Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Autumn Colors

oh! btw this is more a "bitch and moan" blog than anything else. I guess B&M blogs are very useful for ventilation. There is too much talk about "strategic inflection point" going on in this part of the world. The first time I stumbled across it was in an exam question paper and I was scratching my head thinking...is it a cool way of saying - "you are screwed...man". Intel's CEO wrote a book called "Only the paranoid survive" and over there he describes strategic inflection point as one in which a person/company realizes they are getting screwed and they better get their act together.

I think the first year MBA folks are going through the same phase right now. The final exam marathon saw all kinds of drama that would put my under graduate last-minute studies to shame. I learnt a few lessons in life (which I had learnt several times before already) that a dominant position in a subject can be lost in a span of 4 hours. In no time regardless of the situation you are in, you can be reduced to rubbles and it comes down to a realization that - it is not one or two flashy performances that will get you there but consistently hittting the spot might.

I am planning on writing a book about the wide-eyed-guy trapped in bschool. In any class I have been (before here) I have taken solace from at least 2-3 dumb guys in the class. I always thought at least I won't be last in class. I have never missed the dumb guys so much like I do now. I have never said ths about any institution I have studied before but man.. this place has too many bright people around. There ought to be a law against places like this. You miss 1 point in statistics exam and 60 people are ahead of you. Everything you can think of someone has thought about it already. Every new thing you try somebody is already tired of doing it. I think Michigan has systematically made me feel inadequate about every aspect of education.

Then comes the exam break - you'd think you will have TV time and lazy-around-the-house time. No! ton load of work remains to be done. If you don't do it, somebody else has the stamina to stay up 12 hours after the exam and do it. So you drag your ass around and do it. It is a never ending thing - story of my life. Which is why I was surprised when my wife said "did you see the Fall colors". I was thinking, I have heard about them and that it was a nice concept. But before I could say anything, she dragged me out into the open for a photo session. You know what! I was surprised to see the outside so beautiful. Much better than the libraries, couches and 4 walls that I have been cooped up for the past several thousand years. The leaves change colors during Autumn and there is a wonderful park in our community which provides for a very romantic stroll. Didn't know the park existed at all. Somehow missed this inbetween demand-curves and autocorrelation. If I were a single graduate student, I might have scorned at a person who talked about Fall colors. However, walking in the park and looking at nature's beauty lying just a stone's throw away from the house made me feel that I was missing out a little on life.

(end Bitch and Moan - regular blogging continues)


Hema said...


Welcome Back. From your B&M blog, looks like you had a very tough time managing time against work. Am going through the same phase now and can understand how it feels. Hope your exams went on well.

The picture looks refreshing and nice. Am glad you noticed the beauty of autumn amidst your busy schedule.

Hoping to read something more positive soon.

Hawkeye said...

Hi hema,

thanks! sorry for not replying to your earlier comments especially the one about navarathri. my wife kept reminding me to reply.. and as days went by (postponing)..it remained unreplied.

yep! this vacation should hopefully raise spirits :-)

Anupadmaja said...

Hey Bharath,
After reading your blog, couldnt help but notice the dustbin (whatever that tin box is) in the central point of the photo. Was this photo chosen on purpose? :)

Anonymous said...

He meant "Eppadi irundha naa ippidi aagittein"


Anonymous said...

ann arbor..wow! what a place! welcome to the michigan experience :-)


Filtered Sambhar said...
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Filtered Sambhar said...

Hey hawky,

Sorry for the deleted comment, I tried to edit that but it got deleted. Me & my comp(sambhar?!) brains.

Anyway welcome bak, hope u r soukkiyam!

Probably u shd consider writting "HAWKEYE'S SNAPSHOTS FROM HELL",(or HEAVEN, i dunno wht u say?).

Get sambharred!!!
Filtered by sambhar....

Hema said...


No worries on replying. I understand your time pressure. Infact reading your blogs is a stress reliever for me and sometimes when i get some time that i can claim "exclusively" for me, i try to leave my comments on the blogs that i read. Off late i am lucky enough to get a few friends (considering how difficult it is for me to get friends, this was a great way for me to get some fresher ideas, perceptions)this way.

tilotamma said...
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Me said...

whenever i am in situations wanting to B&M i say only one thing.... "If P then Q " ... :)....one of ur best posts...i took it seriously and it has helped me a lot during tough times....