Saturday, April 29, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • Saw Pretty Woman - I liked the fact that this movie had a happy ending. I am not a sucker for happy endings. I usually am pretty cynical of happy endings but this one, though fake, was good.
  • I don't remember being excited about a movie release for a very long time. No it is not Superman Returns (btw I am excited about that too) . Vettaiyadu Velaiyadu is one movie I am very excited about. Reading Sudhish Kamath's interview of Gautham got me all excited. I think Gautham is one of the promising new directors in the horizon. Gautham directing Kamal Hassan is as big as Manirathnam directing Kamal.
  • I just realized that I can name all the James Bond movies released so far along with the year of their release. I am not sure if I should be proud or sad of that fact.
  • Come to think of it, the more I think about Kamal Hassan movies the more I admire his brilliance as - not only an actor - but as a comprehensive movie maker. I don't think there is a person in India who understands movies as well as he does. I am tempted to say it is a pity he happened to be born in Tamil Nadu - oh! I just said it.
  • Well on further thought about the Gautham interview - I think if there is a job of a person in the blogosphere, I envy the most it is Sudhish Kamath. Would you believe he was a first bencher? I still remember and laugh at the comedy duo he formed with another specimen called Seju Sebastian.
  • Seeing Season 5 DVD of Seinfeld. I highly recommend purchasing Seinfeld DVDs. Especially watch the "Inside Look" sections of the DVD. Larry Vs George special was simply excellent.
  • Saw Chinna Veedu in Raj TV archives yesterday . I thought this movie was awesome. The scene were Bhagyaraj copulates with his wife (and later claims to have done the "sacrifice" out of "pity") is probably one of the best scenes I have seen in movies. Couldn't help laughing throughout the movie. What a commentary on post-married life in India? Bhagyaraj is an excellent narrator. Especially the scenes where Kovai Sarala cries when Kalpana gets her periods. Really hilarious.
  • I lost my marriage DVD. I lost my house keys.
  • There was a cricket match between MBA1 & MBA2 today. I opened the batting in the 5th ball of the first over, the ball hit my leg and the forward-short-leggish-midwicket caught it appealed and the umpire (who was my team) gave me out. I have never lost my temper like this in a long time. I threw choiciest expletives at the umpire and threw my bat on the ground. Strangely enough the opposition captain had withdrawn the appeal and called me back and the umpire had withdrawn his verdict. I had not seen all this and continued with the expletives. The funny thing is I wasn't embarassed when I realized I had been recalled.
  • This is the second time in my life, I have taken guard as a striker when I opened. And I always open.
  • I have lost all my cricketing skills. I kept swinging across the line like a joker and kept missing the ball. If somebody had blind folded me and sent me to a pitch 2-3 years before, I would have done better. I somehow find my sudden and complete incompetence very sexy. I laugh at it heartily. I dont know why.
  • I got out for 2 runs. Run out. Asked the non-striker to run based on my calling on not on my false-starts. Completely ignored that when I was the non-striker.
  • We won.
  • I would like Jayalalitha to win the TN elections. I know, I am crazy but I think she is one of the best CMs in India. Not that there is any logic to it but I have a feeling the other CMs are that retarded (ofcourse! I can't name a single CM in India outside of TN).
  • 6 years before, I ate egg plant(brinjal) that had rotted (become spoilt). Thats because I didn't know how to spot the difference. Today afternoon I think I ate rasam that was spoilt. It smelled funny. In the night I poured rasam on my plate and I could smell something really funny. I poured it out and it really stank. I guess in 6 years I have improved my olfactory senses.
  • I slept 20 out of the 24 hours on saturday.


Anu said...

Gautam Menon seemed pretty sensible on TV when they aired the music release function of VV on Sun TV on Thamizh New Year's day. His speech was short and to the point. Same with Sujatha and Kamal. The other dorks like Parthiban, Chimp (Simbu) etc. were rambling on topics that weren't related in any way to the movie. I'm excited about the movie too.

Babs said...

machi do u remember the time when we played cricket with your tennis racket adj to the chruch or behind Immanuel's house (his Dad a vet) in t'veli some weeknds and you take oc gajju all the time. After which we wud go to ur place for some masala dosai or bread bonda (man Aunty was expert in that).

I jus got reminded of those good'ol days when mentioned about ur oc gajju doing ur MBA ;-)

Casement said...

Your wife must be outta town! Your blog is more thanr regular, you're playing cricket, sleeping 20 hours and eating spoilt rasam!!! I cant be more sure...:))

Hawkeye said...


(back to replying for comments for last 3 blogs)

I, unfortunately, could not log on to tamil grounds and see that program. But I think this movie should be impressive.

Hawkeye said...


I will never forget the empty ground behind immanuels house. The freakin bala boke an old lady's head... wait a minute i'll blog about it :-)

Hawkeye said...


you are spot on. pondatti in india. bored, depressed and slipping into decadence.

Anonymous said...


You slept 20 out of 24 Hrs on Saturday, but you dont have the time to call one of your old friends at OSU who mailed you a couple of months ago :(((

Just Kiddin Dude!! Nice Post I enjoyed it....

- Anonymous

cerisecarnations said...

how can anyone sleep 20 out of 24 hrs ?i mean how many days did you go without sleeping before that ?is it just you or does B school do that to ppl?

Hema said...

Didnt you feel hungry sleeping 20 off 24 hours :)...

I am glad atleast one person whom i have read(cant say seen isnt) accepts he is depressed becoz his wife is in India....Good...:) I shall ask my hubby to read this

Anonymous said...

Yeah, "Chinna Veedu" is funny. "Mundhanai Mudichu" (check out Urvashi's tiffs with her parents in the film; hilarious!) is very funny too.
There is no direct equivalent of the Bhagyaraj brand of humour (I should include only a select few of his films) in the contemporary scene (including himself).

Anonymous said...

remember sundara kandam the movie?
bagyaraj asks his wife to sing for him on their first night
and his wife who was raised in a christian orphanage after much cajoling and coaxing goes 'devane devane' in a monotonous abaswaram sing song tone...

I know it doesnt sound close to being funny but you got to watch it

sebia said...

nice ramblings...
unlike u..i always go for happy much pain in real life..why not bask in lil wrld of make belief fr a lil while...atleast in reel life..
im a complete movie buff i must say..will dig in ur archieves,,to fnd more..but i never saw any movie frm south..heard they are good..
im also a true blue fan of james bond..for me pierce brosnon is the height of grace and looks:p..sean connery,roggermoore were good also..but isnt he the best(u might like to kill me after reading this statement..cuz all sean connery fans..i bump in to..usually after moi head:0
and sebia:)

Suderman said...

even now im frontbencher machaan... in the movie theatre... :)

hamsini said...

is your wife out of town??

Hawkeye said...


:-) wait i'll tl vasanth ma'm.


not anymore. i am out of to to along withy ife

Dolphin said...

i am came to u'r blog looking for hair saloons in bangalore....can u imagine that..... =)
u had a post way back in 2004....

anyway..nice blog...