ram,
Oh my GOD!!!I love MJ but this is one big spin. I disagree with you in two out of two issues - also the Ganguly story (for the other). But will still continue to visit. You write well