Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We have all heard Arjunan refer to Lord.Krishna as Madhusudanan. Interesting thing if you read Mahabharatha is the names that Arjunan etc use to refer to Krishna. In fact each name Arjunan calls Sri Krishna like Madhusudanan etc. depends on the context of the situation in which Arjunan talks to Lord.Sri Krishna. Each name has a meaning and subtle reasoning behind its usage. We could have thought that Madhusudanan was another name for Krishna. It is true but only sort of. The name Madhusudanan was not given to Sri Krishna because of some incident in the Mahabharatham. It comes from much before.

We have all heard about yugams. Kali yugam is an example of yugam. So how do these yugams come about. This is linked to the concept of pralayam. According to certain schools of thought Maha Vishnu at the end of a particular yugam brings about a pralayam (mass destruction). Pralayam results in complete destruction of earth and galaxy as we know it. Maha Vishnu then re-creates the earth and originates life. The first 'being', He creates from his orb is Brahma. Maha Vishnu then teaches the four vedas to Brahma, who in turn is responsible for teaching the vedas to everybody else. Brahma, it seems, develops conceit as a result of being the all-knower of the vedas. So a grand orchestration takes place to teach Brahma humility. Two Rakshas name Madhu and Kaitabha appear and steal the vedas from Brahma. Brahma loses his great posession and rushes to Vishnu for help. So Maha Vishnu takes the form of Hayagriva (haya means horse and greva means neck) kills Madhu and Kaithabhan to retrieve the vedas. Hence the name MadhuSudanan (slayer of Madhu). Legend also has it that Vishnu takes the form of Hayagriva to teach the vedas to Brahma, at the beginning of every yugam and that Hayagriva avataram precedes Matsya avatharam.

There is a Hayagreeva temple in Hajo, Assam (near Guwahati). The hill in which the temple resides is called Manikoota Parvata. This is interesting because Manikoota is a worship place for Hindus and Budhists. While Budhists regard Hayagreva as an incarnation of Budha, Hindus regard it as a variation of Nrihasimha avataram. According to this temple budha is also considered an avataram of Vishnu. There is another Hayagriva temple on the way from Madras to Srimushnam ( its a detour towards cuddalore). Hayagriva is the author of the vedas. The basis of Hinduism and the differentiator between Sanathana Dharma(Hinduism) and Budhism (Budhism rejects the vedas....sort of). The vedas is considered to have three parts or sections - Ila, Saras and Mahi. Each of the components focuses on a particular school of thought. Note the middle name of these three names Philosophers have long debated on the origin of Saraswathi as a derivative of Saras. The link between Hayagriva teaching Brahma the vedas and Brahma knowing the vedas which contains saras is an established one. The origin of Saraswathi is an interesting topic though. Something we should ponder about especially on Saraswathi Pooja.

Anyway with this post on Hayagriva, the god of knowledge and education, I take a week's break. Next week is final exam week. With 4 exams in 4 days, I think it is wise if I take a break from blogging :-)


Prabhu S said...

I have visited the Hayagriva temple in Tiruvahindrapuram, cuddalore.

Goodluck for your exams Hawkeye..hinx

Anonymous said...

Best luck for your exams!

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Anu said...

Very interesting post! Good luck for your exams.

Anonymous said...

there's one in pondicherry too

tony said...

You have pretty good posts in ur archive. The post on Salary was quite nice.
And yeah, focus is something everybody need, especially me. I have three four things in my mind all the time. I even read two books at a time, i mean open the other book after each chapter or certain breaks

Ronak Shah said...

Nice reading. Did you touch Indian mythology or cite any examples from any ancient or modern events for your application?

monk.and.monkey said...


All the best for your exams!!!.
We are eagerly expecting the posts on the following topics from you in future. (neyar viruppam :-))

1) Financing a foreign MBA (very important topic for many of us) (The Myth's & Caveat's)
2) Writing Good Application Essays & Reco's (Do's , Dont's & How to's)
3) Selecting a good fit University 4) Career prospects for an MBA (India & Abroad)

Hope you can find some free time to write on the same.

We can also try and publish the same as a book if it comes up well. What ya say? ;-)


Sandeep Purushothaman said...

I have a doubt, whom did Vishnu kill as Matsya; in Matsya Avatar?