Saturday, November 19, 2005

Can you believe this?

Look at how Ajith has morphed himself into? Man has he lost weight. Shalini looks good to.

This was on the occasion of Sivakumar's daughter's marriage.

Look at Mr.Paruthi. He has slimmed down incredibly too. Seriously.. I can't believe any of this.

Go Paruthi!!!!


Anush said...

I too was shocked when I looked at him. almost couldn't tell who he was.

sam said...

Am new to your sorry to change the subject.

This is in regards to your writeup on doing full time mba.It reminded me of a friends' plight.This guy wants to do full time mba, but is having 2nd thoughts 'coz he has no other source of income if he stops working & has a wife& a baby to take care of.
Any suggestions how he can sustain himself during the 2year course?
If u dont mind me asking, how r u planning to do it? Guess ur wife works?
Any suggestion would b valuable.

Anonymous said...

Take a full time MBA and part-time job

Hawkeye said...


will reply to this as a blog post

susubala said...

Hey..unimaginable thing about Ajith...

eppadi iruntha Ajith...ippadi aayittare !!!