Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I noticed these pearls of wisdom :-) given by my ex-H.O.D in an interview with "The Hindu".

P.S: There is a photo in the article for the benefit of my undergrad mates, who, I am sure, miss seeing their beloved HOD. He is especially dear to one undergrad friend, whose 2-wheeler happened to get stuck under the HOD's car.


Anonymous said...

ada machi namma Ponnavaiko illa Ponna-psycho daaa. I still remember clearly how he scolded one our mates from the hostel for burning the matteress (bon fire ;-), in 3rd year. He was in the enquiry committee. Picture this our mate walks in for his interrogation in blue mechanics lab uniform with grease all over his hands n face, these were his first words "Nee enna solla porey Peekali payele", that was classic. I wouldn't have dreamt of such words in my wildest of dreams...lol

- Memory Lane

Ranjit Nair said...

"Initially, the term `computer' referred to an automatic calculator. Later computers were used for information processing. Still later, the development of Internet and communication technologies led to a new dimension of computer technology.

Hence, the computer world wanted to use the term `Information Technology' in place of the `computer or computing' itself."

Ha ha! What pearls of wisdom! I can picture the man from just these words - I bet he was one helluva ignominious, sanctimonious pain-in-the-neck.

Btw, what the heck does 'peekali' mean (I am non-Tamilian, but do speak the language).

Anonymous said...

I dont know wat it means but it sounded friggin phunny then, even now. It might be Telugu for all we know, it could be synonym to dirt, flith, etc etc..not sure sorry

- ML

Anonymous said...

Hey, Nee Hindu interview link kudukka mattum daan kuduppiya? Naan amcha, reply kuda panna mattendra! (you have something called a hotmail account, for which I've heard the whole world has the passoword, atha check pannu).


Hawkeye said...


he was leaving college in a fit of anger. a TVS50 was blocking his car. he just reversed on. drove on top of the TVS50, damaged it and then went home. the owner of the tvs50 went to his home and demanded compensation. he had to give 2000RS grudgingly.

Hawkeye said...


ya! i think what ML said is right - 'peekali' means filth or dirt.

Hawkeye said...


i dont checjk my hotmail at all. its given up account. send a mail to hawkeyeview@gmail.com and i'll reply from the account i check.