Sunday, March 26, 2006

Well if you want Nudity in Chennai

Well if thought you have heard it all - wait till you hear this. The students of Government Arts and Crafts college in Chennai have a curious problem. They want chics to undress for them. If you are thinking "Every guy is trying to use some pick up line to get some chic or the other to undress for him. So whats new here?"
But who would have thought of using the "its for educational purposes" line to get this done. It seems the only model who would pose for them is an old 45 year old. They want a younger nudist so that they can develop their "educational" pursuits.

Unless we get younger models, mastering portraits and
painting becomes difficult for us," complained Saravanan

Now come on! dude! You got to be kidding me.

Now if you are thinking "Where was this college when I was finishing up high school" - just look at the last 2 paras in this article. ( If it takes you to the wrong article - just see the right pane )

P.S: Ofcourse I am not politically correct and am insensitive. What did you expect?

PS2: The article is reproduced here.

CHENNAI, March 27: It’s a bare problem that has not been addressed for long. The students of the Government College of Arts and Crafts, Chennai have been demanding younger female models who would pose in the nude for their art classes.

However, college authorities have not succeeded in replacing a 45-plus year old model who has become a fixture on the campus in Egmore for more than two decades.

"Our problem is this. We are so used to the anatomy of the elderly model that we do not find variety, which is the lifeline of an artist. Unless we get younger models, mastering portraits and painting becomes difficult for us," complained Saravanan, a third year student of painting. Students find it odd that they have to study the same anatomy year after year.

The model is old and her’s is an "out of shape" anatomy, which does not bring out the feminine beauty, said Sargunan, a fellow student adding that it affected creativity in art.

"We need normal anatomy for our study but the college authorities are not able to pay the young models who charge a heavy fee per session. On some occasions, they managed to get amateurs who could not pose in a particular posture for a session. Mid-way through, they would change the posture affecting our concentration," pointed out Saravanan.

Fresh models, who would have the patience for the job are difficult to find. A model has to pose in a particular posture at least for three hours at a stretch. "To that extent, our elderly model has been very cooperative. She knows the job well and even if she takes a tea break during a session, she would come back and sit in the same posture as was directed," said Madan.

There is also so much inhibition about posing in the nude that not many were willing to come forward to present themselves as an living object of study for the arts students.

There is another model related problem at the college. Male models are equally in demand among the students of painting. "In the absence of professional models, we hire rooms and pose in the nude for our classmates to study our skull form," said Saravanan.

Professors acknowledged that the problem with nudity was an old one. Funds crunch and lack of professional models were the stumbling blocks they said.

New Ind Press


cerisecarnations said...

i still dont understand why people need to paint nude forms.Maybe they have their reasons.However to find models for this form of art in India if not impossible is very difficult.For years indians have been instructed on importance of decent dressing..however the remix video babes and actresses r a far cry from the normal indian woman in terms of dressing.Maybe the school should approach some of these remix actresses...since clothese for them have been reduced to the level of accessories.

R said...

Sounds more like an excuse for... well... you know what. :P

tilotamma said...

Such an interesting problem!

Hawkeye said...


Vijendra Rao said...

Just posted an essay from my book on You and your fellow bloggers may be interested in reading it.
I visited your blog just now and easily deduced that you sound like the Krishna of the Gita.
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Vijendra Rao

hawkeye said...


wil said...

::: ""***very intresting***"" :::

wil said...

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When Anna Elisa Fattori comes to work the first thing she does is to take off her clothes, all of them. Anna Elisa is a professional nude model working at Rome's art academy

“It is a tough job! It doesn't seem to be but you know, try it! Put yourself in front of the mirror and then stay for a long time in a pose. You start: Oh my back, oh something is strange here. It is not easy,” Anna says.

She is one of about 300 people in Italy who do this. But only about 50 of them have full time contracts. They recently went on strike demanding a full time pay for a work they say not everyone can do.

"It is not easy because you are naked, so you have to be very comfortable with your body and have a nice relation with everybody but be neither too open nor too close,” Elisa adds.

Italy's renaissance art is filled with naked men and women. Back then though artists mostly used prostitutes and lovers as models and muses. It was often done with the complicity of priests who wanted the walls of churches painted by famous artists.

But art modeling was not a profession during Renaissance, and by most accounts art didn't really suffer.

Anonymous said...

These students are completely right. Most of the forms rendered by artist for either commercial or even artistic purposes are of fit young well-shaped bodies.

Its more rare and the exception to draw out of shape bodies of older or fat people. It is still done but not as common as drawing fit bodies. So the students are missing out on a valuable learning experience at least a couple of younger fit models.