Sunday, June 04, 2006

It happened to me - I

Incident from good old school days.

I had just moved from SBOA CBSE school to SBOA Matriculation school. The primary difference in the uniform between the two schools was that the Matriculation school required boys' shirts to have a airforce uniform like flap thing on the shoulder. My father had a low opinion on the school administration and thought that requiring a flap was unnecessary drama/extravaganza on part of the school and refused to buy nw shirts. He sent me to school in my CBSE uniform itself.

After the school assembly got over, we made a line to walk back to class and the P.T (Physical Training) teacher stood in the corridor as the line of students walked passed him. He inspected us to check if our uniforms were in order. I was pulled aside for wearing a shirt without a flap.

30 minutes later.

After being made to stand in the sun for 30 minutes with a group of 20 other offenders the P.T sir started asking us one-by-one - the reason for defaulting. P.T sir was a complete illitrate like all P.T Sirs were required to be. And my turn came.

P.T Sir: Where is your floff (The correct P.T Sir pronunciation for flap)
( I hear floff as flat and am surprised that he knows I live in a flat)
Me: T.Nagar sir (Short for Thayagaraya Nagar)
P.T Sir: how dare you talk to me like this..slap SLAP SLAP

He was short of hearing and he heard T.Nagar as Tailor. He thought I was being sarcastic on him. Needless to say my life during P.T hours were completely ruined after that point.

(Remembered this as I was putting ear drops to remove wax in my ears.)


Anonymous said...

hey bharath,
who is this p.t.guy you are talking about. was it that dark (well, all of them were dark :-)) fat short guy with a belly. I dont recollect his name.

Just curious, Did you atleast wear the black pant or were you still wearing the blue pant from CBSE :-)?

On a related note, I still think that the girls were looking good in their Matric black-checked churidhars than the blue ones that they wore in CBSE.

BTW, I met Rita John a few months back when I was in India. At last, age is starting to show on her face. I thought she would be evergreen like Rekha :-)

Any idea what Yam Ram is upto?

Hawkeye said...

dude, black pant wasnt a biggie..everybody always had at least 2 spare black pants on them - uniform or not.

i am surprised. i thought Rita John was ageless. She was among the few, competent enough to handle +2 Math.

Unfortunately matric did not have good looking girls. CBSE did. but i agree with the dress part.

the PT guy was the person with cotton in his ear. the tall lanky guy. janikiraman? the guy you are referring to is francis. he is CBSE.

Casement said...

This is funny!:)) Have you heard ppl saying Vegetable Fuph?:))

Anonymous said...

Dude, I know Francis. He's that red-eyed (or should I say Drunk:-) ruthless guy in CBSE, also a good buddy of J.D.Johnson. I know Janakiraman as well in Matric. I was talking about another dark, short fat guy with greying hair and a thick mush in Matric. He used to do all sorts of nonsense right in the middle of the playground. You would not have probably noticed those things. I cant even mention them here:-)

I share your grief about Rita.
I guess it was kind of tough with Rita during school for many guys because you want to respect her for her knowledge and stuff, but still you know....:-)That reminds me about Priscilla in Physics...Holy Crap... don't even get me started on that one...that one physics lab session no I'm not going there :-)

I agree that Matric did not have as many good looking girls as CBSE did but atleast your class had *that one* that was kind'a sought after. Perhaps Babu can throw some light on this...:-)

Yuvi Panda said...

SBOA ? Everybody in our school sortof doesn't like them too well, but that's because in almost all interschool competietions it's like SBOA first and our School next:)

Man, you're lucky to be in a Co-Ed School...;)