Sunday, January 08, 2006

IndieBloggies Vote

Voting for IndieBloggie of the year has begun.

I cant believe I've been blogging for such a long time. Initially started writing to distract myself from work/apps and other related stuff. I was pleasantly surprised that so many people have taken to my writing. That I have been nominated for Best indian blogger of the year only means that my English composition teacher was wrong.

I feel kind of silly asking other people to vote for me. I can't believe how our Lok Sabha folks do this for a living. Since I am writing just to satisfy my needs, I don't think I can bring myself to alter my style to suit popular interests. If you feel you share my sensibilities, go vote..whatever. Or vote for a person whom you like the most. Follow the link to register your vote.

Like many other bschool bloggers who have shut down shop for a while, I expect to to be very busy in the next month or so and this blog may not be updated regularly.

This blog has been an interesting tool, making the world smaller and smaller. I wanted to finish writing application essay strategies, I regret not doing that before Round - II application deadlines. I apologize to those readers and I wish you all the best in your application process.


Akash S said...

You rock dude! I came here because Gaurav mentioned you. I came here to kick your ass.

Buit you are nothing what I thought you to be. Thankfully I came with an open mind.

I disagree with your views on crystal. But I still like your stuff man. Greatbong and Gaurav are just wrong dude. They cant stand somebody disagreeing with them. You are right. They are so insecure. Nobody has to always agree.

This i scratch you back. you scratch mine is pathetic. I at least didnt expect Gaurav to play games like a cheap politician by stereo typing. I am dissapointed.

Hawkeye said...

okay! ladies and gentlemen.

No more comments on the old topics please. consider this post a "mangalam" post. Its not worth anybody's time. I may not be reading comments regularly. But this time i'll delete all abusive comments.

The Lone Gujju said...

i laughed my ass off when they called you a prude. i guess nobody read your older posts.

you know as well as I do that you wont get the award. but you'r no frank burns craving for the purple heart maan. you're the rebel. so screw the awards.

carry on hawkeye.

'sanctimo...' my ass..u blind fools. read before you leap.

tilotamma said...

nalla case study ezhudinathunala vanda vennai :-).

Rajesh said...

Typical Tamil Bhramin. Lacking killer instinct. No wonder the Dravidian rule still dominates Tamilnadu inspite of talent in abundance. I voted for you and urge you to canvas with sincerity, if you really care.C'mon You are doing MBA man.

Anupadmaja said...

Just my opinion:

"Typical Tamil Bhramin. Lacking killer instinct."

Sounds like Rajesh is a Typical too! Stating an opinion about a person based on his religion to provoke the instinct of a killer (i think killer instinct is a different thing).

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

I'll vote! :)

Hema said...


Would be a sin not to vote for you after being inspired by so many of your blogs.

I should admit one of your blogs on time management and "there is no better time than now" to do all the things that matters to me was a great kick on my back to wake up and do those that i really really aspired to do.

Many thanks for writing stuff that inspires a whole lot of people around the world.

I look forward to your blogs after your well deserved break to concentrate on your essays. All the best in everything you do

Rajesh said...

did not intend any harm.
If you visit some of the other nominees, you will see that they have canvassed for themselves. There is nothing to be ashamed of here. Hawk eye is a fantastic blog. He should be proud of it. That was my point. I just wished that he asked for vote with more indulgence. That, to me reminds the political status of Bhramins in TN. Oru aadhangam dhan. Where else to vent it out.

ranju said...


Which are the GMAT books you used?

Anupadmaja said...

Hey Rajesh,
I got your point about canvassing without feeling small. Just that leaving religion/personal judgement out of an argument, makes the argument stronger. I expect that an MBA also teaches putting forth arguments wihtout expressing personal bias. I too did not intend any harm. Looks like you do get it :)

Rajesh said...

Ah! leaving out caste based comments will make it bland. But took the liberty of mentioning it because I am one too. No one can sue me for that. :-)

Anonymous said...


Although i do get pissed off with some of your blogs. i couldnt stop reading your blogs some of them or real funny and outrageous, some of them get to my nerves and some of them are informative,I dont blog roll much but do read yours regularly, needless to say i had to vote for you... Good luck...

monk.and.monkey said...
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Anonymous said...

You got my vote.

- Mugilan.

monk.and.monkey said...


You cud not have found a worst time to publish the post on crystalblur :)
Having said tht, i was happy to vote for u and also did so.

One shud not be concerned abt wht other people think or feel. Blogs r meant to be written for expressing one's own opinions and hence shud not be tailored to satisfy the popular public opinion (for winning awards etc). Your posts never do tht (play safe & popular).

It was also funny to see people call u a PRUDE which u r very much not. I guess they missed ur previous posts on "moral policing" and others. Though i dont share the exact views as yours on those issues, i can clearly see u r not one who is a PRUDE.

Anyways, keep on blogging and enlightening us :)



Eagerly waiting for ur posts on "MBA Application Essays" and other advice

Hawkeye said...


see my gMAT blog. i think i listed the books there.

Dilip said...


Based on your interest in Visistadvaita (which happens to be one of my interests too), I sent you an email at hawkeyeview AT gmail DOT com. I have no idea if that is your regular email. Check it out. Feel free to respond back to me at rdilipk AT gmail DOT com.