Friday, March 31, 2006

More Media Bashing

A follow-up to the previous post.

Although, I am quoting someone from Cricket/Bollywood, which I hate to do (but I may do it again), here are some excerpts from Amir Khan's interview to Tehelka. It precisely echoes what I tried to say in the previous blog post and I couldn't resist posting some of the contents here. If Tendulkar, Amitabh choose to talk to the media they'd probably say something similar. In my opinion, the media has prostituted itself to earn quick bucks. In a Michael Jackson post, I wrote a year before, I bashed the western media for essentially making up stories on their own. Apparently, my backyard isnt clean. The Times of India & NDTV will do anything, go any distance, tell lies to earn a few bucks.
Strange and unimportant stories are constantly making headlines. Only things which are sensational or cater to very base emotions of people are headline news. I realise TV channels are sprouting every day and there’s a lot of competition to grab viewership. Similarly with newspapers. As a result they are stooping to the lowest levels to try and get readership or viewership which actually translates into money. So at the end of the day because they want more ads they are destroying what is a very important part of society and that is news reporting. The nation and society at large have a right to know what is happening in the country and in the right manner and right perspective. The kind of news making headlines today — earlier they used to be tidbits or one page which was meant to be entertaining, or half a page — not even one page. But now that’s the main news and stories of farmers dying or something equally important that affects our lives or affects the lives of a lot of people are being pushed to small, unimportant sections of the paper. I find this very damaging and alarming.
And he goes on to echo my view that Times of India is a wannabe Penthouse Mag.

Newspapers like The Times of India were printing false news about me during the marriage. This is supposed to be one of the most prestigious newspapers in the country. None of the others are far behind. All the leading newspapers today are only interested in printing photographs of naked women in at least five pages of the publication — that’s what it’s come down to as far as I can see — on a daily basis (laughing) — not a one-off, on a daily basis.

The stupid Breaking news that NDTV provides and other trash it does.

You have background music now in news channels, they have scores to illustrate or emphasise or create the mood or emotion behind a flood or earthquake. They have background music for Chrissakes! It’s shocking. Next you’ll have dialogue writers and special effects! What is left ya. (laughs) At least Doordarshan is calming. In an unemotional way, they tell you the news. People are not shouting da da da — “Breaking News! Guess what’s happening!” No dramatics, no theatrics, no deep sighs, no wiping of tears and no background music!

When NDTV started out, it was certainly a channel I respected, and it was trying to do different work. I have high regard for Prannoy and his team. However, over the years and recent months, I find it is slipping very badly and I’m sorry to say that, but the fact of the matter is that it is slipping

And his 2 instances on media giving out false information makes even that Raj Singh DUrgapur believable. I cant believe the media cashed in on Bombay Floods too. Its like our politicians using earthquake money for their personal use. The Media is no different

There are so many. The Hindustan Times twice printed the completely false news that that I was married to Preity Zinta! There were three or four interviews that I had not given that came out in Asian Age! Channel 7 once telecast an interview with me that was not with me at all. This was around the time that the Salman Khan tapes had been made public. Some channel asked me to react. I gave a live byte on air. Suddenly my sister called from Bangalore saying, are you talking to Channel 7 because they have a picture of you doing a telephonic interview but it’s not your voice. I’m your sister, I know. I had done no telephonic interview so there was an interview going on with someone who claimed he was Aamir Khan!

During the Bombay floods, the first time it was pretty bad. But a few days later there was rain again. Now, I live in Bombay, the second time it rained there wasn’t that kind of floods. I drove my car along the highway and I went to various places and in fact Bombay was not locked on that day. But the national news was propagating that it was. And they were showing footage of the earlier flood and not even calling it file footage.

You can Find the full interview here.


Anonymous said...

Well its so true how NDTV is becoming a lousier channel day after day. In the first place news is not updated as frequently as it needs to be but when they need to cover Lakme Fashion Week amazing updates appear. Star News is another channel i abhor for the goofed up presentations and masala stuff they are on look out to cover.

Rishi Agarwal said...

One more channnel which is worse than NDTV and Star news is Zee news.

Just today , there was a BREAKING NEWS on Zee News " Aishwarya is not well - She is suffering from throat infection !!! "

anyways, NDTV used to be gud earlier, but now that channel sucks too. Compared to all these , i think DD News channel is a much better option .

Nilu said...

Question - what does an MBA course have to do with 'aym-gramd'?

Anonymous said...

nilu - what does your question have to do with anything here?

Anupadmaja said...

Ummm ... I agree that the media is bad. They make Aishwarya's throat infection a big issue.

But how does that explain why the edition of the magazine with info about the unfortunate throat infection shows a statistical shoot in highest sales that year :)

Disclaimer: Dont come back to me with real numbers and say i was wrong. You are supposed to get the point when a truth is hidden in sarcasm.

Hawkeye said...


i never really understood what aym grand meant?

Hawkeye said...


porn sells. that does not cause the entry age for porn movies to be reduced to 14.

Ulaga Medhavi said...

intha loose Nilu kelvi kekka aramichittan. Mavana bharatho ..unnakkum puke fest thaan

cerisecarnations said...

man this is so true hawkeye.I am glad you awrote about they gave just two mins for an IIM A news and gave like half an hr for cricket.I knw cricket is important .but it is a sport and not national crisis.the other day they had this 1 hr special program on punar janam or reincarnation.madness.

I said...

Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in the news media- Thoman Jefferson.

Sun or Jaya News is at least genuinely funny, while lying.

Anupadmaja said...

Exactly. Since getting porn into the media is tougher, throat infections find a place.

"The people" time and again prove that trash is what they enjoy and will be compelled to buy. Media is not a non-profit organization.

I think it takes self control from the people and responsibility from the media to get it right. It is not fair to expect only one side to be giving. Yeah but we live in a real world where fair is stupid. So yes, media alone sucks.

Hawkeye said...


see by deafult it is assumed that people want unlimited gold import export..capability to smuggle.. have underage sex workers.... polygamy etc. but in reality all those aren't catered to.

but you are right! in the end.. review of media is like reviewing a movie ..if you get what u want u are happy otherwise u arent happy. people who want crap from NDTV are happy. people who dont want crap ..bitch and moan.