Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Ross School of business is holding a moustache contest (Do see the photos). This is really interesting. 2 weeks before - I suddenly began to see 2nd year MBA men sporting beards. I was thinking - "Is there a razor paucity going on?" Suddenly the beards were gone and the stache was bared. This contest is for a good cause.

There are several categories for this contest.

1) Average Joes
2) Cavemen
3) Far East
4) Pre-Pubescents
5) Stragglers

Given Tamil Nadu's obsession for staches, I imagined how this contest might have gone up a notch - if Head Constable Kandasami, Sub-Inspector Duraisingam, Veerapandi Kattabomman, Kalla Patti Singaram had jumped into the contest. Kamal Hassan in his classic movie Virumaandi here and here sports one of the best staches I have seen in the movies. Ofcourse the crown ought to go to Sivaji Ganesan (see photo) for this.

P.S: I saw Bride and Prejudice today ( Not the Kiera Knightly one - this is the ugly Bollywood movie). This is probably the worst adaptation of the novel ever. My extreme love has changed to complete hatred for Aishwarya Rai. She cannot (cannot) act at all. And my long-held-theory that songs in movies suck is so so true. They suck.


thennavan said...

So when do we get to see you with the stache?


tilotamma said...

How could G.Chadda make Bend it and follow it uo with this?

What's cooking and Bhajji on the beach were good too.

Let's see what Ash does in Mistress os Spices?

Anupadmaja said...

Ha ha!

You know Bharath, you did not have to specify Sivaji Ganesan again. I mean you did mention Veerapandiya Kattabomman already :)

cerisecarnations said...

you realised now that ash cant act...well the worlds best job for her wax doll at madam tussads museum.they simply went with the trouble to make one for her..they should have put her there instead

Anuj said...

Awesome pics :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Hawk,
Stumbled into your blog accidentally a few backs and have since read very alphabet on your page! - do I need to say that I like your writing style?!..humourous nostalgia - thats perhaps the closest I can get to express how I feel when I read your lines...

Now - a question for you - Any insider dope on the 1 year MBA program by Kelloggs?? - Pros & Cons - ( yenna Cons! - shall walk all the way to the institute of they gimme an admit!) Profiles of folks ( desis!) who have made it?..I have read their website story.

The.Grey.One said...

Check out the movie "Raincoat". I guess it was (& is) the only movie in which Aish acts (& looks) ok.

hamsini said...

Damn, I was hoping you had entered the mustache contest!!!

OH yeah and has it become a fashion to hate Aishwarya Rai?? Everybody seems to be in the she's-plastic mode of late!I don't care, I've never really liked her in any case.

Hawkeye said...


i have had a crush on her since u probably were a 5 year old.

so it was inevitable that the decade and a half love affair had to end. either she's old or i have become old. and I think its her.

boy! long distance relationships are tough!

there was a category for creepiest stache' maybe i cud have done somthing there. everytime i tried to sport what i called a stache - my friends fell down laughing.