Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Queasy Similie

Lock a man in an air-tight chamber. Its a glass chamber and you can see him from outside. You can control the oxygen supply from outside. Instead of oxygen you suddenly send in fart. You send in the most offensive gases into the chamber. Like the smell of dried old eggs kept in an old shoe for 20 years. You see the man struggle, hold his breath and later give up (because after a while he is holding the offensive odor inside). He pushes against the door of the chamber, pleading to be let out. You wait for 3 more minutes, watch him press against the door in a pleading way, and then suddenly open the door.

He runs out of the gas chamber like vehicles in india would shoot of their mark once the signal turns from red to green.

P.S: Gas-Chamber Man says: "Ban the similie. I find the comparison offensive".


Rohit said...

I present to you the award for best non chinese torcher till date :P

Hawkeye said...


it is apparently happening in all the traffic signals. otherwise i dont see a reason why people run away from the signals like that.

Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Awesome, simply brilliant comparison, hawkeye!! Send in fart!! LOL