Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back to Student Life Again

And I have to tell you -- I love it. Its been a long time since I was a student and the last time I started grad school in the U.S I had to scavenge for TVs and furniture on the roads and parking lots. Not that we grad students were that bad financially. But that was the norm. I think I would have loathed to spend more than 200$ on anything furniture at that stage. This phase of student life has been interesting. In that I dont feel guilty spending money to buy some "basic furniture". I bought a dining table for the first time in my life and I have worked for N years. Why? I thought the couch was the dining table. Oh! you are asking why buy now? Because my wife tells me that sitting on the couch and watching TV is not the right way to eat. Anyway buying stuff is all a matter of perception I suppose. I could have bought a dining table and a couch while I was a student at Ohio State. If I had done so -- the feeling of being the only desi grad student to spend money on furniture would have made me guilty. I would have thought (or at least made to feel) that I was doing something unnecessary.

Now everybody around me is buying furniture. Mainly because most of us are married (you aren't exactly a spring chicken at B School are ya?) and we dont have much of a dirty lazy grad student lifestyle choice. So the last two days we have been lifting and moving stuff like crazy. The good thing about the whole B School thing is the camaraderie. We didn't care whose furniture it was we just helped everybody move everybody's stuff. I have met 4 or 5 couples so far and one of them had a U-Haul Truck on a 2 day rental. We just bought furnitures round the clock and moved them to our houses. Everybody dedicated time slots for each house and all joined in to help move furniture to that house and help with the settling in part. I have to say this was good team building kind of work and if at all you are meeting a lot of new people it is good to meet new people in this fashion. The bonds of friendship get sown pretty fast when you are doing work and helping each other out.

I love meeting new people. I have been doing that all my life. This is yet another chpater I was looking forward too. I am pretty glad to meet people form various backgrounds and cultures. One of my "co-student" (as in co-brother Ko.baradhan in Panchatantiram) had sent email to the new admit yahoo groups asking for help to move his stuff and someone actually responded. A guy joining U Mich from Indianapolis just dropped in to help us out. Among the families moving in were a couple from Karachi, Pakistan. Both husband and wife are going to B School. Ain't that cool. There is another couple doing the same thing. They helped us move and vice versa. I met a person from Croatia. I have only talked to one Croatian before. he was Goran Ivanesivic. While he never responded to my "come on! Goraaaan!" (mainly because he was on TV) this Croatian was a very nice person to talk to. It was all just too good. It was good to see all of us helping each other out in this tough settling in part. All-in-all this whole settling-in part, which could have otherwise been messy and stressfull, became a wonderful experience.

My luggage is still coming to me from different parts of the U.S. 3 boxes from Dallas, 7 from Seattle, more still to come from Dallas. My car got shipped in from Florida. I have had the car since 2001. Had named the car Lakshmi ( after the padikaathavan rajini movie). Just feels great to get it all back slowly. Although its not so great to drive around uninsured. In the luggage that came with us, we didnt have anything that could be worn around the house (rough use). All were new clothes :-). So I am roaming around the house in a dhoti. A couple who popped in for a surprise visit saw me dashing to the bedroom to change my dhoti. After much persuasion by visiting couple to come out in the dhoti itself, I shyly came out. They asked me if I had been praying :-) when in fact what I was doing was stuffing my face :-) That actually made me feel guilty. Man! so many years my mom wanted me to put on a dhoti at home and I refused to part with my torn dirty denim shorts ( I hate dhoti and my trade-mark signature shorts are in transit). Of all the places I was caught with my pants down (and the dhoti up) in Michigan.

So after 2 days of 18hr/day back breaking work, getting lost in Ann Arbor, struggling for directions at midnight, arranging stuff, I finally had a 12 hour sleep yesterday. I cooked (we finally did some India grocery shopping yesterday) drumstick sambar, beans and rice before my wife got up and surprised her with the food. Yeah.. I am on a roll! Not so much with my cooking skills. But I have a way around that. I have named my food "tasty food". Its not an adjective its a name like Pulidharai, sambar etc. So nobody can says its not tasty food because thats the name of the food - tasty food.

Now I am back in my desk and have to do pre-term assignments :-( . I have to depend upon the free computers that my leasing office provides. My laptop is here and the charger is in India :-(. So my net access has become rather limited. In the small time that I get between this whole settling down part I have to do assignments. What cracked me up was -- I have to complete an assignment where I pretend I am a high-flying CEO and I have to write a 3 hour write-like-ceo asssesment test and a 90 minute email-like-a-ceo assesment test. I am not sure about writing like a ceo, I sure can spend like one :-)


fieryblaster said...

i was expecting only this blog. great to hear abt ur life, narrated in ur own unique way. this made a perfect enjoyable reading.

Ram.C said...

Cooked before your wife got up?

Was she lucky to eat your delicious food or did you get any other feedback?

anantha said...

Lakshmi thiruppi kai maariyaacha? :)

tilotamma said...

did you say 'dresses' :-)?

Atta Girl said...

I'm missing blogging so much :-(

My laptop is arriving end of this month. I can't wait coz there is so much to write about. We just finished our orientation and it was really cool! This week we are having a workshop on leadership & teamwork!

Good to hear that someone else also invested in furniture coz even i did! Good to hear that you are settling down well!! :-)

Anonymous said...

"Dress" is a term that was used by ppl who grew up in the 80's :-) to generically refer to clothes worn by both men and women. It was not unusual "then"
:-) for someone to tell their kids (boys and girls alike)..."lets go shopping to buy dress for you both". Even, the ads those days used to say "dress material for both boys and girls".
I guess, ppl didn't focus a lot on symantics those days. No offence intended, but I see nowadays more and more ppl getting picky on the choice of words. Blame it on those who grew up in the 90's :-)

Hawkeye said...


thanks! finally got the charger . so hoping to have some internet connection.

Hawkeye said...


well i named it "tasty food" so there is really no question.

mmm.. the sambar powder is in transit too so bought MTR sambar powder. it has been more than 2 years since i cooked anything so everything was kinda rusty.

given the context i think i was forgiven for the rasam like sambar :-)

Hawkeye said...


yes lakshmi marupadiyum kai maariyathu. thank god it survived 2 years at athens without a scratch.

Hawkeye said...


at first i thought dresses did not have a plural like furniture and dresses was just dress...

then i realized that in the U.S "dress" is something thats only worn by a woman. i remember getting confused when people in MASH TV series referred to klinger as the guy who wore a dress.. i thought "hey everybody wears a dress"

in anycase i guess i tried to mean clothes

Hawkeye said...


the 80s have no respect on earth now :-). frankly i didnt get tilos comment until i saw ur comment

Senthil said...

Hey when are you gonna start writing about the application to B schools in the US ??. I'm looking forward to it.
Wish you all the best in michigan.
& Why don't u share the ceo e-mail with all of us, it might be an interesting read ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bharath,
Could you create a separate section for "Ad"s for other blogs. When i read a blog, i go to the comments section because the subject of the blog interests me. It isnt worth my time to get spammed here too.

Hawkeye said...


i dont have no control about gettin spammed :-) i can just delete em'. cant beleve they are spamming blog comment section

anantha said...

thank god it survived 2 years at athens without a scratch.

You missed mentioning another person apart from God. I think the driver during those two years really is the one who should be appreciated. And Athens is pretty rural where everyone keeps to themselves and the roads are usually good enough for the automags to come and use them for testing. So Lakshmi really had a good time I guess :)

Anonymous said...


Nandri Nandri!!!

Yeah I am glad that it survived inspite of all the columbus trips:)


anantha said...

Prabhu: My pleasure da. AFAIK, you are a good driver. I don't think we ever had any close calls. Though, that one instance when you got a ticket just after entering Ohio still makes me laugh!

tilotamma said...

well I just wanted to remind you you are in the US again, hawkeye.

I know what dresses, clothes, veshtis are thanks anonymous :-).........

Anonymous said...

I definitely do remember that:)
Sriram was doing 120 mph for about 3 hours and I remember fighting with him and getting the car after entering Ohio.

I hit 80 and the cop caught me:)

Ellam thala vidhi:)


Hawkeye said...

atta girl,

great to know you are having such a nice time. we too are having our orientation and leadership classes. we are doing some charity work in denton harbor