Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sleepless In Seattle

It's almost a crime not to use this title when you are literally sleepless in Seattle. I think the flight trip has made me slightly cranky. For the past 2 days it feels as if someone sent up a 2000W lighting bolt into my body ( "lightning strikes" and all that stuff) at exactly 5:00 AM in the morning. I get up. Finish bathing by 5:30 and start prowling around the house. Hunger seems to strike me at 6:00 AM nowadays. It is really difficult to locate food in an unknown terrain. Its 6:30 AM now ..and boy! I am really hungry. And what do you eat in such morning hours that others would consider as normal. I'd eat curd(yogurt) rice at 6:00 in the morning if thats what is available. But being married and all ..I guess there is a compulsion to merge in with society and act normal. All day yesterday, there was severe ban on blogging (and being near the system in general) because (and this is really unproven allegation)..because seems that for 3 days prior to flying out of India, I was sitting in front of the system..browsing and not helping anyone with packing. Today morning, after spending 40 agonizing minutes watching the sun rise, the fan whirr(there is no air conditioning in seattle..can you believe that) and doing nothing. I think I got even more cranky. Every 5 minutes, I have been asking my wife "are you awake yet?". After responding with a few "pleaaaase" and two "shut-up"'s, I got yelled at and driven out of the room. I think I was told "go do something!!... or whatever... but GET OUT!"

So here I am.

So whats up?

Whats up with me you ask?...Nothing much! I have spent close to 30 hours trying to spend 20 hours. Confusing isn't it? I started at 2:00AM from Chennai and landed in Seattle at around 9:00PM. It's 19 hours. But my flying time was 30 hours. Thats the key with flying against time. You start at 2:00 AM fly for 3 hours and ask the local time. Its still 2:00 AM. Okay! So you fly for another two and half hours. Ask the local time again. Its 2:30 AM. Its crazy! It makes the airplane company look bad. They are doing a lot of hardwork with constant seat-belt alerts and air-hostesses scurrying around trying to act busy. But they've just progressed 30 minutes. Waste! Waste! Waste! Listen to my idea. People spend a lot time and effort flying planes to different countries right?. What I would do (after my MBA :-) ) is that I would take the plane into space and out of earth's orbit. A vertical line, straight up. Just stay there and watch mother earth turn herself lazily around. Revolution time is 24 hours so any journey has got to be less than that. So when I see Seattle finally show up down below. I just travel back down the same vertical line and land. Voila! I am in Seattle. All I did was jump up in the sky in slow motion. No effort at all.

so now you really believe I am cranky?

Imagine this punishment. You are locked in a room. You are then asked to sit for 30 hours on a crampy uncomfotable seat. You have to sit in upright position. You can't move about. You can just sit and look straight and watch time tick away....... 30 hours. Its like sombody taking a knife slicing your brain and tearing it apart. Boredom has never been so lethal. Do not under estimate the capability of a flight journey to send you into a coma. Moreover, a darn cousin of mine made me order Lacto Asian Veggie Meal for the flight journey. Flight food sucks. What makes its even worse ( and I learned that this was possible) is experimenting. My cousin even abused me over the phone, 3 days prior to flying for not ordering that meal. So I called up Lufthansa and ordered that meal. In the Chennai-Frankfurt segment - while everybody were being served idli, vadai and pongal, We got a pasta ( a yucky one at that). In the Frankfurt-D.C sector everybody got pasta (a supposedly a good one). Pasta was the regular meal and I had ordered special meals. The air-hostess asked me if she could serve me the pasta itself. She said "your special meal will take time to come. take the pasta". I said " no I'll wait for my special meal". Thinking to myself that the special meal should certainly be better than the pasta. But what we got was some goop that was too horrible to even look at. They irony was -- after recovering from the nasuea caused by my "special meal", I went and asked the air hostess sheepishly, "Can I have that pasta". She said "all pasta over. It is a full flight".

Sevuthila irunthathai vazhichu thinnanaam

My father's mother is known for her proverbs. They survive today even if she is not around. A husband returns home from work and his wife serves him dinner. He doesn't like it. So in a fit of rage, he throws the dinner plate and the plate hits the wall smearing food all over the wall. The wife goes to bed in tears. After being angry for 4 hours, our man now is hungry. 2 hours later, he is so hungry that he decides to scrape off the food from the wall and eat it.


rekhs said...

why cant u just listen to some lovely music that can settle u when u r back in seattle?:)))))
or just dream...sleep...dream...sleep?!;)

Ram said...

Just Curious...What are you doing in a room in Seattle. I thought you were supposed to be in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

"Sevuthila irunthathai vazhichu thinnanaam"
dei ... translate da.
unlike u i have only one tamil friend and thats u :)

i am waiting :-)


Hawkeye said...


/* dream...sleep...dream...sleep */

now this has become a dream

Hawkeye said...


me in bro's house. will be goin to michigan next week

Hawkeye said...


the para after that proverb is the explanation of that proverb. it just means "he ate by scraping off food from the wall"

Ram said...

Welcome back!!!

Babs said...

Dei Bharath just a small doubt wouldn't it be easier and shorter to fly via toyko, or singapore to seattle than travel the whole world. U know via east to west coast and ofcourse you wud loose 30 hrs instead of gain :-), but considering u are just sittng in that room all day long and searching for curd rice, that loss wudn't matter wud it. Best of all taking singapore airlines is asian veg meal rocks ;-) (this is no Vegan meal crap with no milk et al)

Hawkeye said...


thanks :-) will send u my contact info via email. once i get it

Hawkeye said...


just to clarify. i am in a house in seattle. i cnat go out y room because everybody else is sleeping in the other rooms. :-)

on the ticket: a travel via pacific wud have been ideal. iw du have avoided this tortuous journey but didnt get tickets. by the time i was ripe to book..all tickets were sold out.

i especially tried to get a seat in s'pore airline..but no such luck