Monday, January 23, 2006

Hajmola Candy

Remember the advertisement.

The sweet little kid in dormitory, hiding under the bed trying to get away from the warden. He is busted and he comes from underneath the bed and says "hajmola candy sir".

I just learned that the sweet little kid is one of the 1st year MBAs going to school with me for the past 6 months.


Furthermore, he has acted in some bollywood movies and some TV soaps too. Then there is another girl who has acted in "Kal ho Na ho". She is also a first year. I must've been living under a rock. I dont know my batch mates.


I have to tell you this. There is something with me and fringe movie actors. First there was this guy who played a pivotal (extremely crucial) role in "poove poochudava". A performance that left an "indelible" "mark" on Nadhiya ( A separate blog on this later). Then the future-to-be-paruthiveeran (He is no fringe actor btw. we are all rooting for him to become the next biggest thing since kothu barotta). Now this.

Anyway. I will now go back to hiding. I know not when I shall return.


hamsini said...

Man!!!I'd give anything to pinch that Hajmola kid's cheeks!!! I suppose that can be arranged????;)

anantha said...

Now I am trying to recollect Poove Poochooda va completely. Wasn't that the movie with the X-ray glasses from Philadelphia (or somewhere) gag?

Anupadmaja said...

Anti's intentions seem to be clear :)

anantha said...

Anu: Ya, that was a hilarious joke. S.Ve.Shekar's expressions were priceless. But what I am doubtful was whether it was "Philadephia" or am I just thinking it is Philadelphia cos I lived around there for months last year.

The Desi Nole said...

Damn you guys, all I remembered was the song and now the jokes are slowly starting to trickle back to memory. I really need to see that movie again.

hamsini said...

FYI: You have been mentioned in the latest post on blog!

hams said...

Grrr..on my blog I meant