Friday, December 02, 2005

Middle finger - Joke of the year

"Showing middle finger is not part of Indian culture"

This was said by some BCCI dude. Does the kolkata crowd or the Indian media deserve anything better than the middle finger.

I think these fools have been used to cricketers meekly taking abuse and cant stand someone with the spunk to show the middle finger.

Indian cricket media is the most parochial, boring and nonsensical in the cricket media world. About 10 times worse than English media. And Kolkata doesnt deserve to watch cricket let alone stage a game in the future.


Anonymous said...


first this....

2. hav u seen the kolkata match ?

they gave a standing ovation when rahul dravid came to bat.

3. "I think these fools have been used to cricketers meekly taking abuse "..

Cricket is more than religion in india. i think being an indian i need not tell u how much passionate people are about cricket. show me one fan who didn't behave foolishly ?....even we ... opening internet explorer regularly and clicking on refresh screen to keep track of score during working hours is equally foolish if we realise the fact that we r inside corporate environment and need to stick to certain usage policies of the companies which we are working for. how many of us be strict and not open cricket sites inside our company ? ... if we cannot be strict in this aspect we have no right to comment on the folishness of some of the crazy mob out there.

most of the time fans are driven by passion than brains bharath.
do u think if all of them had brains we will still be in this state of hipocracy.

reg. media... they are just selling news... which are as hot as mallika sherawats pics in their front pages.

reg. BCCI ... these people are looking only at money. the more thay get the better they can. used crooked tactics of selecting ganguly for test matches just to sell tickets for kolkata match.

I dont see fairness and objectiveness anywhere....not just the cricket mediaand BCCI but with any other thing....

Hawkeye said...

/* most of the time fans are driven by passion than brains bharath. */

this is a generalization. i am sorry i completely disagree with this. passion doesnt automatically exclude brain. and this assumption is what i am directly objecting to.

anyway one of my work places displayed scores on their own intranet and the other really didnt care what i did as long as work got done and looking at scores was pretty legal.

Anonymous said...

but i remember u only told one person got screwed in his company because he was caught following the cricket scores may be at client place :-) . i dont know.

i used "most of the time " and what i mean is some point of time or other passion starts dominating the brain and people start lossing out there logical thinking just like kolkata fans have done ... like not cheering for india but cheering for south africa more in that one dayer.,,, we can take this as sportiveness too , but most people took it the other way ... aren't we ???

Deepa said...

You said it right. Amen to that!