Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Miscellaneous Stuff

1) Somebody is forwarding the campus interviewing blog link like crazy. And all the recepients of the link email seem to have yahoo addresses. I am getting like 300 hits in a day (Thats like a blast) because of this and because of item # 2. If any of you folks are visiting this site because of the "Campus Interview" related mail that you got, please fwd that mail to me. I am really curious.

2) The listing of my "Recipe for success " (it's not a recipe really) in Desi Pundit (Thank you so much - Kaps).

3) On Music: Did not like 1 single song in Mangal Pandey. Pretty lousy. I think the title song is really good in A...Aaah. The rest of the songs suck. Gajini is above average.


anantha said...

I loved the second song too - Mayil Irahai! btw, do check out Kanda Naal Mudhal.

Hawkeye said...


i think the songs sung by ARR is like awesome. all are awesome. dil se, chale chalo, humma, a aah

that shld be an amazing CD collection in itself

Kaps said...

I wanted a catchy headline and hence zeroed in on "Recipe for success" :-)

murs4mba said...

When i read the "Campus Interview" blog i too thought of forwarding the link to my friends. But as we had completed our UG and already in S/W job, so i guessed it will be too late to send that now.
Anyways i'm waiting for your MBA blog to prop up. Guess you are going step by step (UG -> MS -> MBA).

- V.Murali

tilotamma said...

"Recipe" hmmm..........

anantha said...

ya.. ARR's voice.. that shld make a hell of a CD... open with Vellai pookal and increase in speed to end with a crescendo in this one mebbe. Shld incl. No Problem, Mustafa, Dil Se Re (hindi la) and Humma Humma for sure.

Hawkeye said...


did i make a spelling mistake

tilotamma said...

Hawkeye - I am not a nurenmberg-rosenblum type so pl. don't get paranoid.

sometimes I make completely content-free comments, the kind which I delete in my own blog incidentally :-).

such Double standards!