Sunday, February 26, 2006

7 X 7 Tags

I usually am very reluctant to respond to tags. But This one was irresistable.

7 things I wish to do before I die

1 Watch a Michael jackson Concert
2 Read all 4 vedas
3 Write a Book
4 Become a Politician (Chief Minister of TN to be precise)
5 Do Something to improve/market/improve-tourism Temples of South India.
6 Live over 100 years. (I try to login-messenger/walk-in when people talk about me)
7 Make a mainstream commercial Tamil movie (With item dance et all)

7 things I do not enjoy doing:

1 Listening to some parents talking about acheivements of their kids. (No matter what it is I dont think too much of it. And Some parents have even praised the smooth way in which their kids soiled the diaper)
2 Do my stuff myself (Like wash my own coffee cup, plate)
3 Hard Work
4 Worrying about uncertainities (It doesnt stop me from being paranoid)
5 Being Politically correct - Make small talk just for the sake of it - Adjust to Society.
6 Play any form of Antakshari
7 Search for a job

7 things that Attracted Me to Blogging

1. Ekta Mehra was the first blog I read.
2. Voyeurism
3. I like Writing
4. I am a rabble rouser. This is a good way to rouse... rabble
5. Keep in Touch with other people
6. This ventilates my frustrations in life.
7. Good Timepass

7 things I say most often

1. Enna Nakkala (are u kidding)
2. Podalanga (Its a vegetable - but i use it when i want to say 'bull shit')
3. Narayana
4. Elai
5. Pullai ( i call my wife/mom/girl-cousins this way)
6. Ammmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaa ( The movie Anjali's lifelong impact on me - I say this the way Anjali says it when she comes back home and calls Revathi from her bed). - It freaks out a lot of people when i suddenly say it. My wife took a long time to adjust to this.
7. Dude ... Okie Dok..wokaaay

7 Books I like

1. The Vulture is a Patient bird - J.H. Chase
2. LOTR - Tolkien
3. Tintin - Herge
4. Vaishnavism - Srinivasa Char
5. Superman - D.C Comics
6. Treasure Island - R.L. Stevenson
7. Bachelor of Arts - R.K.Narayan
( PGW, Crichton, Catch-22, MASH and Ian Fleming are already in my user profile)

7 Movies I want to watch again:

1. Anjali ( I celeberate September 18 even today :-) )
2. Fight Club
3. Pulp Fiction
4. Any Sivaji Movie - Big Fan - Karnan - specifically
5 Michael Madana Kamarajan
6 Thillu Mullu
7 Any K.Balachandar Movie - Moondru Mudichu - specifically
(Memento is already in my user profile)

7 pieces of Music I enjoy

1 William Tell Symphony
2 Somewhere in The World - BoneyM ( Daddy Cool or Sunny would do too)
3 Thirupaavai - MLV.
4 Who is It? Michael jackson
5 Andhi Mazhai Pozhigirathu - Raaja Parvai ( The way the song starts.. oooh!)
6 Ilarayaraja Songs from the 70s/80s
7 Aap Jaisa Koi - Qurbani (The Julie Dil Kya Kare Instant Karma Remix was like a close second)
("money for nothing" "cats in the cradle" kind of stuff were left out because I didnt have time to pick 7 properly)


thennavan said...

Good list. A lot of stuff that I can call my own too (the Vaishnavisms, Thamizh cinema stuff etc.). Major point of difference - I LUV to play AntAkshari :-)

Hawkeye said...

welcome thennavan. nice to have u here.

u know antakshari can be cured :-)

thennavan said...

So can the need to watch MJ ;-)

anush said...

it would be cliche to say that almost all of your "likes" are exactly the same as mine :) ethanai peru daa kalambi irukkeenga indha madri tamizh padam edukkarennu?

anantha said...

I celeberate September 18 even today :-)

Annanum thambiyum ore kuttai la oorina mattais pola :p

Anonymous said...

Anti ....Daiiii.. Mavaney :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to put my name:)


Anonymous said...

Aahsum blog... have seen it linked on Ekkys site and always wanted to drop in and chk out but dunno why i never did... considering there are way too many similarities between us...she introduced me to blogging too (thankfully my online personality died a quick death) and i am tam too...

abs loved this post...Pullai was too cute ;-) and Raja rocks...its a pity though that Yuvan calls himself Ilaya Isaignani... more later.. havta run... but I'll be back !!!

- Jupe

Sowmya said...

Thanks for posting the tag! Enjoyed reading it.
Become a Politician (Chief Minister of TN to be precise)
-south madras constituency'la ninna engal vottu ungalukke :)

Casement said...

A funny thought occured to me while reading your '7 things to do...', would you cast MJ in your item dance number?!

Sowmya said...

@casement - that was very funny! ROTFL!

Hawkeye said...


dont worry! only 10% of those who have started end up in kodambakkam and only 1% of those will actuallly do a movie.

so our actual competition maybe less ;-)

Hawkeye said...


ya its a family disease. if any of ur siblings were a rajini fan..i'd understand.

Hawkeye said...


good answer :-) but then need to MJ is kind of in the haemoglobin. not curable.

Hawkeye said...


regular visitor to ur blog too. welcome back dude!

yuvan is good in patches but not as consistent.

Hawkeye said...


thanks.. i will put a special pumpset for your house.

Hawkeye said...

casement (and sowmya),

yaar da anga...dei muthu...edra aruvaalai.. peter mottai.. pudingada avala!

thennavan said...

Bharath, these days they do gene splicing and modification (genetic engineering-la) and you are talking about just blood components. Don't worry, where I work, "aaLaiye maaththidalaam" (Thillu Mullu Gundu Kalyaanam solra maadhiri) :-)

Anonymous said...

Just curious..

What's the significance of Sept 18th..?

Hawkeye said...

sept 18th is when anjali was born (she "died" same day too)

Murali said...

1 Watch a Michael jackson Concert

Hope you fulfilled this one, otherwise, sorry, it is too late.

ashwin said...

Hawkeye i am a fan of ur writing, and the series where "Hawkeye" comes from, being following ur writing for few years now,good stuff mate keep it going.


ashwin said...

and to add to my prev post, i did spread bout ur good writing to number of my friends,(u can delete this after reading :))

Kaushik said...

Your about me/blog is a kind of idea I've copied onto my blog. Acknowledged you for that. Thanks. Have also referred to you in the context of hypocrisy, I hope you don't mind.
And not sure if it is relevant/needed, wanted to apologise for a not-so-pleasant reference to you in one of my much-much-earlier posts. I'm much less childish now, and also somewhat understand what you were trying to say in that post on LKS' blog, so kindly adjust. :D
Oh and before you say anything, I'm also from PSBB, so... :D

Kaushik (TG)

Kaushik said...

Shucks, just realized I have a PSBB-related post in my blog's front page. If, in the unlikely case that you are going to look through any of my posts, ignore this one, illena naan kizhinjen. :D
Also, it's ok if you don't publish my comment(s), I was basically looking for a way to communicate with you, didn't know your email id, so commented.

Kaber Vasuki said...

ada namma baalu! enna baalu?

basket baalu?

*serichutu* veladatha baalu.

veladathanda baalu.


Sometime on Lollu Sabha.

Sir, MJ sethutaara. Anjali paapaum sethudhutu. Anjali paapavaa naducha antha ponnu periya ponnu aanadhum attu figura irruku. Fight Club paathu paathu salichudhutu. Aana unga blog beesha irruku. Apparama medhuva varen. Ippo veera vetti activities pannanum.

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mostlymisfit said...

Ha ha ha. I love how you list "voyeurism" as one of the reasons for blogging. I realised that once I started reading blogs, I was surprised at how interested I was in the personal lives of people I didn't even know. :P That was a sad revelation for me. :D