Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The IIPM Controversy

So I have watched the whole controversy evolve, have its 15 minutes of fame and slowly become a 14th page news item. In the end 1 person lost his job and is being sued along with 3 others in court of law. The controversy briefly is that JAM a popular student magazine claimed that IIPM (which is a management school) is a fake institution, which claims incorrect things in its advertisement campaign. Gaurav Sabnis linked that in his blog (I am deliberately NOT linking Gaurav or IIPM in this post) and added his own comments trashing IIPM further. The concerned parties later reported that IIPM sent legal notices to them and purpotedly called up Gaurav's employer, IBM, and told them that if Gaurav didn't remove the posts[source/courtesy:anonymous commentor] they would burn IBM laptops that the university bought. Gaurav resigned in an effort to prevent his employer from beng dragged into a controversy.

The whole blogging world overwhelmingly supported Gaurav Sabnis and termed it "freedom of speech" and some also claimed IIPM's reaction a supperssion of that freedom. In my opinion this support could mean nothing(or less) if Gaurav Sabnis is really taken to court and does not have hard data.

My Opinion: I dont know anything about IIPM. In the ice-age, I paid my GRE fees through IIPM. Thats it. I have no bias for or against it. I am looking at it from a legal point of view or at least a common man's point of view. I am not a fan or hater of Gaurav either. Both IIPM and Gaurav are equal to me now. So let me analyze this using the Kuppan & Suppan example. Lets say Suppan is a Education Minister. I can critisize and make fun of Suppan's policies as a minister. I can say funny things about dress codes, syllabus etc. This is public domain. What I cannot say is that -- Suppan's sister is a prostitute or Suppan has faked his educational credentials and then claim that it is "freedom of speech". Prostitution and Falsyfying educational information are both against the law and as a citizen of India you are obligated to report such crimes to the Police. But those don't fall under Freedom of Speech. This is a technicality. If I claim such things I'd better be prepared to back it up (like show that people visited Kuppan's sister, paid her and spent the night with her, have a list of evidences and bring a college principal to say that Suppan never received a degree). Otherwise anybody can say anything and get away with it. We don't want anybody to say irresponsible things and get away with it, Do we?

If many readers think that claiming "IIPM is fake" is "freedom of speech" then lodging a case against Gaurav is also "freedom of speech". IIPM is well within its rights to slap a case on Gaurav. While I disagreed IBM being brought into the whole issue and thought it was a cheap tactic, IIPM is well within its rights to burn IBM Laptops protesting against something (Pollution control Police in Delhi might protest). Let me do role-plays to suggest strategies each might be(or should be) following. If I were IBM I would let IIPM burn the laptops. C'mon laptops cost a lot - it would have been fun to see if they had gone ahead executed the threat. If I were an IIPM student and I bought the laptops personally, I wouldn't be caught dead burning anything. Already I am facing a possibility of my college being called a fake, I don't want a burnt-out laptop to add to my agony. If I were IIPM, I would sue the hell out of Gaurav Sabnis. Seriously, if IIPM believes that Gaurav said stuff and has no hard data to back it up then he is dead meat as far as I am concerned. As IIPM, I know that it is all high and nice when you are creating sensation in a crowd. But as an individual facing lawyers, huge fine and jail sentence in a court of law you are liable to break down easily. The cheer squad won't be there. Given the way courts function it is highly probable that IIPM may win the case. Nobody paused to think that IIPM would have sound plans to back their claims up legally (even assuming Gaurav is right and they cooked it up). They have a legal cell which must be worth something. Usually putting out such advts involve N thousand disclaimers, which offer legal immunity. The N thousand loop holes in our law system allows for making false claims and getting away with it legally (this is assuming IIPM has made false claims - and as I said I believe in "NOT GUILTY until proven guilty in a court of law" ). But if I were in IIPM's shoes, I don't think I want to add to the publicity of the whole issue. Especially these kind of sensitive issues. Sometimes even if you are on the correct side negative publicity would bring you down.

But what surprises me is, Why are people so quick to assume IIPM is wrong? Maybe I dont know enough information here. I re-iterate, I dont know anything about IIPM. I have no bias for or against it. I am looking at it from a legal point of view or at least a common man's point of view. I see nothing wrong in IIPM filing a case against gaurav. I am not particularly for or against Gaurav either. I am just seeing practically what could happen from here on. If he can win the case, fine. Good for him. Good for the society. If he does not win the case (in all probability he may hire a 2Rs lawyer and IIPM will come with likes of Jethmalani), We all learn a lesson and he pays the price. Even if it wins, IIPM's poularity may take a hit because of the dirt this or any case is naturally bound to throw up. But Gaurav is gone and out. Bottomline: This is simple - With regular rights come regular responsibilities. There is no easy way if you believe IIPM is fake and you want to prove it. You have to fight the battle and back your claims. I hope for Gaurav's sake, he can put his money where his mouth is.


Anonymous said...

I had a clarification to bring forth regarding your post:
/...IIPM sent legal notices to them and purpotedly called up Gaurav's employer, IBM, and told them that if they didn't fire Gaurav they would burn IBM laptops.../
Having read Gaurav's post on the issue, IIPM's demand was that Gaurav remove all posts concerning IIPM, but not that he be fired from IBM.


Anonymous said...

IIPM acted like a coward saying they will burn IBM laptops. That sounded silly for an institute that teaches MBA. I guess thats enough details to understand the hatred against them. It clearly shows how unprofessional and stupidly emotional they acted when someone called them so.

Anonymous said...


seriyana case study

anon 3 :-)

Anonymous said...

well said ..


Anupadmaja said...

My two cents:

Gaurav did not do a propaganda saying IIPM is not trustworthy. He simply wrote what he feels about the institute in his blog area. Hence what IIPM did was an intrusion of Gaurav's freedom of speech.

Going by your logic, should hawkeye be sued coz he called Nayathara (starred in Gajini) a whore?

Anu said...

I totally agree with Anu. What Gaurav Sabnis writes in his blog is strictly his business. All he did was merely paste the link to the JAM Mag article on his blog. And Bharath, You had mentioned that any accusation must be backed by facts. The JAM Mag Article on IIPM did just that. So, in what way can Gaurav be held responsible for the accusation, when it was JAM that did all the ground work?
~The Other Anu :-)

Hawkeye said...

Both Anu's,

I thought about gaurav sabnis issue for a long time. Actually blog is now being considered some sort of a media. So there certainly needs to some sort of responsibility on the part of the author.

yes! I have done mistakes maybe i'll get away explaining "looks like a whore is not the same as claiming she is a whore" ..on the other hand maybe if nayanthra sues me i'll get hammered.

the point is Gaurav has been sued. Its now a fact. not a if/but scenario. so he has been picked to back his statements. IIPM is well within its rights to file a case. If 9and I say If) what Gaurav says is not true then it amounts to defamation. If IIPM does not sue then it implicitly accepts what gaurav is saying. So IIPM has believe its a genuine university and has to file a case.

Gaurav can write anything in his personal space. Nobody can deny that. That is true. There are other truths. Gaurav can also be sued. Gaurav can also go to jail if he does not win the case. These are also undeniable facts.

consider this. if IIPM is prevented from being sued, then anybody can put up a blog defaming anaybody. What if someone puts a blog saying bad things about you, which are untrue. What sort of legal support do you have then/ Put your self in the shoes of someone who is defamed. Approach this issue that way and tell me if you think IIPM should file a case or not?

Lastly, I read everything JAM has put out. Looks good to me. But will it look good to the courts. Thats what counts.

Hawkeye said...


I did mention that dragging IBM into this was unnecessary.

I generally disagree with employers being brought into the picture because of something an employee says outside.

People do many things in life. work is just a part of it. dragging work into all other aspects is a stupid system that must be abolished

i, for example, when a train accident happens would demand that the line man be hanged, the concerned supervisor be sentenced to jail. But I wouldn't call for the minister to resign. It is stupid and results in nothing but more accidents.

being a lineman if you know that if you screw up a minister may lose his job.. you would go for illicit liquor after 9:00 clk. If you know that you will die if a mistake happens you will be attentive.

Anonymous said...

Although the technicality in your reply to Anu sounds good, and we all know that a company has the right to sue anybody defaming their reputation, i hope you realize it is merely this technicality that is saving IIPM.

And thats exactly why i can hate IIPM and believe that their quality of education is bad. They have done it all the wrong ways but have a right rule/technicality in their hand.

I see slashdotters and other websites constantly abusing various companies and what they do. These companies have not turned out to be cry babies and IIPM clearly has. Infact i doubt IIPM case arose coz somebody owning IIPM took offense at somebody saying his degrees are not great coz he got them at his own college.

IIPM was anyway okay with such reputation. They just did not want any more people to know about it. Coz they seemed to have been happy had Gaurav just removed his post :)
Its like saying you dont tell anyone anything wrong about me and
i will do you no harm.

All these put together, majority of people are convinced that IIPM is as unprofessional as the post claims. So some of us have an eye of appreciation for Gaurav's courage. I dont know if he is good but i can appreciate his will to stand by what he believes is right, even if it means losing a career. What he did was highly impractical and i am not sure it was a whimsical decision. But that should not be used against him now to make him look like a fool.

He did it all the right way. He kept his readers aware of the happennings. He quit his job and then wrote about it in his blog. He individually exhibited more professionalism than whole of the IIPM team put together. Now thats at the least proof that Gaurav is a better leader (not perfect) than IIPM team.

Leave alone doing it, IIPM did not know how to do it right or at the least smartly. So now i am convinced that IIPM's team lacks the kind of professionalism that they claim they have.

Also, just that IIPM has not been sued. Their claims about how great their institution is has not been sued that is all. They can well be sued by public for falsifying/exaggerating what they provide. In such a test, in uncorrupted India, most institutions will fail badly.

Hawkeye said...

anonymous (who left comment #9),

wonderful comment! agree with everything you say. couldn't have put it better.

hathirpithi said...

IIPM is not the first one to sue a blogger for saying unflattering things about them. Earlier this year, the *esteemed* Bennet and Coleman group, publishers of that rag The Times of India, sued mediaah.blogspot.com for defamation. That particular blog just shut shop.

John Doe said...

I was looking forward to ur response to a comment i left in the previous post. It is important to me, Pal!
John doe

Anonymous said...

I agree that IIPM is one stupid institution and this whole situation has brought their stupidness to the fore. Let us hope that this act of theirs will make the future students think a bit more carefully when they decide to join this institute.
And regarding Nayanthara' comment, you can definitely be sued for that. ;)
I guess the freedom of speech provided by our constitution doesnt also provide the freedom to call someone names and get away with it.
So this means that we (all bloggers) should think before we ink (blog) something in future.

Arvind said...

Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

you are not a objective observer. you are totally siding with iipm, dont know why.

you article looks like having a objective view but without looking at facts.

the statement.
"IIPM is well within its rights to slap a case on Gaurav" is not even close to be correct.

iipm can sue if the facts are false. As established by many other bloggers regarding the qualifications of faculty (pony tail and his fathers bogus degrees from non existant universities) , it becomes a true fact.

there is no law against reporting truth, which is what every reporter the country does. so where is the case. it is a pure scare tactic and on proper legal gounds IIPM will bite the dust and can be procecuted for malicious case.

Hawkeye said...


u forget about psycho analyzing me and predicting whom i am siding against.. first work on developing some common sense

/* iipm can sue if the facts are false. As established by many other bloggers regarding the qualifications of faculty (pony tail and his fathers bogus degrees from non existant universities) , it becomes a true fact. */

i started laughing at this point..so u are saying of 10 bloggers write something it becomes a fact. we can retire all the judges and convert courts to retail stores. all that is not required..bloggers will take care of establishing what is true and what is not.

/*there is no law against reporting truth*/

at this point i almost fell down laughing...

dude u can assume whatever u want. i dont care a shit. but since when did bloggers become "court of law". u talk as if the "truth" has already been established.

Based on what do you say it is the "truth" because some bloggers are talking about it. learn the difference between "allegations" and "truth". what bloggers are doing is "alleging things about IIPM".. the courts will take care of the rest.

even if IIPM turns out to be doing fake claims.. ur logic leaves a lot to be desired

Hawkeye said...

/* you are not a objective observer. you are totally siding with iipm, dont know why */

IIPM is paying me a "billion zillion dollars" (austin powers style) so i am siding with them and i am jealous of gaurav sabnis thats why...

Hawkeye said...

john doe,

will reply in that blog itself

John Doe said...

Thx hawkEye, u gave me the needed adrenalin. I will surely do a 750+. Will the two yrs of MBA be any help...say in lieu of a few yrs of exp..i mean will 5 yrs exp be taken on equal weightage to 4 yrs exp + 1st MBA of 2 yrs?? just curious.. if I should put my first MBA as a means or step to a managerial job since in india we only only get a coding job after the grad??

Ranjit said...

Hawkeye, not sure whether you are aware of this, but an IIPM spokesperson issued categorical statements to the effect that the statements by Gaurav/JAM/Rashmi/Varna never affected them. Then where is the basis for a defamation lawsuit (as some lawyers have pointed out in a couple of other blogs)?

I am not sure whether the concerned JAM article was factually accurate; but the bullying scare-tactics employed by IIPM were definitely not benefiting of the institute they claim to be.

About their educational classifications..some bloggers have apparently 'established' that the institute the guy (or his dad) claims to be from was not even established at the time. This, of course, merits further investigation. Also, the IIPM homepage purportedly listed out a number of visiting faculties' names, many of whom have now publicly expressed their disassociation with the institute.

Keeping all this in mind, even assuming that there was even legalese in their advertisements/website to get away with such blatant falsehoods, a lawsuit would probably be counter-productive. Which is why most of us following this issue from the beginning believe that IIPM employed these as scare-tactics.

The larger issue, of course, is whether a blog is like a private diary I choose to share, or is a public form of media like a newspaper. Do not know whether there are any precedents for this kind of situation. Am following the situation closely.

Btw, have been reading your blog (and Gaurav's for that matter) for a lomg time, and I love your 'outspoken' views :).

Hawkeye said...


i agree with your views.

Let me apply Nash equilibrium (sort of ) to this situation. Just for the kicks

Siuation 1: In reality IIPM is guilty as charged. - In this case it is unwise for IIPM to attract more detractors. It would have been wise to keep quiet and hope the wind dies down

Situation 2: IIPM is innocent and is genuine. - Still it is appropriate for IIPM to shut up because in any situation it has more to lose. Even if it sends gaurav to the slammer it will lose patronage.

In both situations the dominant strategy for IIPM is to shut up. But it did not. Which is why in my analysis I said - "maybe IIPM thinks if its silent it implicitly accepts guilt" So it has made things interesting.

Anonymous said...

Cant agree more. One thing that i feel a lot of people missed is the students of IIPM(not those sycophants who comment in others blog to support it) who could not dream beyond IIPM.The fact is they are affected no matter whatever happens to IIPM. And the call to not join IIPM, it would be better if fellow bloggers use this whole episode to caution people abt IIPM and not say that its a bad place to be.
As per the credentials of the Chaudhary, i dont know what will happen if the same guys started thinking abt credentials of people running Engg Colleges.

Laxmi said...

You missed the whole point by nine yards to the left.

Your kuppan and suppan thing was ridiculous. Please don't try a stab at comedy; you fail utterly.

The point is not about whether IIPM is innocent or Gaurav was right.

The point is about a rich, well connected powerful corporate body trying to arm twist somebody into silence.

If IIPM had gone ahead and filed a complain at a police station for libel/slander or pursued a court case against Gaurav Sabnis, it would have been the proper way and would have NOT attracted any attention.

But the limelight is on the way IIPM handled this fiasco.

The points of Gaurav and others about Dr. Chaudari the father claiming to have a degree from Berlin School of Economics even before this school came into existence or the fact that Aridham Chaudari got his degree and fellowship from IIPM are facts.. not allegations or just libel. Verifiable facts with open-sources to back it up.

So, kindly focus just on the way IIPM conducted itself.

By the way, are you one of the new crops that have come out to support IIPM albeit in a hidden garb of objectivity?

You make a sorry figure dude. Where your loyalties lie is self-evident. Don't try to rub it off, it only makes it more colourful.

ah.. lastly, nobody ever begged you to link to either IIPM or Gaurav, so dont' make a show of not doint that. You are not Instapundit to give yourself that airs.

Hawkeye said...


you are like IIPM..abusing me because I dont agree with you.

i'll reply to you in the same vien. i dont know why you are so desparate to lick ass gaurav. maybe u have something to gain. but you are obviously not objective because i cant see where you end where gaurav begins.

the bottom line is.. if any blogger who doesnt undress himself and throws himself/herself open to supporting gaurav he is siding with IIPM. like they are doing me some favor or something. the blogging world is no different from IIPM both work on arm twisting when people don't fall in line.

Are you a Muttal? said...


wft? did you read the blog?

While I disagreed IBM being brought into the whole issue and thought it was a cheap tactic, IIPM is well within its rights to burn IBM Laptops protesting against something (Pollution control Police in Delhi might protest). Let me do role-plays to suggest strategies each might be(or should be) following. If I were IBM I would let IIPM burn the laptops. C'mon laptops cost a lot - it would have been fun to see if they had gone ahead executed the threat. If I were an IIPM student and I bought the laptops personally, I wouldn't be caught dead burning anything. Already I am facing a possibility of my college being called a fake, I don't want a burnt-out laptop to add to my agony.

Is this supporting IIPM? Where do you people come from? Did you read the comments above?

Wolvorine said...


If what you are saying is true shouldn't Gaurav Sabnis and JAM have filed a PIL against IIPM instead of writing about it in their "personal space". Don't they believe in their claims?

Doesn't Hawkeye have a right to express his views? If Gaurav Sabnis says something its freedom of speech. If somebody else says it you claim they have ulterior motives? Did you even stop to think if there is any benefit siding with IIPM? Are you that retarded?

The comment about Instapundit was cheap. Are you creating a caste system within the Blogosphere? So the all powerful Instapundit can say anything link anybody and we are too small and should shut up? This power politics is the reason why our government is so corrupt.

Deepa said...

edhayo thoduvaaney kai naaruvaaney.. this is what I feel like telling laxmi (after reading other comments berating him/her). Hawkeye, dont you know its fashionable to support Sabnis? Dont take any objective stance lest you annoy lordlabaks like laxmi.:-)
I had bloged about IIPM and its heroes recently. We have touched a somewhat similar topic and have taken a different view.

Anonymous said...

ana Deepa - laxmikku Tamil theriyama erukalamey :-)

I love hawkeye's blog for being able to talk objectively about anything.
Like anon 3 said - Sabash enthu topicku ethu seriyana case study.

The first time I chanced on this blog - I spent hours alasifying his archives


Anonymous said...

There is an assumption made that the guys at IIPM did their due diligence before they made all the tall claims, which the JAM article proved that was not the case.
case-in-point: IIPM claimed having teachers from Harvard, Columbia and Yale;

Which there was no evidence of the same or there was streching their imagination too far.

If IIPM was so confident, why have they toned the claims they make in their ads.

Ashish Singh said...

Hawkeye, you are missing the whole point! No one is sitting here in judgement that, whether IIPM is a great place to study or whatever. All this reaction on blog is against the arm twisting techniques IIPM employed. Analysis parallysis is fine but blog is more of a personal expression, if i smell a rat i have all the right to puke in public....hang me if you have to for this uncivic behaviour or slap a case against me in the court of law. Taking a tab from all the economics lingo, as a solitary blogger i am not equipped to correctly evaluate legal implications of my act, but that is not the case with IIPM, so any court of law will take that into consideration before branding Gaurav guilty of defamation. IIPM may be the best in the breed as per the ads in paper, but since i have been in the industry for 10 years i still have to come across a single known alumnus of IIPM apart from His highness Arindam. All this form a picture, and all bloggers are just describing what they see, if IIPM has a proof otherwise, let them come with an explaination or a counter claim, and all this will vanish. I never took IIPM for more than a roadside shop even while i was preparing for my MBA entrance, but this controversy has made me aware and proactive in looking into IIPM and it's set up. Next time an IIPM alumnus crosses my sight i will definately like to double check. Don't you think this awareness is a boon enough provided by bloggers.
Last question Meeting Philip Kotler, dinning with him, having a single seminar and being taught by him ..are they all same claims.....what say.....can we sue IIPM??

Anonymous said...

on what basis do you say Gaurav is "gone and out"? he wont get a job? his personal life will be shattered? he will spend half his life in court?

you are dismissing anything you disagree with using the "i am talking froim the legal POV" angle.

here are a few points you should think about -

- the notice they mailed gaurav was ridiculous. not only is it a legal notice, but if it can be proven that they did indeed send it, which is possible suing the mail header, contempt of court proceedings can be initiated against IIPM. it claims to be "judicially notarized" i.e sent or approved by a judge
- in the court of law, sabnis can claim "what blog? i dont have a blog", and iipm will have no lgeally valid way of proving the blog is his. yes, in the real world all of us know he wrote it, resigned etc etc. but in a court, the onus will be on IIPM to prove he wrote it.

ancient injun said...

The juvenile and shortsighted nature of Hawkeye's comments cannot be cloaked by his purported logic.
The biggest issues are -
1. IS THE STUFF on blogs open to interpretation as libel like other media
2. What are the ethics of IIPM threatening to bust laptops, to put pressure on an IBM employee?
The idea behind the growth of the 'www' is that it allows people to see uncensored versions of the 'facts' as seen by bloggers & newsgroup enthusiasts.If you want to see the sick side of censorship in a 'free' society, go no further than the American media. Some interesting observations :
1. There is a count of the number of American casualties in Iraq. We are fed ad-nauseam, this figure on CNN & other channels. Do you know how many IRAQI CIVILIAN casualties there were so far? - a hint, it'll be a figure more than 10 times the American casualties. Why don't the American public get to see the real picture?? CENSORSHIP
2. Why weren't Americans told that the real reason the US invaded Vietnam, was not because some kooky North Vietnamese soldiers bombed a US Navy ship...but because they were pissed off with the communist growth - censorship again

The American media pretty much shows what the government allows it to show...either thru withholding info or even by coercion
So, do you again want to end up with a sanitized version of information, where we're left with warped views of the truth? The web should be free...

maxx said...

ok i too will talk only from a legal standpoint.

can iipm sue gaurav? sure. anyone "can" sue anyone. theoretically i can create a blog in your name, post stuff defaming me. and then take you to court. heck, theoretically i can sue you even without doing anything and just cooking up charges. so your whole point about "iipm is well within its rights to sue him" is moot. anybody is within their rights to sue anybody they are pissed off with. isnt that why khushboo and suhasini are getting sued?

the point is, once they sue him, what next? for defamation, even for the case to go beyond the first hearing, a very vital thing is necessary. the plaintiff first needs to prove that whatever he finds objectionable was said at all. again, notice the legal difference here. the plaintiff has to prove it was said. he or the court cant ask the defendent "did you say this?". of course they can ask. but the defendent is well within his rights to refuse to answer, since the law allows him not to incriminate himself.

so you see the first hurdle for iipm. with khushboo, the PMK can get a mediaperson to testify what she said, or show a videotape or something. with gaurav, how will they prove it? yes, they will show that website. but again, how will they prove it was his? the indian courts cant subpeona login details from American companies, no matter what lies IIPM has written in the mail.

the case will fall at the first hurdle itself is gaurav exercises his right to remain silent.

even if we assume he somehow admits it, or IIPM somehow manage to pin the blog on him. there are several more hurdles.

firstly, in defamation laws, there is no concept of a "punitive" damage. The damage has to be compensatory. i.e the plaintiff has to demonstrate to the court how sabnis's blog caused thir reputation to be damaged, and how this damaged reputation further led to monetary loss. why 125 crores? the courts will ask. iipmn better have calculations ready. has sabnis's statement alone led to a drop in enrolment amounting to 125 crores? is there a direct link? they will have to prove it.

they will also have to prove malicious intent on gaurav's part. since he has no real benefit from IIPM suffering they will find it impossible.

then sabnis will be given a right to defend himself. under defamation laws in india, there are several exceptions. the most important one is that of public good.

so in general, even if you take a neutral point of view, your blog post leaves a lot to be desired. a complete lack of homework of the laws in question.

maxx said...

by the way, these are the grounds on which a defendent can justify what he said. he has to prove any one of the following -

-evidence falling short of justification - i.e there is not enough evidence to show that any damage was caused. if IIPM's admissions are unaffected, then this is enough.

-absence of malice - again, he had no personal interest in IIPM so why would there be malice

-apology at the earliest opportunity - technically he still hasnt been served a proper legal notice. he can indulge in a lot of guerilla warfare with IIPM by issuing a loaded apology and opening hundreds of anonymous blogs.

-retaliation by defendant, the Plaintiff being in the habit of libelling the defendant - doesnt apply

-provocation by Plaintiff - doesnt apply

-bad reputation of Plaintiff - possibl, considering Outlook retracted the ratings and issued notices to IIPM even before this scandal broke.

anbd again, if you ar holding IIPM innocent until proven guilty, even in face of all the tell-tale signs, just because there is no "legal" evidence, apply the same metric to gaurav. assume him innocent of having posted that blog at all until it can be legally proven. as i said it is the first hurdle, so why jump to conclusions, since you are playing so safe anyway?

oh and you are so BIG, not linking Gaurav or IIPM in this post. Yours would definitely have been a significant contribution in their google-page-rank improvement quests after hundreds of blogs have linked to them. SCORE!!

ancient injun said...

i admire your knowledge. Good stuff.Are you a legal eagle? OR a normal eagle with deep interest in legal stuff

Anonymous said...

ancient injun,

you dont lick ass max. I think you are an idiot. Both your comments here and the the MBA post shows you are a big idiot. Good that hawks called you on the MBA thing.

ancient injun said...

well anony'mouse',
you know thats why i loooov the web. You can't do shit (if you do , pls get some toilet paper), if i write something thats contrary to your limited perspective.
Its a compliment that you've taken the pains to read thru my MBA comments ( hey neutral dudes, pls check it out). It goes to show you troubled you are when faced with a viewpoint contrary to yours.
keep ranting anony'mouse' ( friend of 'hogg'eye, i presume )

'victory shall be mine'

Ashok said...

My dig at IIPM ads. And my unbiased valuation of the episode.

IIPM fan said...

yes yes arindham sir ki jai ho....
i heard that he is also launching a company that is gonna take care of the government... somehow arindham sir (ugly pony tailed chap) feels that he can also dream beyond the entire country....

i am pround of such people like arindham sir... who with there marketing skills can get the chicken to hatch the eggs...

arindham sir ki jai...
arindham sir ki jai...

arindham sir.... will you marry me ???