Friday, May 12, 2006

And The Vidiya Moonji Moodhevi Award goes to

Deivayani... (for being the ugliest and the most despicable actress to appear on TV/silver screen)

I am also searching for that female dubbing artist who gives her "voice" to Kushboo, Simran and almost all the mega serial heroines.... I'll send a black mamba up her throat.


S m i t h a said...

"black mamba up her throat" ...LOLOL, too funny!

Sowmya said...

paavam, that one woman is keeping so many ppls career going....

I said...

I thot it can't get worse than Radhika.


Devayani - Jeyageetha (UGHHH)
Khushboo- Anuradha (Kaaari Thoo..)
simran,jyothika - Savitha (konji konji.. yuck)
sneha - renuka

*wait let me wash my hands, now that i have typed all the above dubbing voices' names*

They are terrible, sick and kojnify like anything

Hawkeye said...


the double voice sends a mamba up our spine, so mite as well return the favor.

Hawkeye said...


and many people's headache/puke also :-)

Hawkeye said...


unfortunately radhika had a better cine life. deivayani cant even claim that

Hawkeye said...


thanks fr the list. i thought simran and kushboo had the same "dubber". isnt anuradha the person who gave nagma a horrible voice in citizen?

ashwins said...


A black mamba up her throat?!!! Man I cant stop laughing allnight making my wife give suspicious looks at me!!! haha

Raghu said...

ROFL....let us get the 10 deadly snakes from Austin Stevens show on AP....and shove them up their throats...vetti podanum....!!

I got teary-eyed with yr best BR...nadathu...nadathu !!